the dress that was not meant to be

I stepped into the shop and started perusing the clothes on display. I can see her from the corner of my eye and I know it’s just a matter of time before she approaches me to offer her assistance. It’s their job, they all do that. If you are lucky, you get the (almost) sincerely happy one, asking you in a cheerful tone what they could do to help, maybe point you in the right direction. If you are not, she will be standing a few steps behind you looking on sullenly. The silence is almost unbearable when you can feel her eyes burning at your back, looking up and down your person and in 10 seconds, made up her mind about who you are, your station in life and more importantly, how you would never buy anything from the shop. Congratulations, you have been tagged as a time-waster, now bugger off so she can go back to gossiping with her colleagues or playing Facebook games.

I was lucky. Her voice was warm and upbeat. I’m pretty sure she was a man though that makes no difference to me. She took a quick look at me and asked,

“Helllloooo! Can I help you? What are you looking for?”
“Uh, just looking around, thanks.”
“Okay sure! Hey how about this dress? It really pretty and I think you’ll look great in it lah.”

It was a beautiful dress indeed. The material was soft and silky and the pattern striking but not loud. In short, gorgeous. The only problem was that halter necks do not agree with my fleshy upper arms.

“Cannot lah. I am fat and I will look fat in it.”
“No lah! This cut is different! I only have 3 of them left! ‘Cos got 70% discount you know! Normal price is RM300+. Very worth it now after the discount! You try lah!! I get your size for you!”

At this point, can I say that I was bullied to try on the dress? Well, you can’t be bullied if a small part of you wants to find out if it fits, or you fit and the end result may not be a total disaster, right? Off I went to the fitting room.

It doesn’t happen to me very often, but the dress was slightly too big for me. Even with the extra material swishing about, I could tell that it would have been lovely, if it fitted perfectly.

She took a look at me and said, “You wait ar, I go get one size smaller.”

And one size smaller it was. The bottom part was great. The upper part… well that was where my fat, fleshy upper arms yelled for mercy.

Disappointed. Cursed self aimlessly. She too looked slightly crestfallen. I was not under any illusions that she wanted it to be… I don’t know, a dress of promises and fulfilment? More like a missed sales. But it was okay, she was good about it.

“Sayang lah cannot fit. If you take it to the tailor and get it altered a bit, then good lah.”
“Yeah maybe, but I don’t have time lah. I want something for this weekend already.”
“Yah.. really sayang… plus it’s so cheap some more… I’ve got another customer.. Cina also… it was a bit too long for her but she bought it anyway ‘cos she really loved it and it’s on sale. She said she’s going to get it shortened.”
“Really? Oh well… I really liked it though. But no time lor.”
“Never mind lah. Next time you come again okay! Maybe we have something else for you!”
“Okay. Thank you yah..”
“You’re welcome. Come back again ar…. See you!”



  1. You should have gotten it for another occasion!!!!

    If you are still thinking about it 3 days later, go back and get it!

    btw, there are many tailors that can do quick alterations now. Can even do a temp one first for your event, then balik and make it permanent.

    Buy buy buy! RM90ish for a dress you like, BUY~~~~~

    help the economy (=P) and don’t give yourself a chance to regret. I know I have…still miss my F21 maxi. =(

  2. So good to find decent customer service, so good but sadly so rare.

  3. nice balance! pushy enough to want to sell something, but that pushy for you to hate her/him.

    there was a salesgirl who kept following my friend around like a shadow… she couldn’t take it anymore and screamed at the salesgirl to go away and give her some breathing space.

    i hate those ppl who stay 2 steps away from you who purposely re-adjust things which you’ve touched just before, even if all you did was place your hand there and not move the item. what the hell is that about?

  4. I was forced into purchasing a more expensive haircut yesterday.

  5. Buy la. i sponsor u.

  6. I have the same problem too ๐Ÿ™
    How about a shrug to go with the dress? Example

  7. electronicfly: 2 wks passed already lah hehehh. no more sales also

    ST: hate the ones who stand so close to you screwing with your personal space

    FA: haha i don’t have the guts lor. i’d just leave the shop

    the envoy: how much?? where?

    LT: its okay, thanks!

    ducky: i thought of that also but the 1 size smaller was really too tight around my chest area.

  8. @Suanie: The place opposite Carrefour in Midvalley…I asked for a dry hair cut (RM10) but the lady was pretty insistent that I get a cut and wash (RM30).

    Not entirely a bad deal, nor was it too expensive (as most saloons charge RM40 for a wash and cut), but I just don’t like to be forced into anything – like say, for example, I like to browse when I enter a shop, not have a salesperson fly at me and point me to all sorts of merchandise. Just me, I guess.

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