a random conversation yesterday

Me: Fuck, I’m late!
Male Friend: You’re not on the pill?
Me: …. TO AN EVENT LAH!!!!



  1. LMAO. y he so scare?

  2. andychin says:

    @myhorng LOL!!!!!

  3. LOL

  4. eh just a normal platonic friend ok thanks

  5. Lol…

  6. HEHE @horng


  8. Myhorng for the win!

  9. Katz (And Other) Tales says:

    OK now we know what he’s thinking when he looks at you! Is he cute?

  10. normal platonic friend ah…oh, ok, ok. But got chance to develope that platonic or not? LOL! 😛

  11. Suertes says:

    One pill makes you larger and one makes you small..

  12. katz: he’s cute and he reads this blog hahahah

    soopey: not really… but he’s a great guy! you want? I can introduce 😉

  13. hahaha..!! this is furni!

  14. haha..kelakar!!

  15. I’m sure he was just a concerned friend.

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