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original bootcamp malaysia: s04e01

It’s official — I hate assessment days. As Vanessa said, it feels like exams every month. Sure, you can psyche yourself up that you are going to take it easy this time, you are doing it at your own pace and it’s okay if your time doesn’t improve. Load of crock. The pressure is still ginormous. You are a train-wreck the evening before thinking about the coming assessment. You try to sleep early but it is nearly impossible because your head’s filled with all sorts of thoughts and possible scenarios for the next morning. Unlike back in school, you can’t pull all-nighters preparing for the exam because you actually need sufficient rest for this one. When you finally manage to doze off, the alarm clock rings too soon.

Then it’s back to the usual “Why did I sign up for this…” train of thoughts.

First round: 1.2km run + 45 push ups on knees + 30 grunts + 45 sit ups. Last month I clocked in at 13m 44s. This morning I did it in 12m 18s.
Second round: 1.6km run. Last month was 14m 58s, this morning was 12m 37s.

Not bad eh?

It’s shite, I tell you. Pressure sial. Next month I’d be worrying about times again. I’d tell myself that it’s okay if the times deteriorate. But as with every assessment, you get duly crushed when your times do not improve. Then you feel bad and emo a bit.

It’s okay lah. I have one whole month to be my own psychiatrist.

hurry slowly lunch box @ eest, westin kl

Received an invitation from Yoke May to dine at EEST, Westin KL‘s Asian restaurant. Turned out she invited KY as well so we went together-gether. The restaurant was lovely, I especially like this one round table where you could see the junction turning into Jalan Bukit Bintang. Guess you could laugh at the poor sobs stuck in the traffic jam while you enjoy your meal.

Yoke May introduced us to Chef Kuan who takes care of EEST business, and set us off with a refreshing drink and some dim sum. The drink is called Zing.. I think. Quite good. As for the dim sum, I especially liked the har kow (prawn dumplings); juicy and filled with plenty of prawns.

Yoke May wanted us to try EEST’s Hurry Slowly Signature Lunch Box, which comes in a bento box, soup and dessert. There are 5 different cuisines to choose from — Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. Chef Kuan decided that we should sample the first three cuisines as they are more popular among EEST’s patrons.

EEST @ Westin KL - 03 Hurry Slowly Asian Lunch Box - Malaysian
EEST Hurry Slowly Lunch Box – Malaysian

The Malaysian bento set contained spring rolls, pasembur (rojak for us Southerners), stir-fried bean sprouts with salted fish, and nasi kunyit with wagyu beef cheek rendang. Hands down the BEST rendang I’d ever had. The soup that accompanied the set was soup soto, it was quite thick and flavourful.

EEST @ Westin KL - 05 Hurry Slowly Asian Lunch Box - Chinese
EEST Hurry Slowly Lunch Box – Chinese

The Chinese bento set had double-boiled kampung chicken soup, 3-cup chicken, some dim sum, tender broccoli in gravy, picked cucumber and pickled jellyfish.

EEST @ Westin KL - 06 Hurry Slowly Asian Lunch Box - Japanese
EEST Hurry Slowly Lunch Box – Japanese

As for the Japanese bento set, we had garlic rice, prawn and vegetable tempura, either egg or tofu with spinach (I forgot but it was quite awesome) and grilled salmon in teriyaki sauce. Now, I usually hate salmon in all forms. I hate raw salmon, I hate fried salmon, I hate grilled salmon, I hate smoked salmon… I just really do not like salmon. But this salmon served to us was TERRIFIC! Buttery and almost melted in my mouth, the texture was a bit like cod which I love. I would have walloped the entire thing if not for consideration for fellow diners, heh. It was just awesome lah.

EEST @ Westin KL - 07 Dessert

Chef Kuan prepared a special addition for us — smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and truffle and beetroot oil. According to KY and Yoke May, it was absolutely delicious. You don’t ask me lah, I just told you that I don’t take raw or smoked salmon.

As for the desserts, we had tong sui (with longan), ais kacang and mochi black sesame ice-cream, which we really liked.

EEST @ Westin KL - 08 Suanie and Yoke May EEST @ Westin KL - 09 Suanie and KY
Me with Yoke May and KY

Thanks to Yoke May and Chef Kuan for having us. If you would like to go try out EEST’s Hurry Slowly Signature Lunch Box, it’s priced at RM42++ per person. EEST @ Westin KL is open only from Wednesday to Friday, 12pm – 2.30pm. Chef Kuan mentioned that the items in the bento sets may be changed depending on what he would be whipping up that week, so go see lah what you get.