BBQ Addicts’ Rumah Hope outing!

Rumah Hope in Petaling Jaya My friends at BBQ Addicts (who make the BEST BBQ food items ever so check out their FB page) decided to host a BBQ lunch for the kids at Rumah Hope in Petaling Jaya.

The order was: Lydia read some of our blogs raving about BBQ Addicts’ superior BBQ items. She wanted to organise a lunch for the kids and wrote to them asking for quotations. Grill Sergeant Lance decided to sponsor the BBQ and roped in his friends, asking us if we’d like to spend a Sunday at Rumah Hope with the kids. Yes sir of course sir.

I must have asked if they needed anything for the BBQ or home. Someone told me that because of the ‘back to school’ period, the kids needed stationery. Somewhere down the line, I thought of preparing stationery goody bags for the kids.

Off I went to my usual stationery supplier. I told him about what I wanted to do, then picked out items that I thought that the kids may need in school. I’d asked Lance to find out the number of kids below and over 12 years old as they will have different needs.

To cut the story short, my stationery supplier (who would like be unnamed) and I came up with a goody bag for both groups, each costing RM40. He gave me good discounts for the items for which I’m most appreciative!

I rallied family and friends to help in sponsoring the stationery bags. By the end of the day, I had sufficient pledges of donations. Much overwhelmed and humbled by your generosity, thank you! By the time I was ready to collect the items, I had extra money so I got add-ons such as Manila cardboards, art drawing blocks, geometry set, etc. These would be given to the home administrators to dispense as and when they deem fit.

Rumah Hope stationery bag for Under 12 Rumah Hope stationery bag for Over 12
Awesome goody bags for Under 12 and Over 12

Off we went to Rumah Hope! It seems to be a good home, quite well-equipped. The home admins and most of the older kids were at church selling coupons for their upcoming Open Day so there were only a handful of young kids around when we got there. As someone quipped, it’s easy for kids to mingle; just run around with them and chase chase chase.

Time to get the BBQ started! Lance had a new BBQ equipment and it was a challenge to get the fire going. Heheh, didn’t prepare for that leh!! Horng went to get dry branches and twigs which worked. As you can see in the photo, Mrs Cheang and Kim helped by channelling inner qi towards the fireyahhh…

Rumah Hope outing - preparing the BBQ

Rumah Hope outing - 01

Yeap, I had my cousins bring Ryan the Nephew along. The kids were mostly interested in computer games anyway, so iPhones and similar gadgets with games in them were huge hits.

Rumah Hope outing - 02

We had lots of awesome food! BBQ Addicts’ wonderfully marinated chicken wings, satay, Juicy Lucy, mushrooms and cheese, bacon-wrapped asparagus, premium sausages… other volunteers prepared different types of food so there were salad, sandwiches, mashed potato, jelly etc.

Rumah Hope outing - 03

Saw lots of running and chasing, UNO and assorted computer games being played, Haze drawing cartoons for the kids… a huge hit, that!

Rumah Hope outing - Haze at work Rumah Hope outing - Haze drawing anime

There was an arts & craft session headed by Melissa. You’re given a piece of paper, some black ink and straw, then you have to blow the ink to make a pattern which hopefully turns out to look like tree branches. Then you stick little pieces of pink paper to make the blossoms. There was gold dust too… saw a lot of creativity in process.

Rumah Hope outing - 04

Rumah Hope outing - 05

See the completed works!

Rumah Hope outing - completed art n craft from the kids

Time to give out angpows and the goody bags!

Rumah Hope outing - 06

… and a group photo!

Rumah Hope outing - group photo

Thanks everyone. It was a wonderful Sunday, I had a great time. And thank you, my stationery goody bag sponsors. Couldn’t have done it without you, thank you!!

BBQ Addicts has the best BBQ food items ever! Check out their FB page, and a latest feature on them on

Rumah Hope, established in 1994 is a sanctuary for abused, neglected and under-privileged children between the ages of 5-17. The Home relies solely on public funding to maintain itself. For information on the home and activities, check out their website.



  1. YUM YUM! Looks wonderful! ^^

  2. We should do this more! Always count me in! :))

  3. you guys are wonderful T____T

  4. Dammit, I couldn’t make it. :-((((

    And that inner qi picture is awesome! ahahaha

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. lulu cattywampus says:

    gold bless you all <3

  7. Benjamin: it was very yum! As always πŸ™‚

    Racheal: Okayyy! But it was more of Lydia/Lance’s initiative, hehehe..

    quaintly: you went to Kenya…

    eyeris: hahaha i think your mom adores me hahahahhaa

    Melissa: clam chowder!!!

    lulu: thanks for sponsoring, dear πŸ˜€ mwah

  8. Awesome day out!

  9. awesome work guys =) *like*

  10. it was a good day!!! πŸ˜€

  11. Maybe you were thinking of the original BBQ Addicts… don’t know who ripped off our trademarked and copyrighted name.

  12. its very nice of u guys to organise something like this for the kids πŸ™‚
    anyway, of all places, why by the longkang to bbq food…??!!

  13. There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. πŸ™‚

  14. I did turn up for a couple of minutes before you arrived, to say hi to lance..

  15. ST & Kim: Indeed! we should do this more often, heh

    Jack: Hheheheh you should have been there!

    Aaron: OooOooo Didn’t know there was an original/ non-original BBQ Addicts! Did the original BBQ Addicts hang out with kids at Rumah Hope last Sunday?

    Tien: Thanks, it was fun πŸ˜€ err longkang… it was clean lah, plus to give it a bit of authenticity mah.. we used to BBQ by longkang also one, best food ever hahaha

    suertes: ahh i only got there at 11.30am, cos the transporting of the goody bags from my house to my car took longer than expected!

  16. one of the best BBQ ever!


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