The day Suanie grilled booooootiful pork steaks

No no, not 2012 so not the end of the world… yet. Just that this whole cooking business is amazingly therapeutic that it makes me feel like a natural woman. That which can be a dangerous thing but is an entirely different subject altogether.

Nonsense aside, I’ve always envied those who are able to offhandedly remark that because they got home late, they wanted a simple dinner. So they took out a couple of steaks from the freezer, rub them with salt and pepper and what-not, then dump them into the oven to grill before om nom nom nom. Oh, toss a simple crunchy salad on the side too.

Like, wtf? If I’m going home late, my simple dinner would be food as fast as they would come, i.e. takeaway 1300-13-1300. Who the hell got no time then go home and grill steaks for dinner? GRILL.STEAKS?! I think they were just saying that to confuse me and make me doubt my female-ness. I don’t know how that works so figure it out yourselves (but make sure it involves something about the world revolving around me).

Until one day, out of the total blue, I decided to do it. Yes, grill meat. It all happened as I was getting bacon at the non-halal section of Jaya Grocer when I spotted some booooootiful pork steak. So tenderly gorgeous, I couldn’t help but to pick up a couple of those and pay for them at the cashier before you could say, “what the heck am I gonna do with them??”

Suanie grills pork steak - ingredients

Lantak sajalah. Made do with what I had at home, except for the Worcestershire sauce which I bought. Obviously, because no one is going to give me a new bottle of Worcestershire sauce. I’d probably never use it again, or use about 5 inches of it before its expiry date so it was a good thing that I got the smaller bottle.

Oh look, I rubbed my booooootiful pork steaks with salt, black pepper, oregano and Worcestershire sauce. Probably a tad too much oregano there but I was herb-happy.

Ooooo it smelled great too. Poked the meat a bit to let the seasoning seep in, then left it aside for about 20 mins.

Suanie grills pork steak - marinade

Since my oven is one of those microwave+grill combi thing, it didn’t have enough space for a proper grilling tray. Or whatever the heck you all call it lah, I’m not good with kitchenware. So I made do with aluminum foil ‘cos I am brilliant like that.

Suanie grills pork steak - into the mini oven

Tekan ‘Grill’. Cook each side for 10 mins. Mine doesn’t have those power/temperature control thingy so I have no idea what kind of heat it was cooking in. Hot enough lah ‘cos my booooootiful pork steaks were cooked booooootifully.

How to know if your pork’s properly cooked? Stick a knife in it and make sure that the insides are white, not pink. For a variety of health reasons, pork has to be cooked well, none of those rare/ medium shite.

Suanie grills pork steak - doneness check

Oooooo look at that! Aren’t my pork steaks pretty? Juicy too! *beams*

I served my pork steaks with a thick slice of German ham pan-fried in bacon grease, world-changing potato salad and not-so-fail failed bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Suanie grills pork steak - with German ham, bacon asparagus, potato salad

Kiss my apron and call me Julia Child! ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. That actually looks awesome! And never underestimate the power of L+P sauce – it has endless possibilities.

    Whenever you make baked beans – throw some in and it instantly becomes awesome! My favourite way is get a can of beans, some white onions, some capsicum, chop them up, toss them in a deep round pyrex with a lid, put in a bunch of black pepper, L+P sauce, bbq sauce and then toss them in the oven. Serve with any kind of meat (pork or beef steak, pork chop etc) and potatoe wedges – bestnya!

    Another great way is cheese on toast with a bunch of Worcestershire sauce sprinkled on the cheese.

  2. that looks omfg goood suan!!!!

  3. ~approved~ stamp ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. ST: noted thanks! thing is, i’m not so fond of baked beans if it’s not with sausages (some weird reasoning). but i think i might try that cos i have the L+P hahaha

    kim: hehehhehe thanks! only cos it’s all pork

    Lance: z0mg got stamp of approval from GRILL MASTER LANCE, I GO OPEN MY OWN RESTAURANT NOWWWW

  5. Indeeed, Suanie, … you are brilliant like that…

  6. Hehehehe, oh no, sheshesheshesheshe…… now u are so awsomefully fantastically infinity and beyond feminine .Should we tq to ad for the effort ?

  7. dang, today is vege day, you make me feel guilty…..

  8. try grinding the oregano to be finer, releases the aroma more ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. sickboy: ahuh ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

    mamalim: yah send AD a postcard ๐Ÿ˜›

    ahsiang: look only what, no see! ๐Ÿ˜€

    oli: means I need an actual grinder, or just chop chop also can? noted, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. wahhh looks damn good!

  11. yum~~ it look delious.
    We shall obey the newly self crowded julia child … han…(with gold sparkle falling from nowhere)

  12. Before I call you Julia Child, you have to write a huge-assed book first. kthxbai

  13. After reading this… you suddenly look attractive… just kidding. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Isn’t using baking foil in the microwave cause static? My mom used to tell me never use any metal or metail in the microwave wor…

  14. JULIA CHILDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! cook for me. k thx

  15. That looks absolutely yummy ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. pls remember never to use any foil when you’re using the microwave function. ryan loves his siaoyi.

  17. ahhhh… such a booootiful meal~~ slurps!!

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