Ryan and Toy Story 3

I’d never really liked Toy Story. When the first one came out in 1995, I thought it was a damn stupid concept because HERRO, TOYS CANNOT TALK! Actually it was also around the time when I was trying to grasp the concept of ‘grown-up cartoons’, shiny CGI, 3D animation and all. After all, the comfort zone of my growing up involved 2D cartoons. Back then, I thought some things should have remained flat.

As it turns out, I ended up with a nephew who thinks that Toy Story, Woody and Buzz Lightyear are the greatest things on earth since kitsune ramen at Sushi Zanmai. Over the years I watched Toy Story and Toy Story 2 with him, and slowly developed some sort of appreciation for the two movies.

Last Saturday I find myself at the cinema with two tickets for Toy Story 3 and Ryan in tow. Because “it’s June and Mama said Toy Story 3 comes out in June and Mama said she will take me but Mama is busy so Xiao Yi can you take me to watch Toy Story 3 in June please?”

Ryan and Toy Story 3

Bloody fantastic. Great end to the Toy Story series. In fact if they were to come out with Toy Story 4, I’d be pissed because Toy Story 3 is an appropriate farewell to the beloved characters.

I also ended up weeping because I can be a girl like that. When I asked Ryan the Nephew if he wept and told him that I did, he looked at me sympathetically, patted my shoulder and said in a consoling voice, “It’s okay Xiao Yi, it’s okay.”


By the way, toys are so expensive! Bloody rip-off. The cheaper ones that is within your budget don’t really look like the ones in the movie. Those that do look like the ones in the movie are SO DARN EXPENSIVE that it’s RIDICULOUS! Did you know that I can eat 40 chap fan for the price of one Toy Story 3 figurine? And of course they are the ones that the kids want because THEY LOOK LIKE HOW THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE!




  1. ryan is still so funny. 🙂

  2. imantulen says:

    40 plates of Chap Fan heh? never mind, auntie can afford…
    Lucky Ryan to get a new toy…..

  3. Suertes says:

    Market segmentation: the not-so-nice looking toys are designed to capture the market of people who are stingy-ish but till want one anyhow, while the more-like-real-thing ones are needed because they want to capture the willingness-to-pay of those who are particular about ‘quality’ rather than just forgo the premium by making one-price suck-all products. Errrmm, am I confusing you? Haha!

  4. FA: … in his old man manner, yes

    imantulen: auntie cannot afford. his mama gave auntie 10 plates of chap fan’s worth plus voucher worth 4 plates of chap fan, and that was what ryan got.

    suertes: it’s damn ridiculous i tell you. next time u go round toys ‘r us and have a look for yourself! cis

  5. hahahaha ryan damn funny

    suanie did u know that sue sylvester stole ur blog title for her tv show!

  6. Ya kids are so overloaded with advertising everywhere nowadays… Especially these animations (which I usually enjoy mind you) are also just long toy advertisements…

  7. hahahaha! another Ryan’s classic.

  8. quaintly: i had to google to find out that you were referencing to a glee character…

    julian: hehe wait till your prince gets older to fully experience the “can I have this one?” “no..” “why?” “because you only have xx to spend and that one costs more than what you have to spend..” “but i want that one…” etc etc etc etc etc . lovely

    mscrafty: how many are there ? Lol

  9. waa over RM 100 per toy?

  10. hmm… should i watch it? can’t remember if i watched the 2nd.

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