The X-Mini II and X-Mini Max II portable speakers: bombastic sounds on the go

X-Mini II - Suanie Months ago, I received a couple of X-Mini capsule speakers for review. I’d warned the X-Mini rep that I’m not very techy per se, and that my ‘review’ would most likely be along the lines of, yes I like it or no, I don’t like it.

That’s what reviews essentially are, aren’t they? Appraisal or evaluation, basically thumbs up or down. True, some people want to know how the reviewer arrive at the conclusion. Reminds me of Math workings back in school. If you have the correct answer but your inner working is all screwy, you’d be darn lucky if your teacher did not write you up for alleged cheating. Genius, child prodigy, impossibly high IQ [1]? Nope not in this school.

Never did like Math.

The first box I opened was the X-Mini II because it was the most compact speaker I’d seen. In the accompanying photos, you can see that I, uh… had my way with it. Look, that’s me trying to bite into the speaker! Look, that’s me juggling the speaker on the back of my hand, not falling not falling!

Yes, my friends do think that I’m weird. Luckily they’ve come to terms with it and embraced the oddball that I can be.

X-Mini II - on the back of a hand

The X-Mini II is absurdly small, and absurdly loud for something so absurdly small. Made of solid plastic that feels like rubber when you touch it, looks pretty impressive and expensive. A fully charged X-Mini II is said to be able to play for 12 hours on its own. I can’t verify this because I’ve not tried it out, so I’m going to take their word for it.

What of the sound? Mono and loud, more than good enough as a light, traveling speakers. Slight distortion when I maxed the volume on the speakers, so I stopped doing that and maxed the volume on my device, e.g. the Nokia X6.

It took me a while to realise that I could ‘twist’ the capsule and it would expand for better bass. Look, I am a product of the KBSR/KBSM spoon-feeding system okay. They didn’t tell me so I didn’t know lah[2]!So you can imagine that when I made the ‘discovery’, my excitement and wow level probably matched Columbus’. Anyway it made quite a difference to the sound quality.

X-Mini II - in the gym

The photo above illustrates how I used the X-Mini II as a headphone substitute in my old condo gym. Firstly, I did go to gym. Secondly, the headphones that I have is a biatch to use when running on the treadmill. Thirdly, I wasn’t being inconsiderate because I only blast the speaker when I was alone in the gym.

The second speakers I received was the X-Mini Max II. This one is quite fun! You can use them as a single speaker, or detach them to become two speakers! They are magnetically attached to each other for easier storage and portability. They can also be expanded for the extra bass oomph.

X-Mini Max II - Attached capsule

Same build quality as the X-Mini II, same up-to-12-hours playback when fully charged. But much better, IMHO. If you can only get one portable speakers, I suggest this one because it’s more everything. Of course also slightly more expensive lah.

As you can see in the photo above, the X-Mini Max II is an excellent substitute for the usually hideous netbook/notebook built-in speakers. Very useful for entertaining hyperactive 5-year old nephews.

X-Mini Max II - Ryan watching a movie

One cool feature of the new X-Mini is the ‘Buddy Jack’, where you can link up two or more X-Mini speakers for louder/ better/ more gratifying sound. Really cool, right? Yeap… except that I don’t know if I’d be using that feature if not to snap a photo of it for this blog post. Sort of defeats the purpose of me owning a single portable set of speakers. And if I require better sound, I’d just use the X-Mini Max II which is more than good enough for me.

But maybe I shouldn’t speak so early. I should get another X-Mini Max II and link them all up together and see what happens[3]! ๐Ÿ˜€

X-Mini II and X-Mini Max II - Buddy Jack

Awesome portable speakers, much recommended if you have the need for one. Great as gifts too!
For more information, check out their website:

[1] Of course I was none of that. I cheated.
[2] What’s a User’s Guide? Can eat one ar?
[3] Don’t quote me, but most likely unhappy neighbours.



  1. how much is it here in malaysia lah?

  2. shuaddict says:

    I love these. Got the smallest one (x-mini 1?) instead and it performs great for netbooks. It was about RM50 or less. The bigger ones are closer to RM100 if not mistaken.

  3. I had one (x-mini II) and for some reason it just died on me.
    Went to the service center in Singapore (i work nearby). Got it replace with no fuss, quickly.

    After some horrible after sales service with other companies. It was a such a refreshing change.

  4. eyeris: i saw the price was like RM130 but it was at some more expensive shop. i think can get cheaper?

    shuaddict: and it’s really so easy to carry around! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hon: actually i googled a bit, and it seems that there are some QC probs with some of the products. all got theirs replaced easily, but the worst was this guy who reviewed it on amazon, said that all 3 of his xmini koyak (even the replaced ones). i’ve no probs with mine though

  5. Heh did not know they had some QC problem. My replacement works fine too. In my books they made it up to me.
    I sound like i covertly work for them : ) Considering the kind of lousy after sales service out there, I dont wanna name names – budget airline, ryhmes with Liger. I appreciate those that actually do give a damn.

  6. Wow, your screen is too obscene to share with us, but not with Ryan ?!?!

  7. looks like this is super useful when attending weddings with horrid hokkien karaoke!

  8. I can attest to the fact tat the speakers last for more than 12 hours on a single charge, n at near max volume too. I also acciidentally left them on overnight a few times n tat didn’t use up much energy ,could still use for hours.

  9. Nicholas says:

    You can’t link up 2 sets of X-mini Max II via it’s buddy jack as the output is mono…


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