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Last Friday was OBC‘s Bring A Friend Day for KL Alpha (5.45 am), KL Bravo (7 am) and PJ Charlie (6.45 pm). Since I wouldn’t be able to make it on Saturday, I asked if I could attend KL Alpha on Friday. Cannot, too many people. Okay lor, KL Bravo can or not? Can. I managed to convince Bev and Tracy to join me in the infamous mud spa experience of Padang Merbuk.

Got there at 6.15 am, something about miscalculating the time needed to reach Padang Merbuk πŸ˜› Tracy brought her camera so we camwhored a bit.

Bev, Tracy, Suanie
Gung-ho nuts

Padang Merbuk has a huge parking lot, something lacking in Padang Astaka (the part where we park our cars anyway). The field is rather enclosed so we could hear Sergeant Sim’s voice echoing from the other side. The girls were pretty amused by my sitting down in the middle of the road to tie my shoes etc. It’s so big mah, I like space plus there was no other cars around.

Suanie in the middle of the road
Why you never see people sit in the middle of the road one meh?

I know it has been said before, but I have to say this: FUWAH PADANG MERBUK IS DAMN KAO BLOODY MUDDY OKAY! Our feet actually sank into the ground at some spots, the stench was blah, had difficulty running with so much mud around, damn demoralised by the conditions… I’m never going to complain about Padang Astaka again. Okay that was a lie. But I won’t complain as much as I did for sure!

For the 2nd set, we had reps of exercises at 4 stations then run about 100m or so. Was doing (or trying to do) plank holds and push-ups, couldn’t get a proper grip. I think I saw something like a small frog jumping around. You know me, I hate frogs. As in ‘I HATE YOU FROGS FUCK OFF AND DIE’ kind of hate. Sergeant Sim barked, “CLOSE YOUR EYES IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S IN THE MUD!” Okay lor.

There were some spots that looked green, nice and lovely in the middle of the field. So Bev and I tried to run across it after our session, self-recovery jog lah. Looks were damn deceiving, I tell you. We finally gave up when Bev stepped into a puddle of mud+water that came up to above her ankle.

Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur
Padang Merbuk has nice… erm, view

If not for the bad drainage system, I think Padang Merbuk would be a nice field to work out at. Considering the amount of traffic going into KL, it’s pretty quiet and relaxing. When you look up the view is rather nice. Of course the KL Alpha recruits wouldn’t know what I’m talking about lah, since they go off before the sun comes up.

It was an experience lah. Now we know πŸ™‚

— — —

This morning we had to do a lot of running. Very tiring, very sucky since I don’t like running. Paired up with Tracy, told her that she could do the exercises a bit longer ‘cos I was going to take my time running. She was surprised when I saw her again later. “Har I thought you said you’re going to take your time??” she asked. I wanted to lor… but it was a bit hard when Corporal Faizal and Corporal Jon were also running next to you egging you on. FASTER FASTER! PACE YOURSELF! WATCH YOUR BREATHING! CATCH UP WITH THE ONE IN FRONT OF YOU, YOU CAN DO IT! TWO MORE CONES ONLY, SPRINT! GOT RUGBY PLAYERS WATCHING, IMPRESS THEM!

This mental-pushing mind game thing is @#*(@)#(*@#(@#&@**#@&$*_@$#(@

At the final water break before a short recovery jog, I don’t know why but I started to weep. Couldn’t really stop myself, the tears just kept coming. Finally managed to control myself a bit and joined the rest for the jog. Kevin and Nick were very nice and waited for me, jogged with me till the end. I think they were a bit freaked out by the tears also, heh.

Also felt like weeping at one point during breakfast, but maintained control and thought of other things. Weird. Period coming, maybe that’s why.



  1. It must be the hormones…if not then the only other explanation would be you’re overwhelmed by all the trainers’ encouragement this morning.
    Tears of joy =P

  2. Wow! Poor Suan.. take care man!

  3. Tracy: I think it must be the hormones lah. And that I was falling a bit sick so all that brought it on lah.

    Suertes: Thanks. I’m all right, really πŸ˜€ Just had to write it all down as the last part really came from nowhere. Or so I thought at that time.


    Lately I had to come up with stupid little mind games just to keep going in the gym…….

  5. i LOVE your elbow stripey guards/thingy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want one, too!

    erm, they’re not leg warmers, are they?

  6. I like the elbow glove thingyyyy

  7. Z: haha! actually got story one. one saturday during the cobra cup match tournament thingy, the rugby players started walking to the field. i was the closest to the edge of the field so could see them walking by. some were quite dishy! so i ran a bit faster so i could just run past them hahaha MOTIVATION INDEED! πŸ˜›

    but yeah it’s a lot of mind strength now. the body can take it actually.. pushing yourself to do it better is really hard :X

    piffles: err i don’t know! it was sent to me by nokia for the nokia 5800 campaign thing. my bootcampers laughed when they saw that, they said it’s very aunty πŸ™ but hey, whatever works!

    Ky: you have one too what!

  8. suanie im very tempted to join! but not mentally or physically brave enough yet. u wait ah one day i will take up ur challenge. cannot, these flabs have to go :(((

  9. hey suan, good to see you’ve lost so much weight. now the arms look healthy!

  10. Iskandar (PJ Alpha) says:

    Hey there, thanks for the posts. I was THIS close to skipping assessments today because I haven’t had enough sleep, but your posts really made me realise how much I miss BC haha. Very masochistic lah. Anyway, I don’t know if you are going for assessments today, but if you are, have a good one!

  11. waifon: haha i wait for the day! come ar πŸ˜‰

    eiling: thank you!!

    iskandar: heh thanks! didn’t do my assessment this month, but will be at bravo for most of everything else!

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