a random conversation over one weekend

Me: Argh overate this weekend! I had brunch at a restaurant, used to be a bungalow, nicely renovated. Ate a lot… the whole English breakfast thing.
Male Friend: Noted. So what was dinner?
Me: Hmmm.. Crabs, vege, prawns, meat… you know, the usual stuff.
Male Friend: Let me guess, you didn’t leave the bungalow between lunch and dinner, and just waited for them to put new dishes on the buffet.
Me: Hahahahahhaha no lah! There were 3 hours in between! Now I feel a bit bad…

The Full Works @ Jarrod & Rawlins
The Full Works at Jarrod & Rawlins

Male Friend: If you eat like that, no wonder you hate (OBC) assessments.
Me: Wah, thanks for the support and encouragement!
Male Friend: There are times when brutal honesty is the measure of a true friend. Also it’s fun giving you a hard time ๐Ÿ˜›
Me: And what did YOU do? I suppose 10,000 hours in the gym.
Male Friend: Hahaha. You’re going to regret asking that.
Me: I’m bracing myself.
Male Friend: On Saturday, i had 6 slices of toast, a little jam, and soy milk for breakfast.
Me: SIXXXX what a glutton…
Male Friend: Swam for about an hour (not non-stop, but rather consistent). Ate 1/2 foot-long double meat single cheese Subway tuna sandwich for lunch, with Coke Lite. Ate another 1/2 foot-long for dinner. Spent 3 hours at the gym; boxing and working on my arms. Took my dog on a 2.5 mile walk. Did a little shadow boxing.
Me: That’s just Saturday?
Male Friend: Oh, yeah. Doesn’t that make you feel ashamed? ๐Ÿ˜›
Me: You know what, not at all.
Male Friend: Well done. You may be going down a rather dubious road, but you’re doing it with self-confidence.



  1. lol. good one. from your friend. haha.

  2. yeah. kena pwned.

  3. wtf he did so much and ate so little? what is life!

  4. True Story! Coke Light can give you Parkinsons!

  5. great full workout breakfast but will never order that again. too freaking huge. kena conned by suanie.


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