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Taming of the Shrew: A Bollywood Cabaret @ PJLA

Last week I had the chance to watch Taming of the Shrew: A Bollywood Cabaret at the PJ Live Arts at Jaya One, thanks to The Star Property.

Most of you would know the Taming of the Shrew. No? Okay, the movie 10 Things I Hate About You then. But what is a Bollywood Cabaret? In the playwright‘s words (which I straight out copied from the booklet, heh)…

The definition of a Bollywood Cabaret is exactly what you would imagine it to be. Bollywood, as all of you know, is the film industry of India. The word ‘cabaret’, aside from being the tile (sic?) to a very cool film starring Liza Minnelli, is usually used in reference to an establishment that provides food and drink and late night entertainment such as singers, dancers, skits, etc. What we’ve tried to do with this production is to take the best elements of both (except for the food and drink part, sorry) and infuse them together (the vibrancy, colors, comedy, singers, hot chicks, dancers, stubborn men, did I mention hot chicks?) to create a ridiculously fun and entertaining night out. Enjoy.

PJLA Taming of the Shrew 01
All photos from Peter Tan Photography

And so, all that was promised was delivered. If someone would to ask me if I enjoyed myself and had a good time, I’d reply, “Very much so.” The show was colourful, fun and funny. I enjoyed most of the singing and songs, especially when the remarkable Junji Delfino performed her numbers. Not coincidentally, I was referring to Junji when I blogged about being caught in the embarrassment of not remembering someone’s name.

Also allow me to illustrate moments when one should have just kept one’s mouth shut. Or apply those brain filters, think before one speak and so on. After the show I waited around to say hi to Joanne Kam and in between, chatted a bit with Vince Chong, who is a cast member. And so I uttered, “WAH YOU REALLY CAN SING HOR…”

Of course Vince Chong can sing damn well lah. He did emerge champion in the inaugural Akademi Fantasia and I saw him perform before, being a frog in the awesome Frogway.

*smacks head, die on spot*

PJLA Taming of the Shrew 02
All photos from Peter Tan Photography

I recommend that you catch Taming of the Shrew: A Bollywood Cabaret while you can. This is their final week of screening, shows are every evening at 8.30pm except on Sunday which is at 3.00pm at the PJ Live Arts at Jaya One. Tickets are priced at RM55, RM85 and RM105. Call to purchase tickets at: +603-7960 0439 or +6012.683.2099.

As you may see from the photos in the collages in this post, you need to be 18 years old and above to watch this production. Not I say one, they say one. But I doubt I have blog readers below 18 anyway…

PJLA Taming of the Shrew 03
All photos from Peter Tan Photography

By the way, Junji is turning 50 soon and to celebrate the joyous occasion, will be staging a show titled, Here I am, Live! from July 15th till July 17th. That’s only 3 shows and I hope to catch one of them. For tickets, call the PJ Live Arts Box-Office at +603-7960-0439.