Fresh, succulent seafood (among other things) at Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant

I was invited to tag along to a food tasting at the Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant (BSGR) in One Bangsar. Had a lovely meal with most amiable dinner companions such as Kerol, KY, Haze, Cheesie, Horng and Jade.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant

Steamed Cod Fish with Essence of Chicken, priced at RM13.00 per 100g. Served with dried lily bulbs (golden needles), mushrooms, dates and garnished with plenty of parsley. Cod is my favourite fish to eat: who can resist its deliciously white, creamy and buttery meat? Melts in your mouth, it does.

But only when it’s really fresh though, else it’s going to be a big problem. Happily freshness is not an issue at the BSGR. The dish was emptied out within seconds.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Steamed Cod Fish with Essence of Chicken 01 Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Steamed Cod Fish with Essence of Chicken 02
Steamed Cod Fish with Essence of Chicken

Baked Chicken with Cheese, RM30 for a Medium serving and RM50 for a Large serving. This was a somewhat confusing dish, as if it didn’t quite know what to do with itself. What is it, really? Well you have baked chicken cut in pieces, of course. The meat is juicy and quite lovely, and the skin crispy with a bite to it. Then you have a tomato-based sauce with mushrooms, peppers and cheese — similar to that of pizza or lasagne. You add the two together and… well for me it was an odd combination at first. I can’t see myself having it with rice, but I can very well imagine having a beer or ten to go with the dish.

I still don’t quite know what to make of it, but I was told that it’s Hong Kong-style. Something like that.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Baked Chicken with Cheese Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Suanie eating baked chicken with cheese
Baked Chicken with Cheese

Stir-Fried Prawns, Thai-style. Price ranges from RM38 for a Small serving to RM78 for a Large serving. It arrived in a sizzling pan and in my haste to capture photos of it, some of the sizzling sauce splashed onto my camera lens. Sucks.

The sweet, spicy, sourish sauce was the bomb though! There is only one way you can eat this kind of dish, and that is with white rice. An Asian gourmand’s gourmet heaven!

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Stir Fried Prawns Thai Style Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Stir Fried Prawns Thai Style with white rice
Stir-Fried Prawns, Thai-style

Assorted Greens with Macadamia Nuts, price ranges from RM15 for a Small serving to RM35 for a Large serving. Green peas, carrots, black fungus, some sort of celery, some sort of roots, water chestnuts and macadamia nuts. Crunchy and yummy.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Assorted Greens with Macadamia Nuts 01 Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Assorted Greens with Macadamia Nuts 02
Assorted Greens with Macadamia Nuts

House Speciality Butter Crabs, RM60 per kg. Served with either fried or steamed buns, and I very highly recommend the fried ones. Good sized, fresh crabs in creamy butter sauce covered with dried curry leaves. It’s a combination that cannot go wrong. We had to have another serving of fried buns because the sauce was just too good to go to waste!

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - House Specialty Butter Crabs Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Butter Crabs with Fried and Steamed Buns
House Speciality Butter Crabs

We also had dessert (photos here and here). Was a good time chatting, getting to know Jade, taking in BSGR’s soothing decor. There was also an incident where Horng leaned against a ‘wall’ only to realise that it was one of those feature waterfall walls. With real water. Which means, Horng with a wet sleeve, heheheh. Noob.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Carol, KY and Haze Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant - Ringo, Horng and Jade
Kerol, KY, Haze, Cheesie, Horng and Jade

Thanks Jade for having us ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way if you want a larger version of the photos, just click on the photos here and it will take you to the Flickr page where their larger resolutions can be found.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant
One Bangsar, No 63, Jalan Ara
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2282 2555
Links to: Website and Location Map and Facebook Page



  1. wow the pictures look great i can imagine how good the crabs would be. can’t wait to go and try out this restaurant. shall we go on sat night?

  2. Suertes says:

    I think the crabs alone also full already, because of the cream and buns. Pity my Mom would never go for butter style crabs, which I like *sigh*

  3. ahhh.. i missed the crab and the sambal prawn dy… also the steamed cod fish!!!!

  4. will order the cod, prawns, greens and crabs. as for the baked cheese chicken….er…. ๐Ÿ˜ก

  5. i’mma blog about it soon too! yums!

  6. AT: Yeah the sambal-ish prawns with the white rice was really most awesomesauce! Can you make it for me… please? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Suertes: You can always go eat butter crabs with other people! The buns here are very small, so I think you’d need plenty ๐Ÿ˜›

    KY: woohoo!

  7. heya suanie

    so nice of you to post it up so quickly. was lovely getting to know you too! all of you were wonderful company. noted on the pics, nice clear shots! =)


  8. My saliva is almost dropping out when see the pictures. It just looks delicious!

  9. jade: thanks for having us! it was a lovely meal ๐Ÿ™‚

    undergrad: esp the butter crab part , right… ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. The baked Chicken with Cheese look messy. Should taste nice.

  11. looks damn shiok.. which reminds me.. its been awhile!

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