regrets, i’ve had a few

Do you remember the very moment when you regret something?

For this week, mine was on Tuesday at Padang Astaka during an OBC session. To be specific, at LC Daniel’s sprinting station. More details, you say? Hmmmm… the beginning of the “sprint to the 2nd cone in 9 seconds or less” where LC Daniel yelled out, “3… 2… 1… Go!” and I went and there was a sharp pain at my left thigh and I cried out in agony and limped out of the station to nurse myself at the side. I was in tears and I could not help it for it was really rather painful.

That was the exact moment when I regretted going to the gym on Monday evening and overexerting myself.

Which means I can’t workout today because I have to rest. Which means I might will still be in pain for OBC tomorrow morning. Which means I won’t be able to do very well at my trial PushMore session tomorrow evening.

Terrible, this. I am going home to sulk.



  1. babe, dont over do yourself
    u wanna pushmore some more? thats crazy leh!
    u know i pulled my hemstring, it took me so bloody long to recover, everyday i yoga in pain and it really sucks because u know u r not giving it your best

  2. you will do well don’t worry!

  3. foodcrazee says:

    good to be such a discipline person. . .exercising. Exerting oneself too much is ok . . . .but ur muscle need rest ler. . . .

    Take a good rest and you will do well!

  4. Yesterday, a new friend I met asked me to join OBC at the Padang Merbok and I told her after reading your OBC… I won’t wanna be tortured!

  5. Heh am taking a break in May! Really feeling it now.

    eiling: some torture are self-inflicted and gets results! the endorphins are amazing

  6. Wah, this pushmore thing sounds call ah, everyone’s talking about it. I will put it in my test blog la. tks

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