The Marie France Bodyline Challenge update #2

It’s incredible how supportive my friends and acquaintances are. Once they found out that I am doing this, messages of support and encouragement came pouring in. I’m very grateful to all of you and I appreciate your kind words.

Some friends aren’t quite sure what this is about. I don’t blame you, since I only posted the link to vote on my Facebook without much introduction. In a nutshell, I’m undergoing treatments/ sessions at Marie France Bodyline (MFB). This is a 30 days challenge with 3 other bloggers doing the same thing. There’s a Facebook contest on a voting basis, where the blogger with the most number of votes wins a 3D2N trip to Bali. If you’d like to vote for me, the link is here. Arigatou.

(But only vote for me if you think that I’m deserving. It’s not a popularity contest :) )

If I do win the grand prize, that would be friggin’ awesome because I love Bali (even more so if it costs nothing). If I don’t, well I’ve had all those fabulous MFB treatments for free. I’m quite enjoying them – so far it has been a spa-like experience.

Someone asked if I have to write all nice things about MFB. Nope, my obligation is only to blog about my experiences, good or bad. The only bad thing that I’ve experienced so far is the lack of parking availability at the MBF Uptown area. Then I got smart and pushed my appointments to an hour later and it ceased to be a problem.

Anyway let’s get back to summarising my 1st week of sessions. Caron, my MFB consultant decided to focus on my arms and tummy area (because if they get any bigger, they’d explode in your face). I went through a couple of wraps and massages. Damn shiok right? Told you it’s like a spa. But the massages can get a bit painful lah, ‘cos they are deep tissue massages. Don’t be fooled by the small size masseurs – they have fingers like iron.

As for the wraps, well here’s a photo of how I looked being wrapped.

Suanie at Marie France Bodyline

Why was I grinning? ‘Cos I didn’t want to look sad. Why did I have the thumbs up? ‘Cos I had limited movement options from the wrap. Why wrap my legs only? Actually they go through the whole body, but I’ve my family honour to consider before posting such a photo of my wrapped body sans robe. Oh and the sanctity of your eyes too.

The bandages that made me look like a mummy were actually soaked in some sort of ingredient to aid the slimming process, of course. Takes a bit of getting used to, as the rolls of towels were unwrapped, you could see the steam coming out. The therapist then rolls cling wrap all over to keep the towels in place. Then I’m free to do whatever I want for 25 minutes before they come off. I usually get a paraffin wax treatment for my hands, drink ginger tea and read Her World.

After the 1st week, I do feel that my tummy is slightly smaller. You know lah, when you wear your pants or something and they don’t feel as tight. I doubt it’s water loss because I’ve been drinking water like crazy. Perhaps it’s combined with my attempt to eat better + one Bootcamp session. Ok, 1/2 Bootcamp session ‘cos I nearly K.O.ed so I did only 30 mins. I know I’ve to workout more though.

Also, check out this tuna wrap that I made for dinner. Tuna in olive oil + chopped onion + chopped steamed carrot + mustard + salt + black pepper wrapped in this expensive rice wrap thingy I found in Village Grocer. 8 pieces for RM12+, taste wise is so-so. Next time I buy pita pocket bread better.

Tuna Wrap dinner

OK that’s all for now. If you want to check out Marie France’s specials, they’re currently having an on-line promotion: RM58 for a tummy reduction therapy + RM10 Coffee Bean voucher. *Link*

Marie France Bodyline
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  1. You always crack me up Suanie haha! Anyway voted for you. Go Suanie!! :)

  2. Well, on the plus side, Village Park nasi lemak is at Uptown and I have a perpetual craving for that. :)

    Eh, they wrap up your entire body eh? That must be interesting, I wonder how it feels like.

    Good on you though, all the treatments and the healthy food must be doing you a world of awesomeness! :)

  3. Aunt Yean says:

    It sounds tempting, Marie Francs is going to be in my list of “trimmings” on body fat. It’s informative, at least I know what to expect if… I really want to get there. I will just follow your trail……

  4. Suan.. how bout making a variation of pancake batter to use?

  5. All the best, Suan! Can’t wait to see the effect after 4 weeks and hope you win. :)

  6. Lol, you are in confinement!! You also reminded me of Rosie in PCK with the slim-wrap thingy! Hahaa.. Is it hot & stuffy? Hot as in the chilli-based-cream applied to your skin kind of feeling? curious lah… A housemate of mine used to apply those cream bought over the counter, for self-slimming, i remember seeing a pic of chilli on the tube, wth, i thought she’s using chili sauce! Can’t wait to see your end result, babe. Definitely hope you are going Bali!!! mwahhh! *hugs*

  7. I read about MF in forums. Many said they don’t work at all because it defies scientific logic.

    It’s all placebo.

    You can’t spot lose weight short of surgery.

    More input than output will always result in more storage of fat in body.

    There is no shortcut.

  8. Tien: Thanks babe! :)

    HB: Funnily enough, I don’t quite fancy the Village Park nasi lemak. It’s nice but I don’t crave for it like you do lor. I’d only eat the lontong there. I’ll blog more about the treatments in my next post.

    Aunt Yean: haha thanks aunt! :)

    adry: How about you teach me how to make???

    Bryan: Thanks! But no false expectations, you do know that I WON’T look like Christy Chung, right?? HAHAHA

    SooPey: Hmmm not hot nor stuffy. There was one serum that was burning hot, but I had that only one time. The rest was ok ar.

    MFDW: I also read about it. So I try it to find out if it works or not lor instead of coming out with assorted physic theories, which I’m also well aware of :) Of course a person going through all these treatments should also eat better/ less portions and exercise. Nothing comes easy in life!

  9. just normal pancake batter le.. eggs, flour, salt and water.. skip the milk also can..

    make the batter only thick enough only to make think sheets, to replace your ‘wrap’

    alternatively, you could juse use chapatis.. lol..

  10. All the best Suanie! we’ll be with you all the way to the finish line! just like old times ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. from slimming body wrap to healthy tuna wrap -> great correlation!!

  12. Jackie Chua says:

    Suanie dear… May i wish u the very best in this MFB experience & I will vote for u coz I believe u can do it. However I must share with u my experience at MFB one day over a Teh Tarik Super Kurang Manis. In a nutshell, I have to say that I HATE Marie France Bodyline with a passion! I spent abt RM4,500 to do their cold wrap, hot wrap, fat pinching machine , u name it & it didn’t work!!!!!

  13. flyingfish says:

    The pic of u all wrapped up is giving me the shivers and reminds me (painfully) of the time I tried their cold wrap. My body remembers every freezing moment so clearly.
    *shivering uncontrollably now*
    But hope you lose, lose, lose and win, win, win, win!!! :)

  14. hahah the smile in that picture looks pretty forced, localized slimming or not, so long as there’s slimming it’ll be a good thing nonetheless. ๐Ÿ˜€

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