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mcdonald’s and mccurry

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that McDonald’s lost the court case against McCurry. I just glanced through the articles and I don’t claim to know 100% of the details. I think it’s something along the lines of McDonald’s claiming that McCurry is infringing on their trademark.

I’m like any other David, I love a good triumph over Goliaths. But sometimes I feel that certain Davids are merely opportunists, and when confronted they would argue that the Goliaths are major international corporations and have endless money, hence could afford to bully them. Of course there are many Goliaths who do that and should be stumped, but in some cases the Davids are no better. When it comes to McDonald’s vs McCurry, I feel that this is one of them.

My thoughts:

1. McDonald’s first outlet in Malaysia was opened in 1982. McCurry opened its doors in 1999. That’s 17 years for McDonald’s Malaysia to brand their company, products and outlets before the owners of McCurry decided to call their restaurant as such, accompanied with a huge red signboard with white lettering.

2. McCurry is supposed to mean “Malaysian Chicken Curry”. If it wasn’t reported in the papers, I wouldn’t have known it lor. Maybe I was already imprinted, but to me ‘McCurry’ indicates fast-food curry. They could have named it MCC as a better abbreviation.

3. There are many people named McCurry but the owners are not one of them.

4. Neither are they Scottish.

5. So it’s a bit weird to pull the ‘common Scottish name’ argument when they are selling Malaysian food.

6. Malaysian chicken curry or any other traditional Malaysian food does not taste anything like Scottish food.

7. So in fact, there’s no commonality with the prefix of ‘Mc’ .

8. Which again, to me does not tell me that it stands for Malaysian Chicken.

9. McCurry’s signboard’s font and colours are disturbingly almost similar to that of McDonald’s. Can you honestly say that it’s not intentional? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the signboard many years ago.

Maybe McDonald’s Malaysia wants to start selling rice and curries, hence the stake on McCurry. Maybe when the owners of McCurry started their restaurant, they were just taking the cheek. It’s good news for all the McDonald’s and McCurry’s of the world because they can now operate a restaurant and call it after their namesake. Plaster it against a red signboard for all they care, as a court has ruled that you can do that if you are not selling hamburgers and such. But morally speaking, I still feel that McCurry was riding on the brand/name popularity of McDonald’s. What do you think?

original bootcamp malaysia: s02e01

Original Bootcamp Malaysia - Tyres that may have been S02E01 would be my 2nd month, 1st session. Experimenting with tagging it like TV series, will see how long that lasts. By the way, the monster truck photo on the left has tyres like the one we use at OBM. I’m just adding it here so Fireangel may see it then curse and swear at me again, heh.

Yes, I signed up for my 2nd month of Original Bootcamp Malaysia. How long will I do this for? I don’t know, I suppose until I get fed up with waking up so early. At the end of the day, it’s the morning part that kills me because I like to stay up late at night to do my stuff. At midnight, my brain wakes up from its slumber and starts working until 3 a.m. So this is a real bummer, having to force myself to sleep early, sometimes tossing about for a couple of hours before I can successfully drift off to dreamland.

There’s a trick to it though. Sometimes I make up long scenarios in my head and they usually consist of a huge beach house by the… uh, beach, endless travelling around the world and John Mayer. Don’t ask.

Anyway, this morning was our first session of the month: the assessment. 1.2km of running (okay, slow jogging for me), 45x push ups on knees, 30x grunts, 45x half sit-ups. The first month I clocked in at 26 minutes. I was sure that I could do better this month because… come on lah, 26 minutes is pathetic. So it was an easy benchmark for me this time round πŸ˜‰ This morning I clocked in at 14m 35s. Not bad lah! Not going to talk about the 1.6km run after because that’s just crazy!

Much thanks to my fellow PJ Bravo platoon! Their cheers and encouragement really helps and makes the whole thing fun. Much thanks to the Sergeants and Corporals for their, uh… words of love πŸ˜›

Here are some photos from last Saturday’s August Graduation drinks. As you can see, I have a cert in my hands for ‘Improvement Award – in recognition of your drive and determination’ which is given by the instructors. Quite funny actually because most times during OBM sessions, the only drive and determination I have left are hardly enough to poke a snail.

Original Bootcamp Malaysia - August Graduation drinks 01 Original Bootcamp Malaysia - August Graduation drinks 02
With Megaa, Ai Lee, Derek and Sergeant Sim

Original Bootcamp Malaysia - August Graduation drinks 03
With Corporal Jason, Ai Lee, Sayshan, Jida, Sharon, Lina, Gerry, Kevin, Tricia, OC and Yvonne

Original Bootcamp Malaysia - August Graduation drinks 04
Derek and Tock

Here’s to September! Hoo yah!

happy birthday twins!

Today’s my older twin sisters’ birthday.

Happy Birthday Twins!

Happy birthday! Mwah.

Pork-free @ Lorong Seratus Tahun, SS2

Buddha knows that it can be difficult to get good hawker food at not-too-ridiculous prices in PJ. Of course there are corner kopitiams galore, but not all their food are tasty. Sometimes the emphasis on availability compromises the quality, especially when you have non-locals doing the cooking. Sorry if I’m biased, but I firmly believe that there is no way a Vietnamese/ Cambodian/ Burmese etc can cook great tasting local food. Edible and acceptable perhaps, but it won’t be anywhere near to what and how some of us know it.

That was why one of my favourite restaurants was Lorong Seratus Tahun in SS2. Lorong Seratus Tahun is a famous lane in Penang where one could get your favourite Penang fare. I’ve never been there, but it’s quite well-known. Granted, the LST in SS2 may have lifted the namesake for popularity purposes, but they have good tasting food. Lots of people go there for the curry mee and proclaim it to be delicious. I don’t know since I’m not a fan of curry mee. But I loved their char kuey teow, which I think is the closest to what Penang has to offer in PJ. Other food items in LST SS2 that I’ve tried were pretty delicious as well.

Lorong Seratus Tahun SS2 underwent a renovation, probably wanted a facelift to bring in more customers. Fair enough. Last week we decided to go there for lunch post-renovation. It was not bad, though it resembles any Old Town franchise. New tables, new chairs, new uniforms and a new menu with uninspiring copy, some lifted off Wikipedia (I checked). New prices as well, up by RM1.50 – RM2.00 depending on what you want. We knew what we wanted and placed our orders quickly.

While waiting for the food, we re-examined the menu. To our horror, the cover of the menu says, “PORK FREE”.

FAIL - Pork-Free Penang Chinese Food
OMGWTFBBQ! (The background is Kerol’s copy of a Chinese daily, coincidence!)

You “CAN” have pork-free Penang Chinese food. You can call it whatever you want actually, it will just be an oxymoron. Coming from someone who consumes pork, have been to Penang and consumed Penang fare, it will not taste anywhere remotely the same as Penang Chinese food. You can also make nasi lemak by immersing the rice with soy milk instead of santan. You can have char siew rice with vegetarian char siew. Whatever floats your boat, right?

But changing from pork-friendly to pork-free in the same restaurant selling the same food items? The char kuey teow I ordered was not nice at all. By removing the lard and lap cheong (Chinese sausage), they also added in extra chilli (when I didn’t ask for it to be spicier) which made it quite difficult to eat. It was also slightly wet, about 75% away from being kuey teow basah. It also costed RM7+.

I am just expressing my shock and disappointment here. As I said, LST SS2 used to be one of my favourite restaurants. Perhaps they will have a huge boost of clientΓ¨le after the renovation – good for them but this customer’s out of the picture.

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original bootcamp malaysia: 2 more sessions!

… because I stopped counting how many I’ve attended. Anyway this is the last week for August 2009 intake. Next month’s intake starts next Tuesday, and I’ve signed up for that too. I know someone who should not sign up because that person is always AWOL! πŸ˜›

This morning was all cardio then a couple rounds of ‘recovery jogs’ after. I still do not see how jogging after a series of exercise routines counts as recovery, but I’m not the fitness expert here. In an odd way, I suppose it helps with the muscles and stuff, but at the point in time I just wanted to go home.

This morning’s session was tough, but easier than last Saturday’s. That is saying volumes. If you’d remember, last Saturday was ‘Bring a Friend’ day for the PJ platoon. I’d asked on my blog if anyone would want to come along. Lots of enquiries but in the end, only WY and Fireangel answered the call. The latter only agreed to come after she thought I merajuked. Hah, evil plotting worked.

I thought it being ‘Bring a Friend’ day would mean easier stuff to do. You know, don’t scare off the newbies. On the contrary it was single-handedly the most difficult part of OBM for me (so far). We were divided to 2 teams, each with a huge ass and damn heavy tyre to carry and flip over. I think I ‘helped’ to carry the tyre only for 100m. We had 3 guys in our teams and they did most of the carrying work. Okay lah it wasn’t fair but you do what you can do.

The tyre-flipping part was for everyone, and that was how we got our assorted bruises.

Original Bootcamp Malaysia aftermath - Jida Original Bootcamp Malaysia aftermath - Fireangel's thigh
Jida’s bruised arms and FA’s bruises thigh. Confirm black and blue one!

I took a quick glance at FA when she was flipping the tyre. It was quite funny because the tyre was almost as big as her! I would have laughed if I had the energy. I don’t think she likes me very much at the moment πŸ˜›

Original Bootcamp Malaysia aftermath - Fireangel and WY
More bruises on FA and WY

As for me, I think I am getting used to the pain. Heh. WY blogged about the Saturday session, you can read it here. Great work guys πŸ˜‰