The Marie France Bodyline Challenge update #4

Just a real quick one about my on-going sessions at Marie France Bodyline. It was getting to be a bit tiring as I was really busy last week and each session takes about an hour or two or more. When I get home, it’d be late that I often don’t have the energy to make myself something to eat (hence all the steamed vege) so my dinner time was a bit screwed up. Doesn’t look like this week would be any better but at least I’d be able to have more sessions!

Speaking of om nom nom, I handed my food sheet (where I jotted down my food intake as part of my treatment) to Kim, the nutritionist. We went through some listings; generally she seemed happy with my discipline except for a couple of items which I feel were unavoidable. To quote someone (probably my cousin), keeping a food diary makes you realise how expensive food is (calories, not price)! Or something like that, I’m lazy to look it up.

So I kinda let it go a bit while in Penang, which again I feel that cannot be helped 😛 But back to the grind this week!



  1. suertes says:

    yah, man!! food inflation is getting scarier by the day!

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