Beware of the dog because she will lick you to death

You know those ominous signs at some house gates warning you to be ‘Beware of the dog’?
Sometimes they are just words, in three languages to boot.
Sometimes they are accompanied with a drawing of a Rottweiler or Doberman.
Doesn’t sound very cheerful, does it? Lack of sunshine and warmth and all that happy stuff.
‘Cos sometimes the owners are truthful.
They have dogs that would attack you and rip you to unrecognisable pieces if allowed.
Sometimes the owners aren’t truthful.
You could bet your entire fortune that they don’t have a toy dog, let alone a real one.

Lola with her toy
Oh look, a very dangerous dog!

In my friend Gail’s case, she was being half-truthful.
Her 10-year old dog Lola will not maul us to death.
Instead, we might be killed by Lola’s saliva overload.
That’s why Gail has the sign up at her house gate πŸ˜‰

Lola being a good girl
Who’s a good girl?

My feelings towards dogs and children are the same: I don’t like many of them.
Mostly it’s the parents/owners’ fault, but I won’t elaborate.
In Lola’s case, I love her!
Maybe because she greets you with a soft toy in her mouth as you enter the house.
And she wags her tail so ferociously that it may fall off at any time.

Lola wagging her tail
Tail wagging breaking the speed limit

I <3 Lola!



  1. You should check out my female Jack Russell – Baby Bell too! She wags her tail like gonna fall off too!! The more you call her name and give her attention the more she wag her tail!

  2. harlo lola!!

  3. racheal: as long as they don’t bite or GRRRRRR at me, i’m friends with them πŸ˜€ i don’t care, dogs have to make the first move!

    kim: bigger than #emocharlie!

  4. i really like the mouse toy…

  5. is that ryan’s mouse?

  6. Hahaa… love Lola a lot, she’s one of the friendliest dog i have ever seen πŸ˜€ Oh, Ruk gave her a new toy recently & Lola’s showing it off proudly!

  7. What a cutie! Labs are so sweet.

    How are you Suanie? Catch up soon in your area for lunch? For some reason I’ve a craving for pancakes – but Cheong whatever Fan will do! Ellen

  8. what a LOVELY DOG!

  9. gail taylor says:

    suanie πŸ™‚ you have great taste in dogs! ! , im sure lola is agreeing with you xx hugz

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