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suan bytes

You know, instead of sound bytes… Arguably not one of my most creative moments but that just about describes my current state of mind.

1. Sick, flu, sick
That’s me. As my sister suggested, my antibodies are inadequate to protect me from Malaysia’s shitty and unpredictable weather, natural or otherwise. The moment I get sick, I get so irritated that I’d have to go through days of misery that I’d opt for the easy way out — Western medicine. It’s usually the last few days of slow recovery when I couldn’t take it any more, and I’d go visit my doctor and beg her to dope me up so high that I’d almost miraculously get well within the next couple of days. It usually works but like I said, it’s the chicken-shit approach. This time I’m holding out until end of this week, see if I don’t get better because I have a lot of things to do next week!

2. Munchies
The past couple of days, I’ve been having the munchies real bad. It usually strikes at about 5 p.m. which is too late to get a piping hot char siew pau from the kopitiam downstairs because they close shop at 4. As I don’t think it is wise to load up on roti kosong, banjir, telur, bawang, telur bawang etc when I’m ill, I make myself a cup of Nestum. Only they don’t call it Nestum any more, it’s called Nesvita now. I like Nestum better. It’s a childhood thing. It is also IMHO a rather miserable drink with no taste whatsoever, but it satisfies the tummy until dinner time. So that works.

3. Bootcamp
I signed up for Bootcamp Malaysia. It’s like paying for a personal trainer to bark and yell at you, then make you do stuff that you don’t really want to do but have to do because you know you are nearing the Asian’s definition of obesity which probably contributed to the number of times you’ve been sick this first half of the year alone. I’ll let you know how it goes, or if I’ll live.

4. Poken see, Poken do
I got myself a Poken! Simply put, it’s a digital name card. I’ll blog more on this later, but first I need to Poken with friends who already have Pokens! Well, now that I am remembering to take it out wherever I go… Poken me!

5. Herro, Google?!?
The other night I received my first SMS layang. It was from an unknown number, telling me to go check out a blog that has a video of Teoh Beng Hock being tortured by the police before his death. As always, curiosity got the better of me. It was not a very nice video and I didn’t think it looked like Teoh Beng Hock. Then I scrolled down to read the comments, clicked on links, googled here and there and found out that it was actually the video used by Obefiend to prank RPK. It is true that Teoh Beng Hock’s death is a tragedy, a mystery and needs to be investigated by an independent body etc, but seriously some people would believe anything.

6. More retards
Have you heard of the 27-year old chick from Bronx who sued her college because they did not successfully find her a job after graduation? Read it here and weep.

7. Ramen
I want to eat ramen.