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My HeartWorks Awesome Jaime (yeap, that’s going to be her name from now on) ventured into the spirituality path a while ago. I won’t elaborate but I can tell you that it was a long journey of self-discovery, tapping into her inner being. I know it may sound like mumbo-jumbo to some people, but it’s different when you interact and go through some parts of life with the particular person. Then you will know and understand how the effects came to be, and if they were for better or worse.

For Awesome Jaime, it could only be for the better. She’s already a kind soul so the additional great energies she discovered within herself only serve to accentuate her… uh, awesomeness? As mentioned many times: when I first came to KL, Jaime offered her friendship with so much warmth and sincerity without expecting much in return. This graciousness and generosity is seldom found and I’m most fortunate to be at the receiving end. I do so wish for everyone to have a Jaime of their own.

So Awesome Jaime officially launched her new business last week, My HeartWorks. There will be alternative healing classes, workshops for relationships/ career/ etc, personal readings, wellness and holistic retreats… you name it!

Jaime of My HeartWorks

Her first major class will be on August 9th. Her sifu, Elizabeth Jensen from Adelaide will be here to conduct a 3-hour workshop, “Finding your Star Soul Mate“. Great for those single and looking. Get details here.. *click*

Coming up is a weekend tarot card reading with a very popular reader from Hong Kong. I know who the person is already, but they’ve not announced it yet (though slots are already filling up!!). If you want to find out more, go join their Facebook page.

Congratulations Awesome Jaime!!

My HeartWorks
14B-2, Jln 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60-3-62110676 .. Email:
Facebook || Website



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