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Marina Mahathir 1, Obedient Wives Club 0

Have you heard about the Obedient Wives Club?

It is a society that does exactly as its name suggests. Wives who are ‘obedient’ to their husbands; followers to their leaders (husbands); aims to serve their husbands better than a 1st class prostitute (link); suggests that in a recent case, a husband hit his wife not because she refused to lunch with him but because she may not have given any to him the night before (link); being obedient and better at sex will eradicate prostitution, promiscuity, human trafficking, baby-dumping, and domestic violence (link) … because this is all according to Allah and the Quran.

I know, right…

They seem to really believe in their cause though. I suppose blind faith works for some, but the thing about blind faith is that they are so easily deconstructed. More often than not, the believers buckle under scrutiny and questioning because they do not understand nor care to find out about the origins of certain things in their faith. Shame, because “‘cos God said so” is a lousy, no balls cop out.

Anyway my favourite radio station, BFM had a dialogue on the Obedient Wives Club with one of its committee members Dr Azlina Dato’ Jamaludin, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir from Sisters In Islam and Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa from Islamic Renaissance Front.

It was a great session where Marina Mahathir took out her mighty sword, cut down the thorny shrubs and hedges, slew the dragon’s head and served it to the cheering crowd on a silver platter.

All metaphoric of course, no one’s really a dragon… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

If you missed the broadcast, fear not for BFM has uploaded the session on its website. You can stream or download it here (*click*). Or just listen here:

Watch the video here:

I highly recommend everyone who understands English to listen to this!

Seafood dinner at Gee Seng, Bukit Tambun

If you’re journeying up North, you must try to have lunch or dinner at Bukit Tambun. I’ve only ever dined at Gee Seng in Bukit Tambun so I’m not sure about the other restaurants in the same area. The price is cheaper than in Klang Valley and the seafood rather fresh. Live with the occasional flies (don’t worry, they buzz off to the other tables once *their* food arrives) and mediocre service, you may find yourself in for a seafood gastronomical treat.

Restoran Gee Seng, Bukit Tambun

It is rather easy to get here, even without the aid of a GPS. The exit is Bukit Tambun which is between the exits of Jawi and Juru. After exiting the toll booth, you’ll come to a T-Junction where it says Bukit Tambun to your right. Turn to the right and drive straight all the friggin’ way until you could not drive straight anymore (‘cos you’d end up in the river). Gee Siang will be on your right hand side and there will be parking attendants who will lead you the way to park your car. You’ll have to give him RM1 later but it’s worth it.

See, the parking attendants at Gee Siang are somewhat geniuses. Your interaction with them will be at the very most 1 minute. Later if your car was blocking other people who want to get out, they would come into the restaurant, identity the correct face and ask you to remove your car first. Their photographic memories are amazing, I tell you!

Gee Seng, Bukit Tambun - vege, crabs, mantis prawns, satay

It’d been a while since I was there and aside from the one thing I wanted to get, I wasn’t sure about the rest. We got a plate of stir-fried sweet potato leaves, crabs in sweet and sour sauce, large prawn mantis fried in chilli and salt, and some satay (RM7 for 10). I looked over at the next table, they seemed to know better what to order. I think Gee Seng is better known for their grilled crabs. Will get that the next time as I wasn’t too impressed with the sweet and sour sauce one.

The absolutely-must-order is this:

Gee Seng, Bukit Tambun - giant mantis prawns

Steamed giant mantis prawns aka aliens of the sea. They are so fresh (probably alive 15 mins before being served) that you absolutely have to have them steamed. It’s like a creamy version the lobster, a joy to eat!

They don’t come cheap though. RM73 for these 3 babies. But you’ve got to try it at least once, yah?

Gee Seng, Bukit Tambun -  mantis prawns flesh

The bill came up to RM150 for the 3 of us including drinks. Not cheap but considering what we ordered… πŸ™‚

Boost Juice Bars Malaysia

Boost Juice Malaysia - Soraya Recently went to a small gathering at Boost Juice Bar @ Pavilion KL to get reacquainted with Nick and Soraya (who brought in the brand from Australia). Was rather hoping to see Yasmin, Soraya’s sister who is heavily involved with Boost Juice MY, but she had to be at the very busy LCCT outlet. Another time then! πŸ™‚

Boost Juice Bars was formed in Adelaide at a time when juice bars (like a coffee bar serving juices instead of coffee, duh) were few and lacking in Australia. It became quite successful, really. Nick and Soraya fell in love with it when they were both working in Melbourne. They decided to bring it to Malaysia: Boost Juice’s first Malaysian outlet was opened in 2009 at KLCC. Two years later, they have 8 stores in Klang Valley and 1 in Penang with more to come. They’re also now in charge of the 4 outlets in Singapore (and expanding). Sounds like a busy couple or what??
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