Of torch lights and dance classes

Torch light I did a very grown up thing.
I bought a torch light.
One for my very own.
It made me feel like an adult.
A torch light does things like that.

There are three stories to this torch light.
The first one is rather straightforward.
We’ve been having some really freaky thunderstorms lately.
A couple times, it made my electricity switch box trip.
The first time it happened, it was something like 4am.
The crashing thunder woke me up.
I sat at the edge of my bed for a while.
Then decided to go switch the electricity back on.

But it was very dark leh. And the lightning and thunder were relentless.
And I… got scared. Didn’t have a torch light also mah. So dark and scary.
I made it all the way to my room door. Then crawled back to bed.
Until 2 hours later when it was getting warmer, only then I ran to turn the stuff back on.
All that time I was thinking, DAMN I WISH I HAD A TORCH LIGHT!!!

So off I went to get one. There was a choice between an Eveready and Energizer.
As you can see in the photo above, I got the Eveready one.
Just want to snob Energizer for a while due to their horribly organised night race.
Which could have caused serious injuries to some of my friends who participated.
A reflection of consumer power, no matter how minuscule.
And that was the 2nd story.

The 3rd story is… well, the adulthood part.
When we were younger, we had quite a bit of power cuts in our neighbourhood.
Last time TNB not so steady mah. It was not TNB back then, it was LLN.
(BTW click here to view a 1963 electricity receipt kept by my grandfather)

Whenever these power cuts occur, my Dad would have his backup gear ready.
Kerosene lamps, one for the front and one for the back.
Tall white candles, just in case for places like toilets.
A couple of torch lights, check. For moving around the house.
We always knew where the torch lights were kept too.
Dad has a place for the essentials in life: torch lights, nail clippers, cotton buds.

Dad would swiftly and patiently set all these things up.
And we wait for the power to come back on.
Sometimes they do after a couple of hours.
Sometimes they don’t until the next day.
But thanks to Dad, we never had to grope about in darkness.

The point is, I think of torch lights as an indication of stability.
They are constant and always there.
And always a light in the dark.
And I didn’t have one in my own house until last week.
Then I thought of Dad and how he always had these things in his house.
Then I misses him :X <3 But he doesn't want to talk to me on the phone one. "CALL ON TELEPHONE NO NEED MONEY ONE AR?" -_-"



  1. Lol ur dad

  2. There is a group in LYN forum dedicated to flashlights also. Interesting stuff.

  3. almost sounds like it’s a light house. lol.

  4. FA: ya he’s very unique 😀

    John K: Wow. really??? I must go check it out. it’s like the fascination for knives is it?

    KY: dark dark no good. kids very scared one.

  5. let’s go home this weekend

  6. Everyready and Energizer same co. 1 ler..

  7. Brings back memories of power cuts. We had those kerosene lamps and candle sessions too when dad and grandpa would teach us how to make shadow figures. I kinda looked forward to them.
    PS re: your picture ad, who goes working out wearing a dangly necklace??? ;P

  8. AT: we’ve something on this weekend, remember???

    Ah Teng: consumer power for the name only mah. i’m sure they have diff divisions for both brands 😛

    Vagus: Did u have torch lights also? My dad had a HUGE square one. The battery also very big.

    I don’t know leh. Promotional photo kot. I copy and paste one

  9. yup. big ass square torchlights too

  10. Everytime my dad comes visit me in Hong Kong, he buys at least one torchlight from Ap Lei Street… his obsession?

  11. Errr…….. the 1963 electricity receipt is just a normal receipt from a electrical shop (like Onking, Seng heng etc).

    Its always fun to dig up old treasures from our parents/granparents. That’s what I tell myself when I still keep my prized colour-pencil collection from primary school.

  12. Vagus: Those were the best!

    mandy: hahhaa he has a full collection!

    in: really? he told me it was like TNB wor

  13. LED or el-cheapo krypton bulb?

    The LED one last longer.. Prefer it over krypton crap.

  14. the el cheapo one. didn’t see a LED version. i had a LED small one before. took it to mt batur with me! 😀

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