Boycott the Lorong Selamat char kuey teow auntie, yeay! Only when I’m not in Penang lah…

I was rolling about in laughter as I read Eleen’s forwarded e-mail about a call to boycott the famous Lorong Selamat char kuey teow lady seller. You know, the one that Penang folks dislike as she is notoriously rude and unfriendly. All the bad service at a premium price for her char kuey teow, ohhh trust me, I feel their disgust every time I propose lunch at said hawker stall πŸ˜›

Apparently some customers witnessed an unpleasant incident which you can read in detail at The Star report here. Someone then drew up a caricature and it went its rounds and finally arrived at my Inbox courtesy of Eleen, who knows how much I adore the stall’s char kuey teow.

Lorong Selamat char kuey teow caricature
Click here to view the larger version.

Yeah, very rude I agree. Actually don’t talk about that incident lah. Before she moved to her own corner shop lot, she was renting a stall at the middle part of Lorong Selamat. Also very rude what. Remember when customers had to line up for their own plate of char kuey teow because she was too busy and she was short-handed and refused to serve? Or the 3 hours of waiting for your food because of the simple equation of her cooking each plate individually and there were just way too many orders? Or the many alleged incidents of “cannot wait then don’t eat lah” or “too expensive don’t eat lah” uttered from her red beret, goggles-wearing down turned mouth?

Yes I know all the stories. It’s terrible, I admit. But I don’t go to Penang often. When I get the chance to, I only want to eat her char kuey teow. You can’t tell me that there are other nicer char kuey teow around. I tried all the others and they don’t compare to this one:

Penang Aug 09 - 39 Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow

Sorry I tourist. Tell me if you want me to help boycott other things and I will! Just not this one πŸ˜€



  1. LOLOLOLOLOL i boycott when i’m not in penang! :P:P

  2. Yah, never gonna boycott her she can scold me all she likes as long as she still cooks me up a plate of her delicious CKT.

  3. hahaha st suanie you two just like PAIN !

  4. Shirley: hahah yeah your line what! πŸ˜›

    ST: I can imagine u standing there head crowed going, yes auntie yes i have been a bad boy can i have some char kuey teow please

    quaintly: after pain comes pleasure

  5. Woi u unsupportive fwens! πŸ˜›
    It’s becos of tourists like you folks that encourage her horrible behaviour, ya’know.

    You have obviously not tried enough or the right CKT in Penang to still insist that no other CKT stalls compare to this one, taste-wise.


  6. i also want. also the png road one. both i want!

  7. Eleen: I’ve tried almost all, still go back to Selamat. Even sisters not that nice any more.

  8. ST: Sisters CKT was never nice. Locals like us never found it worth the price it demands.

    Have u tried Ah Leng CKT (opposite the old Federal theater) on Dato Kramat Rd? Or the one at Sin Kim Sun coffee shop on Rangoon Rd? Or the one at the Pulau Tikus market at night? Or the one at Bee Hooi (opposite Belissa Row in Pulau Tikus)? And the list goes on and on……as a true tham-ciak in Penang, I am telling you folks that there are indeed ALOT of good CKT in Penang. No need to go back to this ridiculously overpriced and rude auntie at Lorong Selamat!

    Refer below link for CKT map. This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks!

  9. And yes, FA is right. The one at the corner coffee shop on Penang Road next to the famous chendol shop also serves a good plate of CKT.

  10. CKT fans should try Restaurant KH20’s CKT in Bandar Puchong Jaya. Nearby IOI Mall
    Best CKT I’ve ever eaten. πŸ˜€

  11. this one tak sedap la.

  12. Good cooks are known as bad sales person.

    Boycott would not change a nature’s law …

  13. Eleen: some Penang-kia took me to sisters 5-6 years ago and it was pretty good then, but saying that I hadn’t tried many. ah leng yah tried, rangoon no, pulau tikus both yes..that link is good – plenty of new places to try. I always ask my Penang friends to take me to all these other so called better than Selamat CKT but so far they failed. Will try your suggestions and hope to be impressed πŸ˜€

  14. Tan Yee Hou says:


  15. I’ve never had her char kway teow before… but if she’s got such a crappy attitude and still has a long queue, she must be good!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ And uhm, if people can’t tolerate her bad manners, skip on to another stall lorrr…

  16. Gordon Ramsey lah..

  17. I always think it’s like this la.

    You don’t like, you boycott la. No need to ask other people to boycott. When the other people one day get pissed off, they will boycott the place themselves.

  18. goggle auntie….scold me, flog me, kick me, all i take as long as u give me a plate of your char kuey teow!

  19. I think she is a racist and really rude…
    pls forget about the food…


  20. ST: Call me next time you come Penang. I take you on a round-Penang-island-makan trip. Get from Suan my contact details. πŸ™‚

  21. She’s arrogant, rude and limited knowledge of customer
    service. Her FCT is not that good. There’s
    another FCT which is fried by a guy wearing goggle few shops away on the same row. His
    FCT tastes much much better than hers. If u
    have not try his FCT, then u should and make your
    comparison and judgement. Afterall, making sure your
    money spent on the right food & who ever is polite, sincere
    and respect.

  22. I too ate at aunty goggles and couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. high 5 eleen!

  23. Eleen: LOL sorry hahaa okay we also have to try the one with the duck egg that you recommended! πŸ˜€ Apparently the Penang Rd also has nice assam laksa.

    I never liked the Sisters’ ckt even many years ago. Didn’t find it all very spectacular.

    FA: I figure that I have limited time in Penang, as well as limited stomach space, hence go for the familiar cos the others that I had wasn’t as nice!

    Rebecca: OoOO noted!! Anymore directions? We’ll go try it one day! πŸ˜€


    sickboy: but if they are such bad sales people, why do their sales increase? Hmmm food to ponder…

    Tan Yee Hou: HOW ABOUT I HATCHU?!?!??!?!

    YP: As the Penang folks always lament, it’s the tourists (like us) LOL

    Suertes: Hahah I have to be honest and say that the seller isn’t charismatic at all

    vincent: true that!

    kim: hahahahhahahahah yeay

    Prem: I don’t know about the racist part, so I can’t comment on that.

    Audy: I tried the goggle uncle. I found it okay but couldn’t compare the the goggle auntie. Sure he’s nice though πŸ™‚

    terri: one man’s poison is another’s char kuey teow πŸ˜›

  24. Try Anson Road’s Char Kway Teow It’s very good…alot said it’s better than lorong selamat’s . the lap cheong very very heonggg….

  25. have tried her char kuey teow…nice but NOT the greatest and ONLY food on earth…need not boycott or whatever..God the Almighty knows. With gold He tests His servants…God is Merciful. Don’t test Him. only He tests us. Justice will be served by Him.

  26. winnnmill: noted, thank you! I have a lot of CKT to eat when I’m in Penang next πŸ˜€

    yim: okay… πŸ™‚

  27. waited for 2 hrs for her CKT once, SO WORTH IT!! πŸ™‚ Correct – boycott her only when i’m not in penang.. hehehe..

  28. How she treat her customer can be a lilttle hard to swallow, but her CKT’s excellent I must say. As a fellow tourist, I suggest to just endure it. I tell myself that it’s all part of the Penang experience. πŸ™‚

  29. yeah, everyone should boycott so I can order without having to wait long. πŸ˜€

  30. Sophia: I only agree with you when I’m not physically in Penang! Don’t want to incur the wrath.. πŸ˜€

    alilfatmonkey: almost iconic, even πŸ™‚

    KY: hahah

  31. Ohhh i feel like going to Penang for food now… πŸ™‚

  32. My wife and I used to go to the uncle’s charcoal char kuey teow, at the harker center opposite of HΓ€agen-Dazs of Belisa rows at Pulau Tikus, but recently the uncle never show up, gone another nice food in Penang…. sob sob

  33. Jaime: I had to look up the photo of the CKT to blog this… πŸ™ Damn kempunan

    ahsiang: eh is that the famous Pulau Tikus CKT that i’ve been asked to try out?? NO MORE ALREADY?!?

  34. Looks like ” food is the way to everybodys’ stomach”. I dont eat her CKT normally and I will only go there when there are friends from elsewhere wanting CKT. I refuse to go on festive occassions as the CKT sucks then and you get a mouthfull of her scorn. I do not tolerate paying for bad behaviours.

  35. Let’s all boycott! Read today’s Star – 23 September 2010. There’s a reader letter titled “Boycott arrogant hawker”. Why should we pay to be insulted? As we say in Penang Hokkien – “so eow kui – meh?”

  36. hahahahha. very funny debate here. i agree the ckt is overpriced. occasionally i will still go there. it still taste good. but there are alot more nice ckt out there scatter around penang island.

  37. chuah kian peng says:

    Lorong Selamat CKT, I am sure, is the best CKT in the world! Forget about her bad attitude, funny dressing and ridiculous price. we are here for the world best CKT!!
    It is because of her CKT that I visited Penang

  38. HAI visitors of Penang. Please be smart, do not ” cheated by the stupid hawkers that raise radiculous price to sell you a plate of Fried Koay Tiow which cost less than RM 2/ plate. This type of rude antie we should all boycott her. Penangites hate to eat at her stall. Penangites feel the visitors are real stupid to order expensive local food from a bitch. Want to eat nice Fried Koay Tiow…let me introduce to you to eat at Keat Siang Coffee shop that very near to the Union Primary school, only at dinner, close on Monday. Only RM 3.50 – RM 4.00. Prawns not big but taste so good. If go to that rude bitch just b’cos of bi9g prawns, you are really an idiot then !

  39. william wilstroth says:

    I’ve been in Penang for almost 5 years, I almost ordered a plate of CKT from her but seeing how she scolded customers and her helpers, I turned around and walked away.Just diagonally opposite her stall, another seller is selling CKT for the same price, same amount of kuey teow and same amount of prawns. Not bad too.

    Anyway, truth to be told, there’s another uncle selling CKT too, at Jalan Dato Keramat. Just by the corner of the T-junction. His CKT is quite nice too.

  40. so far the No.1 is Padang one at Jalan Anson. You go try and see. I’m sure better than this one


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