The Marie France Bodyline Challenge update #8

Well it’s the end of my Marie France Bodyline challenge!

It has been an eventful month, I definitely learned and understood more about the slimming industry. My consultants and therapists at Marie France Bodyline Uptown were very informative and elaborated on a lot of things whenever I had questions. I have a lot of questions, you see :)

All in all within a month, I lost a few inches throughout my body. The most significant is at my tummy area with 3 inches. The rest is from elsewhere: approx 1 or 1.5in from thighs, arms etc. I think it’s pretty decent and a very respectable inch loss within such a short period of time!

The one thing that I’m most impressed with is how they treat their clients. Very professional, a smile and offer to help at every turn. Also I’ve undergone the same therapies under different therapists and their methods are all the same, very uniformed! So that’s a huge plus. I mean, if you’ve undergone services in the service industry before, you’d appreciate a good standard. A friend who previously worked in the beauty line told me that Marie France Bodyline’s therapists undergo frequent training. Good for the clients!

Thanks to this opportunity, I underwent so many different treatments and learned how they work differently yet complement each other into bringing the same weight and inch loss result. Very grateful to have had the chance to do so!

Besides the obvious weight and inch loss, the treatments were also very good for my skin. For one whole month when I was undergoing the treatments, I had really smooth, silky skin. To date I only let my sister, my mom and Ryan touch my skin, so you’ll have to either trust me or ask them, heh 😛

Well that’s over now. If you’re looking to shed some kilos, I recommend looking at Marie France Bodyline as a viable option. The consultants will be more than happy to talk with you, share information on how weight loss works and the treatments that they offer. Go for it! :)

A parting shot: a quick snap of my legs in yummy fat-cell reducing seaweed mask.

Suanie's legs at Marie France Bodyline

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  1. suertes says:

    Good for you! Bet you wouldn’t have enjoyed it half as much if you’d gone for the cold wrap..

  2. Hurray Suanie! Wow 3 inches from the waist? That’s remarkable I would say. I’m jealous already. How much would it roughly cost for a programme like yours?

  3. Auntie Yean says:

    Sounds too good to be true. The smooth silky skin….Suan, how I wish for both.. smooth skin and trimmer body! Lucky you!

  4. so do we get a few pics of u after the ‘treatment” …? Love u xxx

  5. Do they provide a surefire way to keep the kilos off too? And exercise regime? Just wondering… :)

  6. sheen001 says:

    hey, just right after i read ur blog immediately i feel like going to mfb. i’m going to mfb for the promotion tummy slimming. ive never been to any of this slimming treatment before so i’d like to give myself a try. how much does your package cost you and how long it takes? and i’m only 19. i wonder if they allow me to do this….

  7. undakimbin says:

    Hi, i’m having an appointment this Friday, I’ve responded to their rm188.00 package, what do you think it is for? Consultation only it treatment? My gf lost inches after using cold wrap…could you pm me the actual cost?I don’t really life surprises I can’t handle. Thanks so much.

  8. hey i think you should really check with the consultants . i’m not well equipped to give you an answer on price structure.

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