not a sunnies kind of person and here’s why

1) Ridiculous Designs

Suanie in sunnies 01

2) Not in favour of the world constantly looking yellow

Suanie in sunnies 02

— — —

Xpax Big Freekin' Sale [This is a Xpax Advertorial]

If you have a Blackberry (with BIS, not just the phone unit) and you are with Xpax, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this already: Xpax is having a Xpax Big Freekin’ Sale which is on-going now until 31st March 2010.

So if you are subscribed to the RM2.50 Blackberry Advance plan, this promotion entitles you to free access on weekends. Let’s say that you are currently paying for access from Monday to Friday. Get on the Xpax promotion then access on Saturdays and Sundays are zero-cost to you.

Part of the Xpax Big Freekin’ Sale includes daily prizes to be won. Spend RM5 or more a day and you stand a chance to some pretty cool toys, such as the MacBook Air, PSP Go, iPod Touch, Nokia XpressMusic 5730, Blackberry Curve 8520, HP Mini Notebook etc. For more info, go check out or dial *118# .



  1. wtf ?!?! LMAO!!! you shown me the 1st pic only… the 2nd one pwned! LOLOLOL!!!

  2. both like WTF.

  3. hahah they suit you well!! awesomesauce!

  4. actually i was v. tempted to buy the 1st one but i don’t know what i would do with it.

  5. hahahaha i love your face in the 2nd pic.

  6. I like the first one though and you looked cute but not sure how you can see with those lines!

  7. i think i want to go back and buy the first sunnies.

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