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Chilli Lime Chicken

Chilli Lime Chicken I got this Chilli-Lime Kabobs recipe from All Recipes. As I don’t have a BBQ grill readily available, I thought I’d substitute with the next best thing, as you’d see later.

I made the skewered version twice, then in other times just used the recipe and pan-grilled it. I quite like this recipe as I think it gives the chicken an extra kick. For the pan-grill version, I always eat it without any sauces because the chicken is tender and moist enough to be eaten on its own. I’d imagine a mango puree sauce of some kind would go rather well with this.
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Urbanscapes 2011 @ Padang Astaka

I went to Urbanscapes 2011. It was massive fun, except that the sun was scorching hot and I was left pretty much irritated. Then again I get irritated quite often so perhaps it was not just the sun, but me myself. Hmmm that would be a lot of trips to the psychologist, the solution of which could also be easily (and cheaply) obtained with cake.

Got there around 4pm, rushed to locate where Actorlympics was showing. For those in the dark, Actorlympics is our local improvisational comedy, akin to Whose Line Is It Anyway. Patrick Teoh hosted this round, with the players being Douglas Lim, Rashid Salleh, Kuah Jenhan and Nell Ng. Stellar cast!

Urbanscapes 2011 - Actorlympics
The Actorlympics people

Walked around the huge Astaka field, checked out assorted tents and what-nots. Decided it was too hot to check out more things (remember the easily irritated part), so mostly hung out at The Accidental Bakers‘ tent where yummy stuff was on sale.

Urbanscapes 2011 - The Accidental Bakers
The Accidental Bakers’ people

They make really delicious cakes and brownies. Not saying this just because they’re my friends, I’m a customer too! ๐Ÿ˜€ In fact I just ordered their Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies and delivered it to my lawyer for being so awesome. Go check them out on Facebook here: *click*

Other than just, basically hung out at a shaded area where a group of young dudes suddenly came and gave an impromptu performance using their yoyos. Pretty impressive, though I was hit by one… Tried to locate their stall to buy a yoyo for Ryan but couldn’t. Gave up lah ‘cos I had a headache from all the sun baking my brains. Should have brought a cap! :X

Urbanscapes 2011 - Dude with a yoyo
The yoyo dudes

Walking back to our car, we passed by Faizal and Ms Nyna who were on their way to the field. Ms Nyna took a photo of us with our Accidental Bakers’ haul.

Urbanscapes 2011 - haul

Quite a good festival, though I should have been better prepared. Never mind, there’s always next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

My HeartWorks for spirituality well-being & alternative healing

My HeartWorks Awesome Jaime (yeap, that’s going to be her name from now on) ventured into the spirituality path a while ago. I won’t elaborate but I can tell you that it was a long journey of self-discovery, tapping into her inner being. I know it may sound like mumbo-jumbo to some people, but it’s different when you interact and go through some parts of life with the particular person. Then you will know and understand how the effects came to be, and if they were for better or worse.

For Awesome Jaime, it could only be for the better. She’s already a kind soul so the additional great energies she discovered within herself only serve to accentuate her… uh, awesomeness? As mentioned many times: when I first came to KL, Jaime offered her friendship with so much warmth and sincerity without expecting much in return. This graciousness and generosity is seldom found and I’m most fortunate to be at the receiving end. I do so wish for everyone to have a Jaime of their own.

So Awesome Jaime officially launched her new business last week, My HeartWorks. There will be alternative healing classes, workshops for relationships/ career/ etc, personal readings, wellness and holistic retreats… you name it!

Jaime of My HeartWorks

Her first major class will be on August 9th. Her sifu, Elizabeth Jensen from Adelaide will be here to conduct a 3-hour workshop, “Finding your Star Soul Mate“. Great for those single and looking. Get details here.. *click*

Coming up is a weekend tarot card reading with a very popular reader from Hong Kong. I know who the person is already, but they’ve not announced it yet (though slots are already filling up!!). If you want to find out more, go join their Facebook page.

Congratulations Awesome Jaime!!

My HeartWorks
14B-2, Jln 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60-3-62110676 .. Email:
Facebook || Website

The Unboxing of Korea King!

I’ve seen this whole unboxing trend and I don’t quite understand why. People take videos of how and what they unwrap of their new gadgets? Hmm I’d be pretty upset if my items didn’t contain what they were supposed to contain. I’d think everyone else gets the same thing also. Mass production, no?

Anyway some people seem to be really into it. In the spirit of ‘why-not’ and ‘me-too’, I thought I’d try my hands at this unboxing business. Except that it will be in pictures; I can’t be arsed to video it.

Ladies and gentlemen, indulge me as I present to you a gift from my mother, a… jeng jeng jeng… Cosway Korean King wok!

Korea King - 01 box
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How to roast bell peppers on your gas stove

Bell peppers, better known as capsicums here is really yummy. There is no room for doubts of its superiority because Chairman Kaga himself chose to bite into one at the opening scenes of Iron Chef. Then he smiled and began to laugh manically but that’s another story.

I roasted bell peppers on my gas stove the other day. It was great. Here’s how I did it:

Roast bell pepper on gas stove

1 – Have bell pepper. I chose red as it’s sweeter. Yellow works too. Green may be slightly bitter. Have gas stove. If your pan stand is not long enough to hold the fruit, then use a steel mesh like me.

Turn the fire to medium high, place bell pepper on top of pan stand/ steel mesh. Let the open flames char the fruit until it’s blackened. Use tongs to turn it to the other side, until all sides are blackened. Should be done between 7 and 10 mins.

2 – Remove the fruit into a clear plastic bag, close it and leave to steam inside for 15 mins.

3 – Use the plastic to help slide off most of the charred skin. Remove the rest of the charred skin using paper towels and/or knife. Use creativity.

4 – Slice the fruit open, remove the seeds. At this point, it’s still damn hot inside so be careful. At no point should you attempt to give up and wash the fruit with water to remove the seeds + black bits, as it will severely affect the taste (speaking from experience here!).

When you’re satisfied with the cleaning process, cut the fruit to slices. Eat it just like that, or use it as a side dish, or add it to your sandwich or wrap. The world is your roasted bell pepper!

The neighbour’s kid

Not my neighbour, she hasn’t moved in yet.

Rather, my sister’s neighbour. They are a Dutch family, have been here for a few years and decided to move back this year. They left a couple of days ago. They also left a huge hole in Ryan’s heart.

Actually I just made that up. I don’t know what Ryan thinks about it because I’ve not spoken to him. He has been busy spending a lot of time with the neighbour’s kids’ before they were due to go back.

I’m also trying to dramatize the life of a 6 year old because I can.

So. The neighbour’s boy is a couple of years younger than Ryan. He has big blue eyes and straw blonde hair. He is also very thin and weighs almost nothing. Once I lifted him up and almost hit his head on the ceiling because of the momentum. Nah I’m kidding. But it felt like it and I managed to stop myself.

Most of the time, I do not understand what he is talking about. Ryan understands him but I don’t. I just nod a lot, exclaim a lot of, “REALLY?” then divert his attention. To me, he sounds like a chipmunk. Cute but inaudible.

I saw him the day before he was to go home. Got down to his level and asked for a hug.

Ryan whispered to him, “You better hug!”
“Nooo I don’t want a hug”
Me: “Why not??”
“…[insert sounds here]…”
Me: “Really??”

I think I’ll miss him for a while.

Suanie’s experience at the BERSIH 2.0 rally on 09 July 2011 at Puduraya

Long post ahead. Really one, I no bluff you.

In this blog post, I’m documenting mostly of what I saw (not all, ‘cos you really don’t want to know the price of my LRT ticket, do you?), some of what I’ve heard from friends’ own accounts and very, very little of what I’ve read from strangers’ accounts.

Why did I go for the BERSIH 2.0 rally? ‘Cos I believe that its basic objective is to call for reforming the electoral process in Malaysia for cleaner and fairer elections. Did I not think that Malaysia’s elections aren’t fair and clean? No, I don’t believe so. What if you believed? That’s you, not me.

I’m not a member of any political parties, only a Malaysian who loves her country. Doesn’t mean I HAVE to love Malaysia’s current ruling coalition. Doesn’t mean I blindly believe and support the opposition parties. I disagree with the infiltration of certain people whom I highly distrust (read: Anwar Ibrahim) into the BERSIH 2.0 front. But I believe that if the situation was reversed, BN would have done the same.

I believe in peaceful rallies. I see it as a sign of stating your cause and gathering more support. Hey, sounds like the ceramah and walkabouts that politicians do during election time! I don’t believe it is illegal, especially coming from those who cannot handle keris and cow heads.

It’s like changing your Facebook status to show support for cancer patients who have only one wish, that is to kick cancer’s butt so if you agree post this as your status for at least one hour. Or running to help raise money for causes that you believe in. Same principles, really.

I don’t believe the mainstream media can report what they really feel. Have you heard of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984? It’s a draconian remnant from Mahathir’s early leadership. In a nutshell, all print publications have to renew their license every year with the Home Ministry. The Home Ministry can revoke or choose not to have the licenses renewed for their own reasons. The Star has a few thousand employees under its payroll. That’s a lot of livelihoods, you know.

But for elections to be fair, the press has to be free. Of course, not all press and journalists are for BERSIH 2.0. But right now, it seems that all of them are against it. I personally know that it’s not the case. People who were there know what really went down.
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