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The Great Roast Chicken Experiment – Part 03: Chicken Noodle Soup

Suanie's hearty chicken noodle soup I only started loving Western-style chicken noodle soup after having it at Betty’s Midwest Kitchen. For the past 6 months, I’ve been on a whimsical quest to replicate chicken noodle soup like Betty’s, so I could cook a huge pot and eat it the entire day for cheap.

So I looked at recipes after recipes, preferably those that come with photos so I could have an idea of their result. I didn’t think anything came close to what I had at Betty’s, mostly they didn’t look hearty enough. Yes, hearty has a look and you know it.

Bla bla bla, I was looking through Cooking For Engineers and came across a recipe for chicken stock. Somehow the ingredients and methods made sense to me and I decided to make it for soup using the remains of my roast chicken.

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The Great Roast Chicken Experiment – Part 02: Roast Chicken Sandwich

The next day, I decided to make lunch using leftovers from the almost tragic roast chicken. You’re right, I didn’t *just decide* to, it was all part of my masterplan. ‘Cos if I suddenly *just decide to*, I wouldn’t have ingredients such as lettuce and bread lying around at home.

Took out the cold chicken, heat up a frying pan and pan-fried the chicken. It smelled so good, yum. Must be the leftover effect: leftovers tend to smell/ taste better. I’m sure there is a psychological reason to it.

Roast Chicken sandwich - 01 pan fry chicken
Re-heated chicken by pan frying

Cut my sandwich baguette into half like how Subway does it, spread some butter and put a couple slices of cheese then toasted it. Then added lettuce, mayonnaise and roast chicken.

Roast Chicken sandwich - 02 add ingredients
Making the sandwich asexually come together

Then eat! Om nom nom nom nom. Or rather, take to work and eat. Sorry about the photos, I didn’t have a lot of time then to take better ones.

Roast Chicken sandwich

By now, if you can figure out the economics of roasting your own chicken, yeay! I actually ate this sandwich twice because the baguette was thick and filling (and very yummy). So lunch for 2 days in a row was roasted chicken sandwich. The bread cost RM3.30 and the coral lettuce was RM4.90, which I used for 4 other meals. All in all, one lunch cost me about RM6. Hmm, maybe not so economical after all. But it was delicious.

I apologise if some of you were waiting for a funny follow-up to my first post. I realise that there is nothing funny about this blog post. Then again, there’s nothing funny about a roast chicken sandwich. Maybe you should, I don’t know, watch Monty Python.

The Great Roast Chicken Experiment – Part 01: Roast Chicken & Sticky Carrots

Roast Chicken w Sticky Carrots This will be a 3 part blog post on a non-world changing experiment that I conducted. I call it the Great Roast Chicken Experiment, which had 2 purposes:

a) to use my brand new oven for the first time; and
b) to find out how much roast chicken can one person eat before that one person gets sick of roast chicken.

Admittedly point (b) only came to me AFTER I got sick of eating roast chicken. So I decided to turn it as a fodder for a blog post because I’m creative like that.

Are you ready? Are you ready to enter the world of Suanie’s roast chicken? Really really ready? REALLY? Okay, let’s go!

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Feeling good, thanks to you

This is a “thank you” blog post. There, I’ve just summarised the content of this blog post so you’d be absolutely clear with what this is about. No? Okay then. This is a “thank you” blog post.

Those who can’t donate their money, donate their time. Or try to, for I know how easy it is to get caught up with our own things. I’ve been lucky to be involved in a few projects at the 1st quarter of 2011. You’ll have to forgive some rambling ons as I write this also for my own life documentation.

#1. BBQ Addicts’ Rumah Hope outing

Rumah Hope outing - group photo
Group photo with volunteers and kids at the outing

I blogged about it here. Thinking back, wow what an amazing trip eh? I helped to organise the goody bags for the kids, and till today I’m amazed at how open and generous everyone has been. From my stationery supplier to my family and friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The outing itself was great! I learned a few things about being with kids, and surprisingly about my friends. E.g. It was real eye-opening to see how good Melissa was with the kids. I know she does it for work, but we know how that turned out for some unfortunate kids… Anyway I feel that there are lots about caring for and handling children that everyone can learn from her!

#2. Lenovo laptop giveaway, donate in aid of the Japanese Red Cross Society

Win a Lenovo - Masnaida
Masnaida, winner of my Lenovo Ideapad U460 contest

Who’s the luckiest girl in the world? Me. Who’s the luckiest girl in the world that Lenovo gave her an EXTRA laptop to giveaway in a contest? Me. Say what you will about perspective and angles: my perspective and view is that I have been a very, very lucky girl.

Of course the 1st thank you goes to Lenovo MY: without which, the whole thing would not have happened. A personal thank-you to Blake for being so patient facilitating the process. Next to everybody who helped spread the message about the contest on my blog. Finally, to friends and random readers who donated, thank you so much for your generosity. I don’t know how much the MilkaDeal donation drive raised but at least RM5,400 came from my side. That’s amazing!

#3: Twestival Kuala Lumpur 2011

Twestival Kuala Lumpur 2011
Programme for the event. Photo by Nigel

I was part of the organising team for Twestival KL 2009 along with Niki, David, Ling, Radiance and Nigel. Never did blog about it because I was so burned out then. I suppose it was due to me giving pressure to myself and not being mentally prepared for the event. It was very successful, by the way. Our 1st Twestival KL fund-raising. I remember us being so worried if we were ahead of ourselves and that may not meet our target of RM3,000. As Twestival KL history would have it, we raised over RM11,000 in cash for Destiny Starting Point, a home in Klang for delinquent teens.

This year, I went back to Twestival KL and the team has expanded to include Andrew and IcedNyior. Bloody brilliant team, if you ask me! It was slightly tough as Niki is currently based in Singapore for a few months but we pulled through, yeay! On March 24th 2011, we had a FANTABULOUS fund-raising event at Finnegan’s Midvalley. Final count for our donation drive: a spectacular amount of RM26,000 in aid of Pertubuhan Masyarakat PRIHATIN in Kota Bharu, a NGO caring for single mothers and kids living with HIV/AIDS. I’m still doubled over at how we managed to pull that off =)

On my side, I wish to thank everyone I’ve asked for help. Thank you for hearing me out, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed my automated script of explaining what is Twestival? Hah! 😛 If you don’t know what Twestival is, do find out from here. We’ve a GREAT list of sponsors who were so generous, do check them at our Twestival KL blog. I’m just going to quickly mention those that I directly contacted, k.

Thanks to Melissa of Finnegan’s for replying to my tweet then immediately volunteering the venue and food! Thanks Joyce for the really cute Favors Essence souvenir. Thanks Patrick Teoh for vouchers to my favourite steamboat restaurant. David Cheong, thanks for the photos! Thanks Nigel for the STUFF stuff 😉 Thanks Hafiz, the BEST swimming coach in the world and some say Bukit Jalil. Thanks Kel Li for all the lovely Sony Music goodies, and the Adam Lambert CD (WHOA!). Thank you Selva of Original Bootcamp Malaysia for agreeing to sponsor without hesitation. Thanks to my Bootcamp buddies who have been so generous and supportive, you know who you are! Thanks to friends and followers of @TwestivalKL: sekiranya saya salah silap tweet, saya minta maaf.

To end, a big thank you to DaddyLian and Niki for roping me in 2 years ago, and thank you to Ling and Radiance for having me. Mwah! <3