It’s a dreary Thursday :(

Oh I know the sun is up and everything, and it’s a nice change from the thunderstorms that we’ve been getting in the late afternoons.
But I’m not feeling well – downright shitty even so that is why the world is dreary.
Can’t choose a worst possible time to get sick as I have so many things to do! 🙁

By the way, you all should really check out Noble Pig.
It’s my new favourite website, I can’t get enough of the easy recipes and gorgeous photos!
It made me feel like I could be a culinary wonder too!
Except that I won’t really be bothered to make any of them.
I’ll just forward it to my sister who will hopefully be persuaded to recreate the recipes.
She’s the one with the oven, after all! *evil chuckle*

Speaking of family…
My Mom cornered me yesterday and told me,
“Ryan said you have a BF. I asked him, where got? He said, GOT ONE I KNOW ONE.”
So I’ve been trying to rack my brains wondering when did I tell Ryan that I had a BF.
So I asked him, “Why did you tell Popo that I have a BF?”
He said, “I don’t know.. You got lah. You told me one.. last time you told me you got.”

And it made me remember of the time when we lived together.
I’d printed out a photo of Jason Mraz and I when he was here in KL.
You know, this one…

Jason Mraz in KL - with Suanie 02

I placed the photo to my mirror, where it was visible to everyone who entered my room.
And everyone would tell Ryan that it was a photo of me and my BF.
He absolutely believed it.
That was fun.



  1. he he he

  2. wasn’t that quite a long time ago? that kid has good memory!

  3. Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your boyfriend
    No way, no way, I think you need a new one
    Hey, hey, you, you, I could be your boyfriend

    Hey, hey, you, you, I know that you like me
    No way, no way, you know it’s not a secret
    Hey, hey, you, you, I want to be your boyfriend

  4. 😀 it may be a prophecy

  5. Here’s something to cheer you up. I just saw/read your previous post and your new post with photo of JM and yourself. You certainly are looking good now! (Not to say the old photo was ugly…….err….you know what i mean…right?)

  6. haha this ryan!!

  7. HAHAHAHA. this Ryan so farnie. 🙂

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