not all old people are sweet and nice

I was at Public Bank filling out a form at the counter. As per how one would fill out forms at a counter, I was leaning forward a bit with my arms placed in a writing position.

Out of nowhere a man in his 60s/ 70s showed up next to me. He said,

“Wah you are very big sized huh? Took up so much space at the counter…”

I was flabbergasted. I moved away but he smiled and said, “Never mind, never mind…”




  1. And you let him live?

  2. damn…you should have told him off lor – anyway shouldn’t he have been waiting in line?

  3. thatjames: he doesn’t seem to have much left anyway

    beetrice: I’m not good at quick responding to situations like that πŸ™ he could have asked me to move a bit…

  4. i guess rude ppl grows old to be rude old ppl? :/

  5. argh!!!!!! i feel you! i know how u can be totally stunned and at a lost for words but how cool would it be if you started lecturing him about courtesy in the middle of the whole bank!

    Can say “UNCLE, do you know it is very rude for you to call me that?? Do you know that women do NOT ever want to hear ANYTHING about how they look?! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! SO OLD SOME MORE NO MANNERS!!” make sure the end of the line can hear you. but make sure you’re also almost done with your task and should be on your way out already.;P

  6. Use his tongkat and whack him on the head

  7. Our society privileges the elderly unconditionally… and often results in, well, rudeness. Age does not automatically confer wisdom, tact or sensibility.

  8. Suertes have spoken words of wisdom indeed

  9. LOL… i had that too when i was still in secondary school… there’s this Ah Pek who commented “Wah, you so young already got a railway track on your forehead ah!” … damn malu.. sighh… i know i got lots of wrinkles lah… but i never asked for them okay…

  10. Bootcamp not working. You eating like a pig, sure all efforts wasted.

  11. KY: perhaps?

    Jayelle: call him uncle for what? hehehhe

    mell: i wish… i wish…

    suertes: plus they think they are so damn witty and funny

    SooPey: to make themselves feel better πŸ˜‰

    booty: wow was that you following me all around

  12. Darth Vader says:

    What made you think old people are nice? They are mainly grumpy c**ts…. I’m looking forward to being an unashamed grumpy c**t myself in the next 20 years….


  13. I think he’s just trying to make conversation and get some attention from a sweet young thing. He might have thought that being so familiar would seem ‘friendly’. Old people are often ignored and lonely.

  14. maye h was trying to pick u up?

  15. I wouldn’t have moved..but then I am rude : )

  16. What a git.


  17. foodcrazee says:

    well , take it as u respect the elderly. . .let him be . .must be senile liao!

  18. slap the rude fler.

    thing is, suanie, i’ve slowly come to terms with the fact that old people seem to find it okay to openly remark about someone’s size. WAH YOU SO FAT AH. WAH YOU SKINNY ALREADY AH. WAH WHY YOUR FACE SO PALE. WAH WHY YOUR SKIN SO BLACK (DARK).

    my folks are guilty of some of those lines, obviously. *defeated shrug* guess we just can’t beat’em.

  19. who said old people are sweet and nice one???

  20. Wah still can smile somemore!!

  21. tell him… uncle u shaaaaddappp, at least i can diet to be thin, u can do nothing to look young!!

    on a seperate note, u should consider joining marathons. it’s fun!

  22. if we said that i think we will be dead by now. u so respect old ppl suanie. πŸ˜›

  23. LOL! Cute Ah Pek.

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