black eyed peas @ sunway lagoon for arthur’s day!

Nuffnang and Guinness kindly gave me a ticket to the final celebration for Arthur’s Day, a concert at Sunway Lagoon featuring the Black Eyed Peas. By the way, Malaysia was the host for the Guinness 250th celebrations for the Asia Pacific region. Just thought you’d like to know ;)

Actually the combination of Guinness and Black Eyed Peas is somewhat of an odd thing for me. I’d always had the impression that Guinness (the brew) was bitter and awful, more suitable for my grandfather (if he be the drinking type) at a kopitiam with his friends reminiscing the good ol’ days. The perception (or misconception if you will) was heightened by an incident many years ago.

I was young(er), I was partying hard, I was drinking a lot more than what I can drink today. I was hanging out at a pub in Bangsar all the time and eventually became friends with the pub owner. Friends of friends, you know the drill. One evening we were drinking and got into a friendly argument. Something about anything that men can drink, women can drink too. In my youthful bravado, I threw out a challenge to him, “YOU BRING ME ANYTHING AND I’LL DRINK IT WITH YOU! COME ON!” The older and more experienced pub owner grinned, “REALLY AR?!?! REALLY?!?!?” “YES JUST BRING IT ON OMG!” “OKAY YOU SAY ONE AR!!!”

Out came two bottles of Guinness Stout. I backed down from the challenge before I got started. Thinking back, I could have won it easily… Ah well. I’ll always remember his final victory and wise advise, “NEVER CHALLENGE A PUB OWNER, HAHAHAHAH!”

Of course I overcame my apprehension for Guinness at the concert, because it was free-flow and aplenty for us at the Silver Zone. Not bad, I like.

At Arthur's Day concert ft Black Eyed Peas at Sunway Lagoon
Me with fake Lucy Liu, Huai Bin, Cheesie with KY and Cindy, Audrey with Tim

The Black Eyed Peas leh… I remember when their first massive single, “Where Is The Love” exploded in the music scene. Of course I liked them. Then they released the album with the song “My Humps” and I didn’t like them so much. Eh seriously lah, you don’t think the lyrics are damn stupid meh? Until today, I cannot listen to that song without cringing. So what the music is damn catchy and top notch? I’m a snob like that.

I also dare you to go look up the lyrics for “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Gotta Feeling”, say them aloud and not feel like your IQ’s dropped to -100. In fact it made me feel so clever that I want to compose lyrics for my own Billboard no. 1 hit song, as per below:

Magic, my track is so magic
OooooOoo baby ooOOoOooo
But tragic, the end is so tragic
Tra-tra-tra gic-gic-gic
Tra-tra-tra gic-gic-gic
Oh yeahhhhhHhHHhhh
Do you want to dance with me?!?!?

Masterpiece. All I have to do now is to get to compose a best-selling choon to accompany my best-selling lyrics. Then you won’t be able to locate me because I’d be in Hawaii suntanning and in Japan eating sushi. Cue: Ji Pa Ban.

Amanda at the BEP concert for Arthur's Day
I don’t know what fake Lucy Liu was doing

As the Vogons would say, “Resistance is useless.” At the Black Eyed Peas at Arthur’s Day, I sang and danced and jumped. Who gives two hoots about the lyrics? The Black Eyed Peas was energetic, fun and’s solo DJ spot was BRILLIANT! It was a good good night.

Of course we had to sit around and entertain ourselves until 8.30 pm before ze Kim and ze ShaolinTiger appeared so we could go in together. Something about the press conference held earlier was on Malaysian time. It was okay, the free-flow cold Guinness on tap and aplenty munchies were worth the wait. Not to mention our great partying spot and the awesome performance by the BEP.

And of course, ze friends!

Group pix, Black Eyed Peas at Sunway Lagoon
Desmond Kiu, Kerol, Cheesie, ST, KY, Terence, Horng, Kim, me, Huai Bin, Amanda. Photo by Kim

Missing in the group photo above are Michael, Li Ling, Tim, Audrey etc. But it’s okay, we know you were there :P

To Arthur!




  2. I try not to think too much about BEP’s lyrics. It hurts my brain too, kinda like what a week long bender does to the grey matter. ;)

    But yeah, free flow cold frothy Guinness from the tap. To Arthur!

  3. ya wuwu we left early to beat the jam *loser

    and kim looks like she’s scratching her crotch int he last picture HAHAHA kim <3

  4. Looks like fun and I must admit that Guinness does taste good.

  5. BEP’s songs have LYRICS????

    The only way I could have a good time with their music was drinking copious amounts of Guinness. Which I did. The end.

    where’s the awesome group picture we took in the end with EVERYONE in it????

  6. To Desmond!

  7. KY: err am i supposed to follow up with a line? :P

    HB: haha so thinking too much is not good for you! or any of us

    aud: you looked damn tired also. working la :P

    eiling: it was funnnn

    eyeris: I don’t have the group photos. brought my camera, didn’t take a single shot :P

    ST: Aye!

  8. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks their lyrics are dumb. But they put up a great show! Isn’t it great not to have to squeeze in with the rest of the crowd? Free Guinness and munchies FTW!

  9. dont really care how good is BEP actually. just had FUN a LOT!

  10. Boom Boom Pow was bad in an addictive way, what with Fergie yelling she’s so 3008 and I’m so 2000 and late(ok, I’ll stop). But I Gotta Feeling was just bad and amateurish, it’s bad bad stupidly bad.

  11. hahaha… fake Lucy Liu! she does look like her weih~ xD

  12. Awesome party with the awesome ppl are heaven!!! When could we make it another time? :D

  13. tai: did you like the nuts so much?

    horng: but they were awesome (other than the lyrics) so that contributed to the fun!

    z: hahahahhaa if you say those lines to yourself with no accompanying music, you feel pretty much like an ass wipe :P i tried :P

    cindy: the resemblance is uncanny!

    sotong: wait ar i just email BEP to tell them to come back here again :P

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