The Unboxing of Korea King!

I’ve seen this whole unboxing trend and I don’t quite understand why. People take videos of how and what they unwrap of their new gadgets? Hmm I’d be pretty upset if my items didn’t contain what they were supposed to contain. I’d think everyone else gets the same thing also. Mass production, no?

Anyway some people seem to be really into it. In the spirit of ‘why-not’ and ‘me-too’, I thought I’d try my hands at this unboxing business. Except that it will be in pictures; I can’t be arsed to video it.

Ladies and gentlemen, indulge me as I present to you a gift from my mother, a… jeng jeng jeng… Cosway Korean King wok!

Korea King - 01 box

Apparently this is decent stuff which I later found out for myself. I have a stainless steel wok and I really wanted a non-stick one. And my mom got it for me. Awesome or not? Everybody sing, shi shang zhi you ma ma hao

Oooo here’s a peek of what’s inside the box…

Korea King - 02 peek

I also learned (sort of) how the whole Cosway system works. You have to be a member and buy items which gets you points that allows you to buy other items. Next time you see a friend’s house with all Cosway, Amway or similar business model products, you can understand why.

Halfway through, come out come out! This is like delivering a baby liddat.

Korea King - 03 coming out

Look ma, it’s a 32 inch wok!

Korea King - 04 wok

Look at the marble coated hard anodised nano-silver non-stick coating, mmmm. Who knows what it means but it’s all good.

Korea King - 05 close up

Check out the accessories, woooo….

Korea King - 06 accessories

And here’s the assembled product sitting on its rightful place, all shiny and ready to be used.

Korea King - 07 wok

So I fried some rice.

Korea King - 08 utilisation




  1. electronicfly says:

    Is that nice to use? My mom got one but passed it to my grandma before I spoiled the nicer wok T.T

  2. that’s a nice big wok!

  3. ohh… tai wok!!!

  4. electronicfly: it’s nice! be careful to take care of its non stick properties, so it can last long long time… (don’t use metal spatula, no metal scrubs…)

    KY & sotong: very very nais..

  5. Haha! I like the nod to unboxing, to be fair, I’ve seen some pretty good videos on YouTube about unboxing.

    It’s been ages since I’ve seen any though, think that meme peaked a couple of years ago.

    *Likes* your post

    Especially the fried rice at the end.

    You know, I’ve always heard that you should wash the wok a couple of times before you first use it. I never do, just do a normal quick wash rinse.

  6. Waaaahhhh your mama zen de hao! You are one lucky girl, the wok is gorgeous! “Jealousss* My mom Also Cosway member, must hint already…..hehe!

  7. Awesome wok!! And nom nom nasi grg i wantttt!

    Anyway, I always wanted to do unboxing video whenever I got new gadget… but I couldn’t be bothered at the end because kenot tahan la want to setup camera all, I was like, I want my gadget NOW like that. Teehehe.

  8. I redeemed 1 too more than a year ago but still untouched cos no instruction on how to take care.
    Anyone can help

  9. I bought this wok around 4 years ago. It was not expensive (about $50) & was excellent. However, its non-stick surface did not last long (about 18 months). Since then I have used some different woks but they were not as good as this marble wok (despite its limited life). This is a very good wok.

    • Amy Wong says:

      How would I know the non-stick surface of this marble wok is no more (like what you said did not last long) ? Thanks

      • Hi Amy. I’ve had this wok since 2011, With average usage, it’s still okay until now (2016). You will know when you run your fingers through it, and you can feel a not smooth, bumpy raise. You shouldn’t use the hard scrub of a sponge to clean it too.

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