family resemblance

Do I look more like my Dad or my Mom? Or do they look too alike that there’s not much difference? I can’t tell. Can you?

Suanie with Mom and Dad



  1. You have Dad’s nose and eyes I think
    From mom you have inherited the lips,eye brows and the face shape too. And that forehead..I cant really tell. Looks like you have your father’s but I may be wrong. You are a mixture of both your parents la.

  2. You look like both but the best of all, you look like Suanie! The one and only. Ok, enough bodeking. I am not asking for favours, mind you.

  3. Mum’s eybrows definitely but your hair not following the family’s left side parting =P

  4. Mum’s the word..

  5. Megaa: Hah thanks! I always thought that my sisters look like mom and I look like dad, until people tell me otherwise. Not really important la but I’ve always wondered about it and as you may already know, I’m not too good with these things πŸ˜› Now you mentioned it, I do have his eyes. Which honestly kind of sucks for a female πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Peter: Okay lah buy you fruit juice πŸ˜›

    Tracy: Hahahaha the hair parting can change one mah! My friend advised me to change the parting ever so often, to minimise hair loss or something like that. I used to have centre parting then I forced it to go right. supposed to move it to left by now but lazy la. I like it where it is! πŸ˜›

    suertes: I think they look alike. Do you??

  6. OMG your mom looks SO ridiculously familiar!!!

  7. everyone looks exactly the same!

  8. Your Dad’s got a squarer jaw, like Carl Fredrickson from Up. You and your Mum have more rounded jaws..

  9. Me: “Mum, you are so outgoing, so vivacious, so happening, how did you ever end up with dad?? He hardly opens his mouth and he’s been wearing the same style of specs since the 1970s!!”

    Mum : “when he was young hor, he looked like chow yuen fatt des ne…”

  10. Your nose and lips like mummy… everything else like daddy :o)

  11. Your dad. Its the eyes.

  12. you are a “fusion” between mum and dad, haha!

  13. You really have features from both your parents!

  14. Your dad really looks exactly like me! How can this be?!

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