do you poken? come poken with me!

Poken Up @ Bangsar - Pokens What is a Poken? In short, it is a digital name card. A small device that you plug in to the USB hub in your computer to retrieve the ‘name cards’ that you collected from other people with Pokens. But first you would need to register/ set-up an account at the Poken website, then edit your name card with information that you want revealed to other people when you Poken with them, e.g. your name, e-mail address(es), contact number(s), assorted website and blog addresses, Facebook username, Twitter account, MSN/ Google/ Skype ID and so on. You can choose to enter as much or as little information as you want. When you see another person with a Poken, you can choose to Poken with him or her. This means placing your Pokens to face each other (where the big palm is at) to exchange information. Something like a Touch ‘N Go thing. If the palm has a green light, it means that your information has been successfully exchanged. If it goes red, it means you’ll have to try again.

If it was successful, this is what the other person would see when they go home and download the information to their computer:

Suanie's Poken Identity
My Poken identity

As you can see, I chose to share my Twitter, Flickr and MSN ID. At this moment they do not have input for Yahoo IDs, I don’t know why.

Last Saturday, I went to a Poken Up gathering at Chawan in Bangsar, organised by Niki Cheong. I’d bought a Poken from David Lian, but didn’t have the chance to Poken with anyone πŸ™

Poken Up @ Bangsar - Suanie poken-ed with Niki, Nigel, Jason, April
Top L-R: My first Poken was with Niki, fehmes journalist, columnist & writer! Pokening with Nigel, Editor of PC Mag. Bottom L-R: With Smashpop and April

I’d asked Horng to come along since he has a Poken as well. Met familiar and new faces there — Carolyn, Erna, Tekong, Ling Chan, icednyior among others.

Poken Up @ Bangsar - Carolyn with her blinged Poken Poken Up @ Bangsar - Erna's brooch substitute
Carolyn’s Poken, Erna’s brooch

Had to dash off after a while for lunch. Thanks Niki for organising, looking forward to more Poken Ups in the future!

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  1. My Poken is so lonely here in Melbourne, poor geisha has only made friends with KY’s ninja!

    .. sounds so dodgy o_O

  2. I has Poken too!

  3. but have you named your poken? Mine’s called Bento Takeaway!

  4. i demand that your poken undergoes vagina reconstruction.

  5. mell: it does.. πŸ˜› i don’t want to elaborate!

    eyeris: come let’s poken!

    ky: that’s because you are an oddball

    kim: i hear they do that in penang πŸ˜›

  6. mine’s a fukken caveman. blingified. btw is blogger as well!

  7. …….. i dont get the poken hype at all loh. πŸ™

  8. need to customize the POKEN

  9. it’s only useful if people that you don’t know have a poken. What’s the point of poken-ing with people that we already know right?!! Haha….

  10. nice Pokening u. lol

  11. Greetings ! Where did u get your poken & how much does it cost ?

  12. i wonder if i can put a virus inside my poken. hmm….

  13. eiling: that’s what we thought after a while hahahha .. trying to be hip and happening mah πŸ˜›

    Joyce: David Lian bought a bunch and sold it to us at cost price.. was RM60

    carolyn: why would you want to do that???

  14. i have a Poken too!! come and poken with me.

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