Abbey beer, Grimbergen @ Brussels Beer Cafe

Grimbergen beer, Brussels If I could only drink one type of beer for the rest of my life, it might very well be Grimbergen.

In fact if I had to choose between saving my mobile phone or a crate of Grimbergen in a fire, I’d be very tempted to go for the latter.

Let’s make this easier: if I had to choose between Clive Owen VS free Grimbergen for the rest of my life, Grimbergen wins! Now that’s saying something.

Grimbergen is an abbey beer, its origins can be trace to 1128 when the Abbey of Grimbergen in Belgium was founded. That makes it one of the oldest known beers still brewed today.

Perhaps it was fitting that the invitation to sample Grimbergen Blonde was held at Brussels (… Belgium, geddit? Har har) at Menara Hap Seng. Brought in by Luen Heng (subsidiary of Carlsberg), currently only available at Brussels at Ampang, Jaya One, Menara Hap Seng and Solaris Mont Kiara though the availability at other places may be more widespread soon.

Grimbergen beer, Brussels - Poured
Grimbergen served with beer infused food

What’s the taste like? Light, invitingly sweet, some citrus and fruity notes. It’s very smooth and I thought it smelled wonderful, like joy. It was very easy to drink but beware: its alcohol content (ABV) is 6.7%! It’s one of those beers that you drink a lot because it’s so nice. Then you find that you’re horrifically drunk. Happens.

Grimbergen beer, Brussels - Soren Ravn, Deeps and Kenny
MD of Carlsberg MY – Soren Ravn, Deeps and Kenny

Good beer with good food and most importantly, great merrymakers to share it with. It was a fantastic evening with Mike of Brussels Beer Cafe, Michael, Kerol, ShaolinTiger, Horng, Beer Beer, Deeps, Joshua, Terence etc etc etc.

Grimbergen beer, Brussels - Happy people

Grimbergen Blonde is available at all Brussels Beer Cafe outlets. A whole bottle at slightly over a pint costs RM38+. Do try it out, let me know what you think of it!

Here are a couple videos of the merrymakers. First one is the MD of Carlsberg Malaysia, Soren Ravn leading us to singing the Danish song of beer toasting. No one really knew what he was singing about. Then we did it the Malaysian way. The 2nd video is of an impromptu ‘We Will Rock You’ karaoke session + Soren Ravn and a Luen Heng dude rapping + beatboxing.



  1. it’s like wah wah wah wu wu wu we will we will rock you ahahaha sorry for myself i missed it!

  2. Awesome night and FANTASTIC beer!

  3. kim: i’ve no idea how to sing the song even without alcohol, hehehehe . YEAH Y U NO GO???

    ST: was so much funnnnn! <3


  5. Super awesome night with awesome beers and awesome friends!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. its a fun fun fun drink.

  7. eyeris: yes yes yes pass it on to the other mike 😉

    sotong: it’s only more fun when you have the right company :)

    horng: very delicious yah

  8. looked like an awesome night!

  9. Yum I love Grimbergen too! Makes me miss the times when I lived in Brussels and would pick up a four-pack after work…
    They do Blonde, Radieuse, and Brune – Radieuse is my favourite, more flavourful than Blonde, but not as heavy as Brune…

    Aargh. Want beer.

  10. I think the Luen Heng guys mentioend they might bring in Grimbergen Brune sometime in the future as well. WHEE!

  11. KY: Yeah too bad you missed it :(

    julian: rephrase, argghhh want belgium beer! hehe

    eyeris: we love luen heng!!


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