Back to the Original Bootcamp grind… almost!

So I’d boldly let myself go the past few months when I took a break from Original Bootcamp. The not caring and eating everything in sight part was fantastic. The putting on weight and feeling the extra fat coming back, not so much. Hey, choices.

Started with Buddy Day at Padang Astaka last Saturday. They brought some of the toys out including the legendary Big Bertha! Was a lot of fun, a lot of people, a lot of mud, a lot of everything!

Suanie and Big Bertha
Getting chummy with Big Bertha

In my eagerness to return, I think I overdid it. Tore my thighs, couldn’t walk properly over the weekend, still ouching here and there. Then it was a brand new session this morning, wow I could really feel the results of 4 months of inactivity!

I know it will get better for sure. On a semi-related self-reminder note, need to buy more Dettol body wash. Bootcamp’s the only reason I shower using Dettol, heh. Ah, welcome back to the life!

Anyway if you’ve not seen the awesome Original Bootcamp promo video, here it is!