What’s in my first aid kit?

I remember being sick often when I was growing up. There were numerous visits to the local doctor who gave me a sweet at the end of the ordeal, so I quite liked him. There was also a late night emergency visit to his house which I can only recall now as being ostensibly huge. I think my Mom should remember more than I, after all she was the one who kept vigil as I was close to death’s door…

Hahah, damn drama right. No lah, that happened only once and she has never stopped reminding me about it since.

The point I would like to make today is that having your own first aid kit is important. My Dad has one, my sisters have their own and now I have one too! Actually I’ve always had bits and pieces of medicine here and there, but in my mind a first aid kit is not complete with yellow lotion. That’s right, the caveman antiseptic that stung when applied, then proceeds to stain everything that you wear. Hated it now I have it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Well okay only because the pharmacist told me that it’s better than cream antiseptic if you’re going to apply bandage – I had a scrap that was turning septic, bla bla bla.

Lo and behold, here’s 3 quarters of my stash!

Suanie's home first aid kit

Dressing bandage. Handiplast (I refuse to call it by its new name!). Alcohol swabs (to clean). Yellow lotion (antiseptic). Thermometer. Watermelon frost. Nexium (‘cos I had acute food poisoning and I thought it was acute gastritis). Teck Aun ‘Chi-Kit’ pills for wind and upset tummies, it’s like salt in the home first aid kit world.

Eno for indigestion. Some ciplak brand medicated oil that I will replace with the proper Axe brand one soon. Charcoal pills… actually I don’t really know what charcoal pills do. What do they do ar?

All sorts of gels and creams that you may never need in your life.

Almost the entire Panadol range – normal, soluble, menstrual, cold, actifast. Random cough tablet which actually belongs to someone else. Clarityne, I forgot why I have it but I just googled and found out that it’s antihistamines. Nurofen, my best friend when my crowned tooth was infected. Ooops, spot the Xanax.

Right now all I’m lacking is a bigger box to store my mini pharmacy.

Do you have a first aid kit at home? Do you believe in being overly well-prepared like me (remember that I’m slightly OCD and paranoid) or you’re good with just the basic stuff?



  1. now i know where to go if the pharmacy is closed

  2. charcoal is used mainly in treatment for poisoning. it’s an absorbent for them. sometimes can be used for stomach upset as well. :-B

  3. lulu: all personal use only! disclaimer disclaimer hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

    pinksterz: oooo I’ve been told its usage before but I forgot. but it got stuck in my mind to be something important to have

  4. electronicfly says:

    You need not have gotten the entire Panadol range, as all of them are almost the same. Personally think getting the Normal, Actifast and Soluble enough d. Normal as that’s the cheapest, Actifast because it does actually work faster, and Soluble for times swallowing is hard.

    In my kit (used more for climbing rather than home) I also have Salonpas (GODSENT I tell you!!!) and oral rehydration salts.

    Remember to check expiry dates often! (If your OCD is like mine, and you cut off used bits, remember to write the expiry date on each section of the strip of pills, in case you ter-throw the part with the expiry date printed on)

  5. Yeap hahah I got the Panadol differently at one time or the other. I do constantly check on the expiry, like you said, OCD! hahah

    I’ve lots of Salonpas, love it! ooo oral hydration salts, need to get it!! heheh thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Yah add some ORS and maybe some Gavison and you’re set.

    Charcoal is an absorbent, whenever I have a bad stomach I take 2 charcoal pills – works well!

  7. the ciplak brand medicated oil is good stuff too! i even brought a bottle to Sydney!

  8. Yuppers. I have 2 first aid kits with me currently. One is non edible stuff like creams, even condoms. Another for edible stuff with about as much items as you listed. I have Clarinase, to stop the nose sniffings which I always seems to fall under. It helps clear me till its time when I can be really sick.

    I even have extra kits in the offices and my bags too. My old kits contained bandages and the likes, since I happened to always get injured from motorcycle falls.

  9. that’s a pretty good tip on writing the expiry dates on each section of the strip of pills… not sure if I’m OCD enough to actually do it, but i should. many times i’ve looked dubiously at a pack of pills and very dangerously actually considered putting one in my mouth… thankfully so far i paused and stop myself from doing that. but those were some very dangerous moments indeed.

    i unfortunately don’t check expiry dates often. usually by the time i check them, its when i desperately NEED to use them (hence the emergence of those dangerous moments in previous para).

    my first aid kit is sadly very pathetic, suanie. i’m using this post to try and motivate myself to do something about it. don’t even have yellow lotion…. sad right? but when i was growing up, my mum dabbed on a purple lotion on our cuts and grazes… is it the same thing?

  10. U GOOGLED clarityne but nt charcoal pills? lolz

  11. Think of charcoal pills like angmoh chi-kit pills.

    Uhm, what is Xanax doing in your first aid kit? Emergency anxiety? ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. I always ended up throwing them out because they had expired by the time I need to use it.

    Except for handiplast, I kept them inside of my phone cover pocket, my wallet, drawers, you never know when you need em.

  13. First aid kit at home? Heh, I keep the entire pharm at home.

    From pain killers, cold/flu, gastro, hang-over remedies .. the list is on and on.

    So kia-su like that aye? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I no longer trust chi kit teck aun for diarrhea – now, it’s only Immodium. Best anal plug.

  15. … what are you need all this for? All I ever need to become healthy was a cigarette and a chewing gum and little patience. Cheers Sickboy

  16. Maybe you are too young to remember, but I remember this Blue liquid thing that my parents would put on my cuts. It would have this metallic sheen of sorts when it dried. You remember this at all or am I going insane?

  17. ST: ooo i don’t take gavison well, that’s why i have actal

    min: i think the Axe brand one is stronger. Actually I normally use yu yee oil

    micki: i thought condoms are kept in the bathrooms, not first aid kits? ๐Ÿ˜›

    serenely: i think i remember the purple lotion. should be the same antiseptic effect but yellow is less … daunting? hehhe

    foodcrazee: i know right!

    yp: hahaha i was prescribed to deal with occasional imsomnia . take it very rarely.

    dils: i wish i could be as disciplined as you! as to keep handiplast everywhere! i already have problems with packets of tissue paper

    cynthia: haha your personal life mirrors your professional one? ๐Ÿ˜›

    suertes: hokayyyyy ๐Ÿ˜›

    sickboy: all these are in case! i try to ride it out as much as i can, only resort to medicine when i can’t.

    darlene: no, never seen it :O :O

  18. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Those swabs tend to dry out as I found out.

    I use them to clean my computers and the likes, and when left around for a month or 2 they’re usually all dried out and useless.

  19. Lol, love this! Yup, add in ORS and probably vicks and mucosolvan (which i find helpful when i have phlegm and runny nose). I don’t have a proper box for my first aid kit, but i do have lots of stuff too, and lots of antihistamine of different brands. And yup, i check the expiry date every now & then, replace the stuff, & cut off the used bits of the tablet-strips and even keep the description of the cream & tablets so that i can read them everytime i am not sure or so that i can show doc in case something goes wrong, that paranoid! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Jobless Girl says:

    Wow, you are superb.

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