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how a bimmer saved my life… twice

Last weekend I went on a BMW road trip together with a few bloggers. My driving partner was Michael and we had an absolutely wonderful time on the road. For the first leg of the journey, we took turns on a BMW 5 series. Coming back was on a BMW 3 series, as we swapped with other drivers.

Suanie in a BMW 5 series

Of course the 3 series was lighter and more agile than the 5. There were some adjustments to be made after driving the 5 series the day before. To cut a long story short, Michael had to slam down hard on the brakes on two separate occasions. We were THIS <----> close to the car in front of us. Fortunately the brakes were more than responsive not to cause any damage to the cars nor to the drivers and passengers. Actually it was damn fantastic lor. I thought we were really going to crash. But no, not even a slight scratch.

Michael driving a BMW

I’ll blog more on the trip soon. Just thought I had to get that down, and to ask if anyone has RM300k ++ to spare for Charity Suanie To Get A BMW.

odds and ends

It’s a bit sien now that Ryan’s grown up a lot more. Which means his memory capacity increased and he does not forget as easily as he used to. One night I was playing with him, swinging him around. The kid weighs 20kg now which means I kind of dropped him on his head. It was an accident okay. Of course he cried, but I managed to distract his attention by continuing my story so that ended well.

Then the other day he was telling me a bunch of stuff (he is very talkative these days) and he suddenly went, “Yah that day you hurt me right? You dropped my head! Very painful right? I don’t like you!”

I was stupefied only because he remembered.

— — —

I was all geared up to get a Subway sandwich for lunch. Pseudo healthy eating and all that, if you ignore the mustard, mayonnaise and thousand island sauce that I have them add to my sub. Then something familiar came into my view and I swung my car towards McDonalds instead.


— — —

Mellissa asked us to go check out her friend’s new pub, Tom Dick & Harry’s at TTDI (next to Boathouse). Free-flow booze and some food… why not, right? Casual sort of environment, a bit cold because the air-conditioner’s probably brand new, reasonable prices, Hoegaarden on tap. Bliss.

Tom Dick & Harry's at TTDI
With Michael, Rachel, Mellissa, ShaolinTiger and Kimberlycun

— — —

Did Thursday’s OBC session in the rain. Woke up at 5.45 am and felt bad for the PJ Alpha because it was POURING! Got considerably better by 7am but still raining lah. I liked it. Did squats, push-ups, mountain climbers, planks, some running etc. Felt quite okay until…

— — —

… I went for a full body massage after work. I wonder if she accelerated the pain that I might feel the day after because every part of my body hurts after that. Boy, did she knead me like the dough to the best bread she was going to bake! Can’t walk without wincing today which kind of sucks because I’m attending OBC PJ Charlie (6.45 pm) today because…

— — —

… I’m going on a road trip this weekend! Something about BMW and some of my best friends along for the ride. Quite excited about it, more info when I get back ๐Ÿ˜€

— — —

Everyone please give Horng lots of love and hugs and kisses. The poor boy just doesn’t have any luck with cars this year. Hopefully this is the big bang before the rainbow. Cheer up friend!

obc: s05e02

It’s amazing that this will be my 5th month of Original BootCamp Malaysia, yet there are always new things to learn. For example, this morning I learned the hard way to never stand next to Mi Lin during warm-ups because she is quite gung-ho and doesn’t let you cheat on your punishment grunts.

We had to do 35 grunts — 30 for late-comers and 5 for not counting our grunts out loud. I was nearly K.O. at grunt no. 28 going into no. 29 and thought I’d just stop there. Corporal Jon came over and asked me how many I was at. First mistake was telling him the truth. Second mistake was looking at Mi Lin’s crestfallen and disappointed face when I told her I was going to cheat. Third mistake was letting my conscience take over and finishing those damn grunts.

Never again, I tell you. Sorry Mi Lin, I love you and all that but if I might actually die trying to keep up with you ๐Ÿ˜›