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I don’t think so much these days but when I do, I often marvel at the change in myself especially when it comes to perspectives. Yes, this is going to be one of those fitness blog posts somewhat related to Original BootCamp Malaysia, but it is such a major part of my life now (well, has been since the past few months) that I cannot help but to talk about it. It is one of those things that you feel passionate about because you are doing it, somewhat akin to new parents and their babies. I suppose I do have a lot of other things happening in my life right now, but none of which I would really like to share with the public for now.

A friend from OBC recently climbed up Mount Kinabalu. I browsed through what little photos he uploaded on Facebook with a tinge of envy, wondering if I would ever make it up there one day. Sure, I’m returning to Bali soon to walk up Mount Batur again, plus another mountain that I’m not sure of the name. But the two mountains added up together do not match the height and glory of Mount Kinabalu.

Hafiz on top of Mt Kinabalu
Hafiz waving to a UFO on top of Mt Kinabalu

An acquaintance at OBC participated in the Ironman Langkawi 2010. I saw photos of crazily fit people, and mentally hand-picked which part of their body I would like on myself. Wow, those are pretty nice calves with apparent muscles — not too big for a female, I would like to have them. Damn those are really nice tight shoulders, I want those! Oh oh beautiful triceps galore, mine mine mine!

My Facebook is overrun with OBC friends who run a lot and actually enjoy running. Everyday they would update their running mileage – 2km, 5km, 10km, 12km, 15km and so on. I would shake my head loudly proclaiming them to be crazies. But again, only in envy and jealousy. I do not love running, I do not enjoy running but I secretly desire the idea of me being able to run as much and as fast. I do not know when, if ever I’d be able to get past the mental block that hinders my possible enjoyment of running.

I finally gave in to the cold calls by the True Fitness salespeople to go try out their gym for free (as in beer). It was pretty easy actually — just get through an hour of sales talk and semi-hardcore pushy salesperson who wants me to sign up for x years and 21-days of free gym access is mine. I was able to bring along a friend for the ride so I asked Sze as I figured that she would be game. Her natural enthusiasm also means that she would be able to motivate me to actually go to said gym and do whatever that one does there.

Today marks Day 04 of 21 and I’ve attended only once, and that was when we registered ourselves. A trainer weighed us and noted our body fat percentages, as well as whatever statistics that comes out of the weighing machine that they use. As of today, my weight is 73kg. Apparently I have quite good muscle mass to counter the total amount of KGs, but I cannot elaborate for I do not have my body chart in front of me. According to the general guidelines, my stats would put me in the ‘Obese’ category. However the trainer told me that based on my height and body frame, he did not think that I was obese. Why, thank you.

We have an appointment with a personal trainer this coming Sunday. I suppose he will show us how to use the hundreds of machines in the gym. Quite looking forward to it. On another note, a friend offered to be my personal trainer and we would work out at a condo gym. Perhaps next month or so when I take a break from OBC.

What a different person I am now, compared to 9 months ago before I signed up for OBC. I think it is almost impossible for me to describe how glad I am that I took the first step.



  1. i also want to work out. but i lazy. how.

  2. Nicholas Chan says:

    Its always the 1st step that is the hardest babe….and you took it and went further than you imagined.

    Like i always tell you…dont sell yourself cheap! We cant do everything we like or love….I hate running too…but because of OBC…i learned to love the beauty of a good run!


  3. Kinabalu is actually pretty easy. It’s mostly steps all the way…

  4. mortdevol says:

    you don’t need awesome fitness to get up Kinabalu. Since you’ve done OBC for such a while, you’re probably fitter than 50% of the people that goes up Kinabalu.

    all you need is some perseverance. Kinabalu is always possible. just how easy or hard you choose to make it to be ie how fit u are when u go.

  5. kinabalu is wet-wet-water leh…

    how fit you are only determines how much less you suffer from the climb and afterwords, is all. most anyone can actually make it up.

    On a side note, it’s be interesting to see TF offer a free (as in software) trial ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. I think I am so physically unfit I scared True Fitness. The guy was like “Are you a vegetarian? You have so little muscle!!!!” but you’re 50kg! Turns out like 70% of my body was fat or something like that, quite amazing. Heh.

  7. i am proud of you.

  8. KK can one!

    I went up totally unfit and without training. It was slow going, but as long as you don’t give up sure can reach one.

    The climb itself isn’t hard, it’s the endurance bit that will be sucky =/

    If you are planning to go, go as soon as you can! They hike up their rooms’ prices damn often. =(

    I didn’t make it up to the peak (stopped at Sayat-Sayat) due to fear of the rocky bit, but after going to Tabur a couple of times that bit is like child’s play d.

  9. dontagree says:

    73 kg?!!!! Before that how much?

  10. Mell,
    plus the guy at true fitness who tried to talk to us was obese himself, that kinda put me off. lol

  11. way to go, suanie!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ u r now doing great! GO GO BABY!!!

  12. greedy_gourmand says:

    Please talk More about your fitness journey. Its inspiring!

  13. OBC seems more hellish than Kinabalu lah. The worst part about Kinabalu s the thin oxygen.. other than that, hire a porter and u should b ok ๐Ÿ™‚ go go suan!

  14. hey, i saw yr latest pic at Bangsar Babe’s album, you really looked good now but do keep it up! go go go!

  15. I guess I should change the answer to “10mins” now.

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