i love my nike free 3.0!

As mentioned earlier, my sister bought me a pair of Nike Free 3.0 for my birthday (among other things). I’m wearing them today to break them in. Couldn’t help admiring my lovely new red shoes, so here I am showing them off πŸ˜€

Here’s them at the car pedals.

Suanie's Nike Free 3.0 at the pedals

Here’s them lunching with Gier.

Suanie's Nike Free 3.0 with Gier

Here’s them hanging out with ShaolinTiger.

Suanie's Nike Free 3.0 with ShaolinTiger

So pweetttyyyyyyyyyy, so comfyyyyy, so bright and happy, I like!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. wahh…is nais! i wish i have a sister who would buy me nike shoes. sniff.

  2. Wahh very nice but abit too red. I won’t be able to carry them off.

    I’m wearing grays with red laces now, I like.

  3. red corror…

  4. Awesome shoes. Love the red.

  5. cun giler….

  6. I like red sneakers. Looking for a sister to adopt me…

  7. hao lian!

  8. Nice shoes! Sparkly red!

  9. hehe so cute! πŸ˜€

  10. and so random!

  11. nice . . . . .

  12. So very the striking!

  13. Shirley: sorry but you’d understand if i can’t lend you mine πŸ˜›

    yee hou: sure you can! just ignore the glances haha

    horng: is awesomes

    jimmy: is naisss!

    CT: VERY!

    hiphog: refer to my reply to shirley πŸ˜›

    frostier: OF COURSE LA WOULDN’T YOU?! πŸ˜›

    eiling: indeed!

    JG: i knoww!

    KY: WHY NOT??

    mike: thankss

    chingy: and pretty!

  14. amongst other models, this nike free is my favourite. its just too comfy to believe u wearing a shoe – perfect for traveling. but is still dont understand the “number” means what? 3 means deeper cut?

    another thing i realize is, seldom u find full leather water proof on nikefree, all are generally fabric.

  15. i think there’s a version 5.0 .. not really sure of the differences but you can always google!

    fabric is okay ar. breathe-able

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