Sex on Stage – the West End Stars in Concert

West End Stars in Concert - Suanie Hey Mom (and other immediate family members), I think you should skip this post. I’ll go back to blogging about my culinary adventures, I promise. Or you could read it and not tell me, and promise that we never talk about it. Ever.

Enfiniti Vision Media kindly invited me to the media preview of West End Stars in Concert. Something about hunky men crooning on stage. Oh yeah, sign me up and tie me down, yeehawww!

Mom, told you that you should have stopped reading.

What is West End Stars in Concert? 3 West End performers singing hit songs from well-known musicals. Like in a concert la. So the title of the production was pretty self-explanatory, eh? ;)

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Foot in Mouth part 2

This is me with Tiara Jacquelina.

Suanie and Tiara Jacquelina

You know, Tiara Jacqueline aka Puteri Gunung Ledang. Famous Malaysian celebrity, businesswoman, theater buff. From limited personal experience, personable and gregarious, very charming.

She probably read Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” where one of the chapters tells you the importance of memorising names. ‘Cos we were hanging out at the open area after the media preview of West End Stars in Concert at Istana Budaya. She spotted me and said, hey Suanie I know you! I was dumbfounded and starstruck and went, I know you too!

Damn sorhai or what?? Who wouldn’t know Tiara Jacquelina?!?! Typical me. After a while I got over myself and managed to ask her for a photo.

But that says volumes about her, doesn’t it? I mean, the last time we properly spoke was back in 2007 at the launch of her restaurant, the Borneo Rainforest Cafe. I have no illusions that she reads or follows my blog, so yes I was very much impressed with her affability.

/end starstruck.

Got lemon? Make Fried Calamari with cheat aioli!

Suanie's Fried Calamari When I shopped for my roast chicken, I bought an additional lemon for reasons I cannot explain. Oh wait, I think I wanted to make lots of honey lemon drink. But as days went by, I didn’t feel like drinking honey lemon and the sole lemon sat in the fridge feeling very unwanted.

Fear not lemon, I thought of a better use for you! You will be thoroughly squashed for my Fried Calamari with Cheat Aioli! It’s a noble cause, your sacrifice was well worth it. There’s really no better reason to die than to contribute to a great seafood dinner.

Off I went to Jaya Grocer to buy fresh squid. You know, Jaya Grocer should pay me for advertising already. But your lemon very expensive, RM1.30 for a single lemon so maybe not.

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Suanie made Chicken Parmigiana, you should too

Suanie's Chicken Parmigiana I had a terrible craving for chicken parmigiana so I made it. I would have loved to say that I made this just because I had all the ingredients at home. You know, hey these tomatoes are getting a wee ripe, I have some chicken, let me make chicken parmigiana. I wish. Being a newbie in the kitchen means that everything I cook at the moment is a result of careful, calculated planning.

I settled on a recipe by The Pioneer Woman. Love her cooking instructions 101 which come with step-by-step photos. I call it cooking for the stupid. Don’t be offended, come join the club.

I think it turned out not bad. Some things I could have done better, which means I should have been more patient. But it was okay. Ate this for 4 meals and now I’m all chicken parmigiana-ed out.

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The Great Roast Chicken Experiment – Part 03: Chicken Noodle Soup

Suanie's hearty chicken noodle soup I only started loving Western-style chicken noodle soup after having it at Betty’s Midwest Kitchen. For the past 6 months, I’ve been on a whimsical quest to replicate chicken noodle soup like Betty’s, so I could cook a huge pot and eat it the entire day for cheap.

So I looked at recipes after recipes, preferably those that come with photos so I could have an idea of their result. I didn’t think anything came close to what I had at Betty’s, mostly they didn’t look hearty enough. Yes, hearty has a look and you know it.

Bla bla bla, I was looking through Cooking For Engineers and came across a recipe for chicken stock. Somehow the ingredients and methods made sense to me and I decided to make it for soup using the remains of my roast chicken.

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