Famous Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles @ Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa - signboard I’ve never been a fan of fish head noodles or fish head curry. It has been stored in my list of disgusting food, and yes I know that it’s rather un-Chinese and un-Malaysian of me not to enjoy fish head anything.

In Batu Pahat where I grew up, we had fish head noodles Teow Chew-style: clear soup simmered with fish head, served with tomatoes and Chinese preserved vegetables and of course, rice vermicelli.

In Kuala Lumpur however, it seems that the soup has milk and in some places, Chinese rice wine in it. In the early 2000s, Jaime took me to Ka Soh near the Ritz Carlton, which was supposed to be one of the better fish head noodles around. It was my first time having soup with milk in it, very strange!

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa - barley drink Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa - cooking area
Barley drink and Woo Pin’s cooking area for the fish head noodles

Kerol persuaded me to try the fish head noodles at Woo Pin in Taman Desa, claiming that they have fried fish slices as well as fried fish head bits. In my naivety I believed her. Guess what? Yeap.

Woo Pin takes up a corner lot where you can see the signboard for Ho A One Seafood Steamboat Restaurant. I suppose the steamboat restaurant didn’t do well at all and so they just gave up, letting Woo Pin take over the space completely (noticeable from Woo Pin’s new operating hours that extends till 10pm).

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa - fried fish head bits
Fried fish head bits at Woo Pin

From the stream of customers that they get, they prove that they deserve the space and additional operating hours. There were a lot of people waiting for tables, and they have a notice to remind customers that all tables are to be shared. Two customers alone at a table that can sit six? Nah, not at Woo Pin.

We had the barley drink (fu chok yee mai) at RM2 each. Apparently it’s very popular and I could see why: it was good! Barley, soft beancurd skin and ginkgo nuts to chew on while waiting for your food to arrive. Yum!

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa - fish paste bihun
Woo Pin’s fish paste noodles/ bihun

The focus at Woo Pin is extremely clear, as evident with the limited menu. What kind of soup do you want – clear or with evaporated milk? What kind of noodles – rice vermicelli (bihun or mai fun) or yee mee? Fried fish head or boiled fish paste? Okay thank you.

Food took a while to arrive which was a little surprising because the ingredients were pre-cooked. All you had to do was to take a bit of this and that then stir it with some boiling hot soup and it’s ready to be served. Perhaps the wait was due to either, 1) to give the illusion that a masterpiece was being created, or 2) there were too many customers and not enough cooks.

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa - fish head noodles
Woo Pin’s signature fish head noodles with milk

I had the fish paste noodles with evaporated milk in the soup. The fish paste was not bad, not particularly fantastic. The soup however was YUMMY! As you can see in the photos above, it has preserved vegetables for the salty taste, tomatoes for the sour taste, fried shallots and spring onions… gorgeous! RM6.50 per delicious portion.

Also the soup is doused with quite a bit of Chinese rice wine, blending well with the amount of evaporated milk. All thumbs up!

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa - Kerol Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa - Kimberlycun
Kerol’s stim look from her lunch, and Kim’s red and drunk face

Perhaps the rice wine was a tad too much that day. Halfway through her noodles, Kim’s face turned redder and redder, and she was got a bit too happy. She went home, fell asleep and woke up with a hangover. And she would do it all over again!

I would too, but next time I’d order the fried fish head bits. That is the only way to truly enjoy and appreciate the soup. Of course I’d be hoping that my portion would not contain weird bits like the eye or brain or something bleargh.

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles
Jalan 1/109F, Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
Opens: 7.30am – 10.00pm. Closed on Mondays.
GPS: 3.09832, 101.686503



  1. woke up with a hangover? LOL

  2. Hahah dont worry, there’s no eyes or brains or yucky stuff.

    It’s just like normal bits of fried fish fillet, with more bones LOL

  3. KY: yeap. it was a lot of rice wine that day, rather noticeable.

    ST: okay! let’s go next time and I shall have what you had! πŸ˜€

  4. I start to feel hungry now. This shop is near the high-rise condos and apartments rite? Very near to the now-defunct Desa Waterpark rite? Ok, anyway, will search for it.

    I think u guys should also try this stall in Tmn Bukit Anggerik, inside Tmn Len Seng there got a stall in a coffeeshop that has the best fish head noodles in this area. I can lead u guys here coz I live like 5 mins away πŸ™‚

  5. It’s opposite some apartments, I know how to get there but I don’t know how to elaborate haha. Desa Waterpark is defunct already meh??

    You go try this Woo Pin and let us know how it compares to your one. Cos Kerol refuses to go anywhere if it’s not like Woo Pin or better, hahaha. Or is it the same branch? Cos Woo Pin originated from Cheras.

  6. The waterpark looks like it.. I dunno…:P

    Ok, lemme go try first, and find out if this stall shares the same name or not πŸ˜› I eat but dont see name of shop πŸ˜›

  7. WANT! pls stop eating good stuff during weekdays. πŸ™

  8. andymervingeorge: hmm sometimes i see a LOT of cars there wor.. maybe on some special days? i haven’t passed by the area for a while though so maybe you’re right.

    yeap let me know how your fish head noodle quest goes πŸ˜›

    FA: erm we went last Friday lor… public holiday ftw

  9. Woo Hoo… Woo Pin Fish Head Noodle FTW!!!! <3

  10. I am big fan of Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles Taman Desa – cooking area … Wonder if there is enough place for a cook to move back and forward. Think cook should be slim with looong arms.

  11. sotong: and we’re going again tomorrow if you can wake up! Hah

    sickboy: Yes they are on the small side! Lots of foreign workers

  12. ??? soup???

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