say hi to my car without a number plate

Jalan Harapan to Jalan Semangat

On Friday evening, I headed for Jaya33 to meet some people. It started raining as soon as I left my office building. The easiest route was to go through SS2, go pass the Rothmans roundabout towards Jalan Semangat.

At the end of the SS2 road going towards the roundabout, a couple of cars stopped and held up a bit of traffic. Needless to say, I cursed at them as I zoomed past their cars, thinking to myself, ‘what bloody idiots, raining so heavily of course must get to wherever you want to ASAP lah!’ Then much to my detriment, I found out that I was the idiot for the short distance between that turn-off and the roundabout was filled with lots water. I managed to stay on the higher end of the road without much difficulty.

As per the awesome print screen of a map + some brush tool editing, a line of cars were stalled at the EFFED side. I wondered why… then I found out why. The rain was very heavy and part of the road was flooded. In fact, please refer to the awesome map print screen above again — the part from EFFED to SAFE was filled with water. Quite a distance, eh? A couple of trucks went across it and we could see that the middle of the road was slightly lower. Scary stuff.

So I parked by the higher side of the road feeling damn scared and panicky and thought I’d wait it out. However it continued to rain Flintstones and dinosaurs. I could see the water level rapidly rising as well. After about 5 unsettling minutes, two Kancils zoomed past us (there was a major traffic hold up) and took their chances.

To stay put and risk the water getting into my car engine, or to go through the water and follow the Kancils to safe ground? ARGH OKAY LAH JUST GO LAH DABEDEWTEEEEFFED!!

My Dad once told me that if I ever get caught in a situation like that, I should always use low gear and never lift my foot from the pedal. Something about preventing the water from getting into your exhaust pipe, keep it revving, will help in NOT getting a stalled engine. That kept running in my mind, as well as the cold sober fact that I skipped on flood insurance on my car, heh.

Well, I’m still here and my car still works. There are a couple of strange sounds that my mechanic should check out, but I doubt there are any major problems. It was not until after I got home that I noticed that…

Car without a number plate

Strong waters, eh? I have absolutely no idea how it fell out. It was scary lah, my heart was beating so fast, my head was spinning and I’ll try to never use that road again when it rains.

— — — — —

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  1. it looks nice without a plate.

  2. the rain was scary on friday. i think the road flooded in less than 5 minutes! thankfully i was almost home when it happened and managed to avoid the worst of the flood.

  3. horng: don’t think the police would accept that excuse ๐Ÿ˜›

    lishun: was horrible kan?? i didn’t expect it to be so bad

  4. Yah the rain last night on the way back from Malacca was nuts, could hardly see anything on the highway.

  5. never seen that stretch in water before leh … bad luck i guess …

  6. Buy a Hilux..

  7. Your dad was right about always use low gear and never lift my foot from the pedal. It prevents the water from getting into your exhaust. Remember this only works in low level.. Does not work when water is up to your intake outlet. Your belts probably squeak a little now..

  8. wow… didnt know it can flood like that during heavy downpour…

    and gee… of all cars, 2 kancils took the chance? they could have ended up morphing into a boat if the water was strong!

  9. ohh… the day before i read through your long story I tot you buying a new kelisa ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Same thing happened to me 2 days ago, in somewhere else.
    Went through a flooded road with my Kelisa, engine survived, but lost my number plate too! :p

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