Of Lulu, medicine and smitten chaps

About 2 weeks ago, I fell quite ill with what I thought was a case of gastritis. The pain was constant and almost unbelievable, it brought tears to my eyes. Secretly of course, because I don’t weep in front of people. I’d tell you later though, but you actually seeing tears rolling down my cheeks? Nah not a chance.

To cut a long and unnecessary story short, my GP thought it was gastritis and wind. As I whined on Twitter about the pain, Lulu expressed her concerns about my health. I’d known Lulu from Bootcamp, she’s a GP, she’s married to a MD, she’s one of the loveliest people to be with because she’s just so sincere and delightful.

After a few days of text messages, Lulu urged me to consult a Gastroenterologist for a scope. I did and he diagnosed me with food poisoning (?!? a whole week of pain ?!?) and prescribed me Fasigyn, which Google tells me is to treat the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria. It was what Lulu suspected also besides gallstones. Unfortunately SDMC ran out of the antibiotics and I had to get it elsewhere.

Turns out, it was a rather difficult antibiotics to obtain. Not available at pharmacies. Lulu helped me to look around and finally got it for me.

Turns out, Tinidazole (sold under a few names, Fasigyn being one of them) is also used to treat STDs. And Lulu’s husband is a gynecologist, hence his clinic carries the drug!


Anyway the antibiotics worked and I’m feeling super. I am much grateful to Lulu for holding my hand (so to speak) throughout the pain and healing, giving me so much information and helping me with the search for my medication. Now thanks to Lulu, I have a tummy free of H. Pylori, YAY!

So there you go, that’s how sweet Lulu is. In person she is gregarious and charming, her eyes are bright and warm. She’s always smiling (except during Bootcamp sessions) so lucky for her that her teeth are bright and clean, heh.

I suppose somehow her awesomeness just radiates out of her being and can be detected by others. One time she was driving down the Sprint highway towards Bangsar when a car behind her kept honking and flashing his headlights at her. She thought, what the hell lah let him go lah since he seems to be in such a hurry. He didn’t stop for a bit and she was beginning to get anxious and annoyed, when he swerve his car to overtake hers. As he drove past, Lulu glanced at him: a smitten Chinese chap with a white piece of A4 paper and the words, “PHONE NUMBER?” on it, while giving her the universal ‘call me’ sign.

Heheh, so sweet kan?



  1. true story? so drama! glad you’re feeling better!

  2. i love Lulu Cattywampus!!

  3. show lar picture so more smittened chaps can ask her for her number! πŸ˜€

  4. hantukotek says:

    H. Pylori ? Oh dear… this one once it’s in your tummy, it will never go away, only controlled.

    It is a major cause of stomach cancer. Good luck.

    Don’t let it come back again so you don’t get cancer there.

  5. Lulu Cattywampus says:

    thank you suanie. what a lovely way to start my day πŸ™‚ i am so glad you are feeling better.
    lots of love xxxxx

  6. there, there. It’s getting better! Best wishes..

  7. wow must be an effective way to pick up gals? lol

  8. hantukotek says:

    Tummy pain back? Please get a biopsy.

    Don’t delay.

  9. You continue nom nom-ing at the rate with your friends and you will end up with recurrence of this bacteria. I would not be surprised if they also have it already and not know it.

    And if you keep having to ingest the same anti-biotic over and over again I guarantee you will run into a strain or have it mutate into a resistant one.

    Then by that time you’re totally screwed as no antibiotic can save you. You will have a superbug by then. Only can wait and die.

    Add to that, your lifestyle seems to be filled with oxidative stress. This kills your immunity or lower it. Your ungodly bootcamp hours is a good example. Exercise all you want but do it only when you have enough of sleep. Forcing yourself is giving yourself oxidative stress, and that’s how the H. Pylori took over easily because your immunity gone down, not enough proper cells to control the h.pylori population.

    Btw. You screwed up big time by self medicating through a gynae that is NOT qualified to prescribe the medicine for your condition.

    He IS a gynae after all, and should have his license revoked for mal-practice.

    I am not even sure what he did was legal.

    If you ask any competent gastro-doc he would most likely prescribe a COCKTAIL of anti-biotics to prevent resistance. Triple regime of a ppi(proton pump inhibitor), amoxycillin and clarithromycin

    Since you only ingest 1 type of anti-biotic, you’re giving the bacteria, or what’s left, a better chance to acclimatize itself and grow resistance to that particular antibiotic you’re using.

    Be careful how you medicate and getting prescription/treatment from the wrong doc or incompetent one can cost you your life eventually.

  10. read properly: the Gastroenterologist prescribed me the antibiotics, brand name Fasigyn. Fasigyn is Tinidazole, different manufacturers brand it under different names. it was not self-medication. i have the prescription issued by a specialist at sdmc. but you do seem to have a knack to presume and assume about my friends, my eating habits, my bootcamp, all of which you really know nothing in detail of. you *think* you do from what little you read, but you don’t. hey, sounds like someone i know, and i do think you’re him.

  11. You should read properly again when I mention you need more than 1 regime of anti-biotics, a cocktail, to make sure there’s no chance of resistance. Tinidazole is only 1 and nobody worth their salt prescribe it solely for H pylori. It should be used in conjunction with other anti-biotics for H. Pylori, never by itself alone.

    Your gastro-doc sounds like a very incompetent one. I would not trust this medical center you’ve visited.

    Seems you’re so sure you know what you’re doing and can doctor yourself appropriately, then I leave it as it is.

    Good luck. πŸ™‚

  12. I was indeed given other medicine which I did not mention because the said medical centre had it in stock. So you later emphasize on a cocktail of other antibiotics made it okay for you to come insult me by insinuating that I self-medicate, or my friends by saying that they malpractice? Deep down you may have good intentions, nevertheless overshadowed by your desire to want to come off looking good at all costs. I thank you for your good intentions.

  13. I am surprised that you consider this to be insulting.

    You may want to recheck your perception that people are trying to insult you.

    I think you’re being overly sensitive.

    Sometimes the ego can do more harm than good.

    Nom nom outside is always a risk. People can and do get helicobacter and not know it (because their immunity is quite high).

    And oxidative stress do lower immunity and allow these outside lifeforms to take over.

    You focus too much on the ‘negative’ than the ‘positive’ of my statements. Good luck.

  14. actually ppl normally do not try to insult me. they do or they don’t, and happily i’ve been able to differentiate between the two. of which is serious or harmless. if i react the way i did, you’re not entirely blameless. as i’ve said, you do have good intentions. your presentation of it however was on the slightly offensive side. if you do not wish to acknowledge what i raised in my earlier comment, so be it. i’ve thanked you for your good intentions and i mean it. Cheers.

  15. My apologies if I come off as insulting. It was never my deliberate intention. Do take good care of your health and don’t mess around with H. Pylori. Can die wan.

  16. Glad to know you’re feeling better now. *hugs*

  17. Lulu Cattywampus says:

    This comment is targeted at heh:

    Whoever you are, please stop writing malicious statements about people that you don’t even know or about things that you have no idea about. You seem to take great pride in making comments that are hurtful and inflammatory. It is quite possible you did not read Suanie’s original post before you made these ridiculous accusations.

    1) Suanie’s gastroenterologist NEVER diagnosed her with Helicobacter Pylori. He diagnosed her with FOOD POISONING. H. Pylori was never mentioned. He prescribed her Fasigyn for food poisoning. Not for H.Pylori. If he diagnosed her with having an H.Pylori infection, he definitely would have prescribed her with the triple therapy.

    2) As Suanie said, the gastro prescribed her the meds. Not the gynae.

    3) Bootcamp is only a 1 hour exercise session from 7 am to 8 am 3 x a week. This will not increase oxidative stress as you so put it.

    4) Your whole comment was ‘negative’. There weren’t any ‘positive’ comments to focus on.

    5) Suanie has embarked on an exercise program and a healthy lifestyle that so far has seen her lose an immense amount of weight. She has done incredible things for her health so far that all of us can only hope to emulate.

    You have made assumptions and targeted accusations at people without reading Suanie’s original post or finding out the truth. I am going to make assumptions of my own. You are a bitter bitter person who does nothing but troll her blog to write things which you think make you look smart, or to put other people down to make yourself fell better. I feel sorry for you. Make no mistake. We love Suanie and we have her best interests at heart. You certainly don’t.

  18. Nicholas @ Yellowshorts says:

    Dear Heh,

    I am sure while you were writing your comments to this post, you must have felt a sense of elation being completely at ease with your personal acumen and wisdom; I am also sure that you also felt a tremendous sense of Schadenfreude while commenting on this.

    But in all your “infinite wisdom” did you stop to properly read the context AND content of this blog post as normally done by a learned and educated person should do instead of presume and assume.

    As much I am adding a disclaimer that I am a close friend of Suanie and have supported her on her endeavor to be fit and healthy (which I have personally witness), I find you comments condescending and ill-timed and hope you will try not to make an ass out of yourself in the foreseeable future.

  19. Chai Heng says:

    go Lulucattywampus!! πŸ™‚

  20. hantukotek says:

    “Suanie’s gastroenterologist NEVER diagnosed her with Helicobacter Pylori. He diagnosed her with FOOD POISONING. H. Pylori was never mentioned. He prescribed her Fasigyn for food poisoning. Not for H.Pylori. If he diagnosed her with having an H.Pylori infection, he definitely would have prescribed her with the triple therapy.”

    Aku pon konfuse.

    Kalo takde orang diagnose… then… errrr…. mana tahu die ada H. Pylori ?

    Kalo die ade H. Pylori… errr.. wouldn’t the treatment regimen be different already?

    Konfuse Konfuse.. ade ke tak de H. Pylori?

    Does this not err.. mean she is self-medicating since she said it is H. Pylori… and you said she was not H. Pylori +.

    Blur blur blur blur blur.

    Adoi… korang contradict each other.. Aku pon sudah bengang.

  21. i specifically said, “…prescribed me Fasigyn, which Google tells me is to treat the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria.”

  22. hantukotek says:

    “Now thanks to Lulu, I have a tummy free of H. Pylori, YAY!”

    Food poisoning pon bleh jadi H. Pylori?

    Food poisoning = superset H. Pylori ?
    H. Pylori = subset Food Poisoning ?

    Sekarang aku lagi konfuse. Aku lagi *bengang* dei..

  23. Amazing isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  24. Can we stop fighting and can you show us a picture of this chick?

  25. Sweet? Sounds stalkerish..

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