obc: s08: one of the circuit sessions

Oh boy… Last week I skipped all of my Original BootCamp Malaysia sessions because I was lazy for reasons I shall not go into here. Almost forgot how fun, intense, difficult yet satisfying it can be until this morning when I managed to drag my sorry, lazy arse out to Astaka field.

After our warm up, Sergeant Sim gave us 10 grunts for a couple of late comers and another 10 for not counting the first 10 out loud. Then he led us to the circuit where we’d be doing our exercises that morning. Since blog posts with too many words and no images can be zzz, I have in my unselfishness drawn out a fantastic portrayal of this morning’s circuit.

Original BootCamp Malaysia - circuit session

In general, 6 recruits per stretch of cone. From the cones in the middle on top, you run to the 1st station focusing on cardio and lower body workout. After 30 seconds, bear crawl (1st set) / run (2nd and 3rd sets) to the next station where you workout with sandbags. 3rd station was upper arm/ body workout. Last station was a massive rope where all 6 recruits hold on to the rope and workout. Then run to the opposite direction where the exercises were the same, a mirror image. Each set lasts for 10 minutes.

First set:
1st station: Mountain climbers
2nd station: Deep squats with sandbag
3rd station: Military push-ups
4th station: Squats with rope

Second set:
1st station: Cross country
2nd station: Arm lift with sandbag
3rd station: King Kong push-ups
4th station: Thrusters with rope

Third set:
1st station: Frog jumps
2nd station: Get ups with sandbag
3rd station: Diamond push-ups
4th station: Jack knives with rope

Then a short jog before warming down. KennyBaby(TM) reckons it was about 400m, I’m not sure.

Felt great, I feel almost back into the groove now, though my arms are really sore at the moment. Oh well it’s all good. OBC Bring A Friend Day is this Saturday, 20 March 2010. My session is from 7-8am at Padang Astaka, PJ (near Cobra club). Anyone interested? Let me know, I’ll tell you how to sign up!



  1. I grunt your picture!

  2. attended only 1 session of your OBC and I can already say i do not like mountain climbers and bear crawl :P:P:P

  3. Chai Heng says:

    apasal the “rope” look like papuanewguinea’s currency??

  4. cool drawing! ~ the trade-mark that instructors always with nasty grin while recruits with sad look.. that tickles!

  5. bring jac! ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. jaime: i grunt you too! ๐Ÿ˜›

    shirley: mountain climbers need pacing heheh but i actually like to go fast for 1st set then slower for other sets. cos 1st set damn a lot of energy mah, might as well utilise that

    chai heng: i couldn’t find a nice photo of a rope, so i use a photo that i already have ๐Ÿ˜› maybe you’d recognise the person? hehehe

    soopey: hahahaa i kept the original drawings

    KY: don’t think she is interested lor.. got mud ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. zomg.. YOU are so friggin fit.. look who’s talking now ๐Ÿ˜› i’ve been reading ur blog for a while. will start leaving comments since we’ve been intro-ed on twitter! the picture is so cute! love it.

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    Thank you!

  9. Suanie…..
    hehehee.. you never fail to make me laugh with your drawing!! i love it!!

  10. I kinda signed up for one.. but the one from Rebel… in real deep shit and regretting it big time.

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