Road Douchebaggery, i.e., intentionally not filling up your petrol tank

Suanie's Gladys' petrol indicator

See the photo above? The bar on the left is Gladys‘ petrol indicator. When it shows that there are two bars left to go, that is my cue to fill ‘er up.

Why so kan cheong, some would ask. Simple. I refuse to be the douchebag with an empty petrol tank stuck in the middle of the road holding up Klang Valley traffic. I also do not wish to be the lab rat for the saying, if looks could kill

Now see, I’m not being mean. Sometimes people are busy, they forget and that’s fine (actually not really because you’re supposed to be responsible for your car, which means if you don’t feed it then it wouldn’t move, right??). Sometimes they have no money to fill up their tanks and that’s fine (because sometimes people are poor but they really need to use their vehicles so they take their chances).

No, I have no problems with all that. What I do have a problem with is, a certain percentage of people who do not fill up their tanks just because they can. I do not know what kind of attitude this is, so I am just going to lump it in tidapathy.

You see, these people seem to be under the impression that their very existence exerts the aura which is then automagically transformed into energy = fuel that would save their hides whenever their hides need saving. “Oh don’t worry about it, empty tank can still go at least 25km, you’re unnecessarily fretting!” “Oh don’t worry lah, can still go on, we’ll reach before the petrol runs out”.

I’ve come across these people many times.

That doesn’t make you impressive.
That makes you a douchebag.
I hate you.

You’re fortunate to live in a country where petrol stations are in abundance. You know that Klang Valley traffic situation is perpetually fucked up. If so much as a stray cat gets hit and smashed into a bloody pulp in the middle of the road, it translates to slow traffic for at least half an hour. Add rain, minor (“you scratched my bumper, you bastard”) and major (“you took out my entire bumper, you bastard”) accidents and douchebags slowing down to stare at the accidents to the equation, well let’s just say that I’m very glad I live near to where I work. Shame about the rest of you.

I used to fill up when the indicator has only one bar left. Then my Dad tells me that I should not have left it to a single bar, because I’m driving around in Klang Valley and I’d never know when I’d be caught in a traffic jam, which would make Gladys use up more petrol.

My Dad is right.
You’re not.
Go fill up your petrol tank now.



  1. i fill when the light is out LOLOL

  2. … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. thatjames says:

    Ok, you hate me. I’m one of those smartasses who tell you I can still drive a day or two. LOL

  4. u actually waste fuel if u wait till it your tanks empty……
    coz petrol evaporates in a jiffy, the bigger the empty space in your tank, the more space for evaporated fuel ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. thatjames: a day or two? you’re reaaaaally pushing it now mister! ๐Ÿ˜›

    lance: hmm. got scientific basis or not? i don’t know, hehe I only know I’d hate it for stalled cars in the middle of the road at any time!

  6. I’m the one even the light is out also will try to drive a few more KM wan. Of course it’s a different story because the travel distance is a lot shorter in Penang la.

    Anyway, there’s once I tried to see how long my car can still go after the light is out and found that I can at least drive another 30KM. The car did not break down, I stopped because I reach a petrol station after the 30KM.

    p/s: Your fuel meter looks like the old Nokia phones leh, with both bars at the sides. LoL…

  7. Truth be told, you could probably start looking around when it is down to the last bar. Small cars don’t burn a lot of gas in a traffic jam, unlike typical Mercs and Volvos. But then it all depends on policy. When I started driving I used to be at ‘refill anywhere below half’.

  8. I fill up the moment the lights come on, even if it goes away after a while.

  9. Well to be honest it’s a good practice to run your car empty once to see roughly how many KM you can go once the light is on so if it happens in an emergency you know if you get to a rest stop or inhabited area.

    But yah, most science says fill up at quarter of a tank, it’ll also save your fuel filter cos any sediment or gunk will be in the bottom quarter of your tank and less loss to evaporation.

    As for me? I fill up when the light comes on, cos that means I’ve got +/- 50km left.

  10. Heh… Derek is the type that only fills when his light goes on.

    I tend to fill up when the fuel gauge is almost at empty. That way I can put in a neat 50 bucks and get it back up to full… a bit OCD la, that.

  11. I fill up when the light starts to flash… that light makes me panic! hahahahah

  12. yeah, fill up when the lights come out, like ST i know how many KM i have left.

    also, this way you don’t be a petrol kiosk douchebag by visiting the kiosk 10 times when you only need 6

  13. i got phobia with my car being stuck in the middle of the road too. so if there’s only 2 bars left – I go fill her up!!! SEE I AM GOOD CITIZEN DONT RAGE ON ME SUANIE!

  14. And I heard that it is good for the car if you pump gas before it hit the lowest because it saves more energy.

  15. Bryan: Penang traffic jam also not a breeze what! But yeah lah, distances shorter ๐Ÿ˜› Don’t make fun of my Gladys okay, later she emo on me

    Suertes: I have a thing with driving – my Dad’s words ring in my ears everytime I drive. Every time the fuel gauge hits the 2nd bar, I could hear him clearing his throat to speak to me…

    Jason: Good job! I like you! ๐Ÿ˜€

    ST: Yeap for the 1st time. After that it’s not an excuse! I suppose I can’t pin point which errant driver intentionally did not fuel up as opposed to those who forget, but they all get a “SOR hAI AR” from me. In the sanctuary of the inside of my car of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kevin: Your’s the old school needle one right? I miss that. I hate the electronic type as per Gladys now. Feels so.. soulless.

    ireneQ: blink.. blink.. blink.. blink.. I can imagine! ๐Ÿ˜›

    KY: Nope I disagree, there are a lot of petrol stations, but there aren’t as many slip roads once you’re caught in a @#*(@)#*@()#@& jam.


    Ding: I never knew that, but a couple of them incl you mentioned it, so I just learnt something new! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. hear hear! should do like sg and fine people whose cars break down in the middle of the road!

  17. Chai Heng says:

    Hungry oni eat, Empty oni fill ๐Ÿ˜€
    Must “detox” once in a while oso, let it all out, then try new fuel, ha..macam tu laa ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I fill up at half tank! YAY! hahah just because there’s a petrol station near my place and you never know when you’re gonna need that extra petrol.

  19. If u leave the car blink blink, your heart will throb throb too, Remember once jie being caught in the traffic during a thunderstorm in KL for 3 hours while coming to fetch me at Puduraya ! I will remember till the end of my life IF I do not have dementia ๐Ÿ™‚
    I pronounce U and FA having wisely-cleverly-pandaily-punya wisdom .
    Sorry to the rest who like to BLINK ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. i totally agree with what you said. i won’t wait until the yellow light blinks. because i travel very far everyday and you’re right. kl’s traffic is realllyyyy unpredictable.

    and i heard that we’re supposed to fill full tank. fill up half a tank or less than that will waste more fuel. i don’t have scientific evidence though. but i do follow the practice ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. This public service rant was brought to you by ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. I’m also a lil paranoid when it comes to this. I always fill up when it’s 3 quarter empty.

  23. once i was low on fuel on the highway, just tat ONCE, and mange to go another 30km with the last bar blinking.
    i normally fill mine up once left 2 bar, max is last bar left.
    did u notice tat the last bar dun allow you to drive for long (eg: 20/30km and it wil blink?) or is it just mine.
    Once it start to blink, the most you can drive/ slide is 50km. once indicator is ON, it would be 20 odd km, but i wil never try. so me-ma-lu-kan if it runs on along the road.

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