DiGi roaming services failed me

I was in Singapore over the weekend for my cousin’s wedding. Just a very short, two day trip that should be a no-brainer. Some of you went to Canada over the weekend, I only went to Singapore.

There I was in the middle of Singapore with my 6-year old nephew in tow, unable to check into our hotel yet because we’d to wait for my sister who was arriving on a different plane at a different time.

But I wouldn’t have been able to know if they’d reached the country already. I also couldn’t reach my parents who were on yet another different transportation mode entering Singapore.

In a foreign country with a child in hand unable to reach my family/ friends because for some unknown reason, my DiGi roaming didn’t work. No access, cannot connect to SG mobile operators.

You buggers are so darn lucky that Singapore’s public phones work so darn well. If not I would have kicked up a bigger fuss.

Yes of course I asked to have my roaming activated. I vividly remember asking the guy who did my MNP – “INTERNATIONAL ROAMING ACTIVATED AR?” “Yes yes yes..” “SURE OR NOT? I WANT MY ROAMING YOU KNOW! INTERNATIONAL ROAMING GOT SWITCH ON AR??” “Yes of course got lor…”

Why do I remember it so clearly? Because I was from Maxis, then switched to DiGi, then to Celcom then back to DiGi. I’m not a novice at this.

Every single time I switch, I make it a point to ask for roaming services. So that I’d never be caught in a situation like I was in Singapore last weekend.

Later, I used my sister’s phone to call to DiGi’s customer service line. “Sorry miss, your roaming’s not activated.”

Of course. Who would have figured? -_-”

Was it my fault for assuming that I’d have roaming because I specifically asked for and was assured that I had it when I went to get this plan?

Or did DiGi just really screwed up on this one?



  1. I do help you to call Digi Helpline… but no one is helping me.. keep putting me to listening the lousy music and some lame advertisement… if not mistaken I do tried 4 or 5 times! I have no idea whats the helpline/hotline for! >:(

  2. jessibabe says:

    my digi has been really bad service too! call helpline also can get disconnected

  3. I would say it’s a failure on the part of the first agent that you spoke to rather than DiGi as a company.

    But as they are representing DiGi, you could say it’s an organisation phail too.

  4. sotong: thanks for helping! it took me a few tries to get through to them also.

    jessibabe: heh i’m having a full network bar and missed calls …

    ST: possibly. this was done at the solaris mt kiara big 360 outlet. it wasn’t very busy and i spoke to 2 people there.

  5. … by the way I’ve used DiGi roaming before, without a hitch. Is it part of their procedure to turn off customers’ roaming/ preferences without asking them first?

    … before anyone asked, no outstanding bills, always paid promptly and slightly over the amount too.

  6. Malaysia all mobile telco screwed up, NONE of them deserve brand loyalty. Don’t be surprise they often overlook the customer request.

  7. I had the same issue, but with auto billing.

    Did the whole “sure? sure activated?” thing and the “Yess suree” answers also.


  8. suertes says:

    Sucks majorly…

  9. marinabakri says:

    Digi always screws in terms of giving satisfaction to the customers.. Cheap telco doesn’t always give you first class service.. really understand your situation..

    For international roaming, I prefer to use Flexiroam. Instead of paying per minute call, Flexiroam offers RM10 perday and can use it to make or receive call unlimited daily..

    It’s prepaid.. Just keep my Digi number (i use Digi too), activate Flexiroam service by sms and can use it with normal local Digi charge..

    Maybe you can refer to this website, cheapest rate I’ve found so far


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