Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Pantai Kerachut, Penang

Pantai Kerachut - Suanie You can’t eat all the time in Penang, you really can’t. As much as you’d like to, there are 3 limits as to why it is not possible: the physical limit, the humanely limit and the dignity limit. Someday you will understand.

For the other hours when you are not eating, there are activities to be had. Places to go, things to do. To cut a very long story short, we decided to go to the Penang National Park in Teluk Bahang (a few km after Batu Ferringhi).

Entrance into the National Park is free but you’re required to register at the counter, most likely for safety reasons. There are two trails: one through the jungle leading to the meromictic lake, Pantai Kerachut and Teluk Kampi. The other at the edge of the shores, leading to the USM Marine department, the more famous Monkey Beach and a light house.

Pantai Kerachut - left or right
Which way to turn?

We chose Pantai Kerachut because it was noted to be more pristine and less crowded. Bunch of sociable dudes, us. It was about 3km from the park entrance. We took an hour and 15 mins to get there, shaved off 5 mins from the brochure’s recommended time, yay!

This view was slightly before the splitting signs in the photo above. Great seaside, possible great sunset view. Will try to come here for sunsets next time instead of Batu Ferringhi.

Pantai Kerachut - beautiful seaside

The first few steps…

Pantai Kerachut - first few steps

Lots of uphill walking. Which I hate. But it’s good for my arse. The trail is very clean and well-maintained. Compared to Genting Trailblazer, this was like the Hilton with 10,000 thread count sheets and the softest duck feathered pillows.

Also we were lucky that it was dry, the land paths (without stones) were hard and not muddy. Yay because I wore my very pretty Nike Free, would hate to see it not pretty any more 🙁

Pantai Kerachut - Suanie, Kevin, Joyce
Random group photo

There were a few interesting information signs, such as this one below. As mature adults, we had a couple minutes of fun with the “Yes! Hoes!”. Also wondered at the copywriting, which was corny but significantly better than that at Fort Cornwallis.

Pantai Kerachut - dug out hill sign

Nah, here’s the mentioned dug out hill if you’re interested:

Pantai Kerachut - dug out hill

Throughout the trek, we were rewarded with lovely sights such as these:

Pantai Kerachut - easy trek

Nearly there!

Pantai Kerachut - Suanie and Kevin

Unfortunately it was the dry season so the meromictic lake was dried up 🙁 Pity, would have loved to see it when it’s filled. If you’d google, it’s quite a pretty sight.

Pantai Kerachut - dried up meromictic lake

Just a few steps from the lake is Pantai Kerachut.

Pantai Kerachut - serene and pristine

It’s quiet, relatively unspoilt and clean. Facilities are only a few tables and a public toilet, so bring your own food and drinks if you so desire. But remember to take back your rubbish with you! I hate beach litterers, hate hate hate!

Oh, here’s Kevin stretching at the beach. We don’t know why.

Pantai Kerachut - Kevin doing beach yoga

There was an information sign about the beach morning glory, saying that they’re useful as medicine if you were stung by jellyfish. But picking any plants and flowers on this beach is prohibited and against the law so don’t!

Pantai Kerachut - beach morning glory
Die from jellyfish stings or commit a crime by using them to relieve your pain? Decisions decisions…

Random family with kid.

Pantai Kerachut - family day out

This is bliss. You, the gentle breeze, sound of the waves crashing to the shore.

Pantai Kerachut - relaxing

Jetty to the boat.

Pantai Kerachut - jetty

Before we entered the park, we’d paid for a boat ride back from Pantai Kerachut to the park entrance. We were to drive back to KL later and didn’t want to be tired out. We were charged RM80 per one way back. I reckon we were conned big time because I just googled and it seems that you don’t have to pay more than RM20 per person. Well, learned it the hard way!

Shore of Teluk Bahang National Park
Shore near the park entrance

The boat dude did try to make our money worthwhile by going near some rocks and telling us that they resemble assorted animals. The first time he yelled out, RABBIT RABBIT! I was bewildered and expected to see a white fluffy rabbit sitting atop a rock.

Also learned that Monkey Beach is a better beach for families because the sea ground goes deeper gradually. Pantai Kerachut is quieter and cleaner, but the sea ground slops suddenly so it’s more dangerous for kids.

We had a brilliant time, actually. Will definitely return, probably go on the other trail and spend more time at the park.



  1. davidlian says:

    Hey, I have the exact same threadless T-shirt.

  2. can’t remember when was my last time there. too long to remember.

  3. davidlian: i know! i took a photo of it at twestival

    horng: you and ky told me about this one, right? the better part of penang beaches

  4. hahaha RM 80 is definitely conned. last time i went there were zero facility and the trail was quite unused, i guess it’s gotten quite a lot more popular since.

    we paid RM 5 or 10 per pax with a free soft drink but that was like 20 years ago.

  5. Yeah lor.. though the RM80 was for the entire boat, I think. Can sit up to 8 people so if we had more, then the cost would be divided more. Oh well!

    It was a nice adventure, didn’t expect it of Penang. Will be something different to do now!

  6. sickboy says:

    coool …

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