3 men I’d love to get jiggy with

.. and by that I mean getting busy Jamaican-style. Dance in the sheets. Nails and bones. Sweep the chimney. Romp in the sack. The one that rhymes with DUCK. Go fishing, if you get what I mean.

Right, enough of that, I have family members of all ages reading my blog (hi Mom!) So Audrey and ShaolinTiger blogged about the top 3 men and chicks they’d do (if given a free pass, yadda yadda). Yay, a meme and I haven’t done a meme in ages so here’s mine!

#1: Clive Owen

Clive Owen looking hot

There’s no way it’s not going to be Clive at number one, are you kidding me? The man is so hot, don’t tell me you’re not melting!

Clive Owen in Hypnose ad

Clive makes me want to soak in a bathtub filled with Hypnose.

Clive Owen black and white

It helps that he’s super fit but I think my attraction to him is because he exudes such casual arrogance in his confidence.
You look at Clive Owen and you know you’re looking at a real man.
Little boys can go play far far away.

Besides, any one who can make Madonna look like this:

Madonna in BMW short

… is a winner in my books.

#2: Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler wet look

Actually Gerard would have been number 1, except that he seldom appears in ‘intelligent’ movies. A bit too much fluff in his acting choices, but hey the man is a looker!

Gerard Butler squatting

He needs to call me now.

Gerard Butler on the phone

… the obligatory photo from 300.

Gerard Butler in movie set of 300

#3: Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is so man, he puts other James Bonds to shame.

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

Daniel Craig is so man, it’s okay that the size of his head is not proportionate with the rest of his body.

Daniel Craig in the sea

Daniel Craig is so man, he makes me want to run along the beach too.
And we all know how much I *love* running.

Daniel Craig at the beach

Daniel Craig is so man. I <3 Daniel Craig because he is so man. Daniel Craig smouldering hot

I guess that short list sort of summarises what kind of guys I’m into, heh.



  1. And I thought the teh boh man would be on the list lol

  2. your taste is extremely craggy and rugged manly:D but i’d do gerard butler in a jiffy too wtf

  3. how on earth did clive freak out madonna like that???

  4. KY: nah. i like him but i don’t like him enough, heh.


    kim: BMW short! Clive Owen is The Driver πŸ˜€

  5. Lulu Cattywampus says:

    my top 3 are :

    1) James McAvoy
    2) Henry Cavill
    3) Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    funnily enough, all 3 are Brits too πŸ™‚
    Daniel Craig almost made my list πŸ˜‰

  6. Why r dEre nO Chainis guys? hehhe

  7. Lulu: hahha omg your top 3 and mine are all brits, but totally different style! hahahha yah thank goodness we don’t like the same kind of men πŸ˜‰

    xes: got but not in the top 3! but i don’t like teeny bopper kind of guys and unfortunately that’s the trend in the chinese/ japanese/ hong kong scene now.

    except for ken watanabe. he’s number #5 πŸ˜€

  8. All came from box office hit movies. you have my 2 thumbs up on your choices!

  9. No 2 and No 3, tag team me plz kthxbai πŸ˜‰
    Great choice of fine ass Brits there, though GB is a Scots. I would slot Jason Statham onto the list too.

  10. Jam: Yeap, there’s a reason why these men are in box office hit movies! Heh

    Z: Jason Statham is a bit too crude for me πŸ˜› Why no one else really appreciates Clive Owen one???

  11. I agree with your no. 1 and 2 – Love Clive Owen, even though he tends pick similar characters… The Driver (I still have the DVD somewhere), Mr Smith in Shoot ‘Em Up, yada yada… but really easy on the eye.

    I prefer Butler in the action movies over the rom-coms any day – the man was naked in Law Abiding Citizen, for crying out loud! Also, he’s still single…haha.

    But I’d have a tough time trying to decide no. 3 for myself – a toss up between Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Gorham or Dylan McDermott.

  12. Robert Downey Jr, Colin Firth & Johnny Depp!

  13. i don’t like daniel craig but i love this sentence hahaha – ‘Daniel Craig is so man, it’s okay that the size of his head is not proportionate with the rest of his body.’

  14. i have to agree with you.. i absolutely dig clive owen… esp when he talks in his lovely english accents.. he was yummy in the movie Duplicity..

    and yes gerard butler!!! he is sooo sexy…

    last but not least, Jason Statham… him and the Audi can take me anywhere!!!

  15. haha your top three’s about the same as my top three! i scrolled down saying “yes.. yes.. yes!”

  16. Mmmmmm… I approve of ALL THREE.

  17. Aida Marie Mohamad says:

    You are so funny lah, Suanie but I agree. They are all so jantan.

  18. Yeah I don’t like human beings of the male gender with wispy hair that covers half their faces. Iyerr πŸ˜› MANLY MEN FOR THE WIN!

  19. i like to get jiggy with sexy daniel craig.


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