Original Bootcamp: The ‘Prisoner Assault’ Circuit

Or at least I think that’s what it’s called. Could have asked Sergeant Faizal again seeing how he invented the circuit, but does it really matter? Heh.

The circuit was motivation for me to re-draw my Bootcamp stick people because I want to show you how crazy tough/ tiring (but fun) it was.

Two groups: Circuit (Sergeant Faizal and Sergeant Dharmen in charge) and Grinder (Corporal Hafiz in charge). The team doing the grinder had to continue doing the workout according to Corporal Hafiz’s pace (OUCH!) until the team doing the circuit completes it. Then switch.

Bootcamp Malaysia - Circuit Prisoner

The Grinder station was led by Corporal Hafiz, who was absolutely ruthless ๐Ÿ™ Sure, he did the exercises with us most of the way, but who the heck can go up and down according to his pace?? *grumble grumble* ๐Ÿ˜› We did lots of butt and thigh exercises, it was painful. Oh, the Delta and Seal had to do it with a sandbag in hand, more ouch!

As for The Circuit

Everyone gets a rifle. FYI, a Bootcamp rifle is a PVC pipe filled with sand. I swear they get heavier every time they refill the darn things.
At the store, there are tyres, jerry-cans filled with water, logs (as in wood) and metal chests, not sure what they’re really called.
The team must carry all these items with them throughout the circuit, along with their individual rifles each. E.g., one person can take one small tyre. But a metal chest requires 2 hands to carry it. That means it takes up 2 people (because of the individual rifles, remember?)

It’s all very human resource in a way.

Bootcamp Malaysia - Circuit Assault
Click here for a larger version

1st station: Starjumps with rifles at every line of cone. 12x for Rangers, 16x for Seals, 20x for Deltas.

2nd station: Run and Drop. This just means run to every line of cone and drop the ground, get up and run to the next line of cone and drop to the ground etc.

3rd station: Gorilla crawl. Imagine a gorilla crawling, then imagine people imitating the gorilla crawling. Yeap, that was us.

4th station: Starjumps with rifles, same as 1st station.

5th station: Slinky, sexy leopard crawl. Basically drop to the ground and shift your body (and rifle) towards the end of the station, using your arse and thighs to push you forward. This sucks major balls as I can’t do it very well. Also got attacked by lots of bugs in the grass and now I look as if I had the measles. But that’s secondary. My main gripe is that LEOPARD DON’T CRAWL LIKE THAT!!!

“In the circuit they do!” Sergeant Faizal responded to my outburst on Facebook.

Both teams had this circuit twice because there weren’t enough people to remove all the equipment from the store.

Good training for Genting Trailblazer though, seeing as how I’ve not done much myself. Much later when I was done with all the suffering, I thought that it was a rather good circuit and I enjoyed it very much. See, you never feel like this DURING workout. Appreciation as they say, is always belated.

I asked Sergeant Faizal how he cooked up something like this. He replied, “My inspiration was from Trailblazer, combat fitness tests and the prison rescue scene of any good war movie.” Wicked!

Sometimes it’s almost crazy to believe that these are the things that I enjoy doing.



  1. Lulu Cattywampus says:

    the metal boxes are called ammo boxes ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVE the illustrations btw!!! love it how we all have sad faces and the trainers have smiley faces ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lulu Cattywampus says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i just noticed the mohawk and the beard!!!!!

  3. most awesome drawings evar! should put this on OBC posters/flyers!

  4. Missing OBC so much – the torture and the team mates!

  5. Could you imagine how you’d look if you did it daily?

  6. Lulu: my trainers always have happy faces, my recruits always have sad faces! Heheheheh yeah thought i’d identity the trainers ๐Ÿ˜›

    KY: should put up a poll on how many ppl signed up/ did not sign up for OBC cos of my posts/ drawings! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Milin: Miss you too! Coming back? But year end busy period right?

    Suertes: Yes. Amazing!

  7. Unhappy stick people outnumber the happy ones. When’s the revolution?

  8. crazy squats with sandbags, i think i developed ankle muscles!!!

  9. eyeris: it starts every day from our beds…

    CH: is there such a thing? you already have ankle muscles what

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