original bootcamp malaysia: bring-a-friend days

Most OBC recruits would agree with me that ‘Bring A Friend Days’ (BAF) stand as one of their favourite sessions. BAF is usually at the end of the third week of the month, and recruits can bring non-recruits to participate in the session for free. You know, to get a taste and feel of what Original BootCamp Malaysia is like.

It is safe to say that most OBC recruits are addicted to the programme like a healthy drug. Outside of OBC their passion for the programme often spills over and they would try to spread the word, so to speak. Family and friends who are out of the loop would wonder what the heck this whole OBC business is about, and may be forced persuaded to sign up for BAF. I suspect it is also to shut their overenthusiastic loved ones up ๐Ÿ˜›

Come BAF days, there would be a line of non-recruits in their athletic gear, some looking forward to the session and some looking just miserable. After the first 30 grunts, their misery would increase ten-fold and some would be cursing their recruit friends for making them wake up so early in the morning for this.

So we were at the mamak last Saturday after our BAF session. My partner, a fit-looking guy ‘fessed up and told me that initially he had his doubts about the intensity of the programme. You know, because a lot of existing recruits do not look fit at all. We do come in various shapes, ages and sizes. But that BAF session proved him wrong.

Hahaha. Of course we were happy lah. If he would join OBC regularly, I have no doubt that his fitness level and stamina would increase and he’d eventually be a Delta within a month or two.

But for that BAF session, it was a boost to our egos so let us have our moments.



  1. it’s like.. what’s a Delta?

  2. Good post, many people think its so easy to do what we do untill they try it out. Size or shape does not matter especially when it comes to strength and endurance.

    Just remember, the bottom line is we are challenging ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚

    KY@ Delta’s are supposedly the fittest of the platoon, followed by Seals and Rangers.

  3. I love OBC, but dunno how long can tahan..Astaka is killing my knees…

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