time flies

If you need further proof of that, here’s Ryan the Nephew in February 2006.

Ryan in 2006

Here’s Ryan the Nephew in March 2010.

Ryan in 2010




  1. liu lian!

  2. wah growing up so fast! looks like nicholas chay in 2nd pic hahaha

  3. did KY just say durian? (sorry, im pretty much a banana)

  4. his nickname is liulian. we still call him that sometimes

  5. foodcrazee says:

    that shows we r getting older. . . .

  6. iyer, speak for yourself mike ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. foxtrotecho says:

    Kids – You spend the 1st two years of their lives, trying to get them to talk and walk.

    You then spend the next twenty years, trying to get them to shut up and sit down. LOL

  8. he is so grown up! haha… still a poser

  9. he wears glasses now! 8) i still rmb every single video u post of him. eeiiiiii so cute!!! *cubit* ya he looks like nicholas chay in the 2nd pic HAHAHHAHA.

  10. Good looking chap there! ๐Ÿ˜›

    PS: Man, kids nowadays start wearing glasses WAY too early…..

  11. Wah time really flies. Seems like not so long ago this blog was the Ryan Blog and not the OBC Blog. hehehehe

  12. Kiran Kreer says:

    Hey Suanie

    How you doing, long time didnt read your blog. Dont think you remember this blogger haha. Lost touch now. hehe…

  13. lol. excuse me! excuse me!!!!

    still so cute, and growing up to be a bigtime camwhore too! must be the small auntie’s fault.

  14. sigh, i prefer this blog much much better when it was the ryan blog and not the obc blog….

  15. Hahha I agree looks like Ryan Chay now ahahhaa. just cut shorter aje then can already hehe

  16. Apasal Ryan look so … innocent with the specs. Would have expected him to look more cheeky. LOL

  17. OMG. So young and he’s wearing specs already.

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