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dear blog spammers…

If you are receiving money to comment on my blog posts, please stop.

As pleased as I am that you are reading through the entire posts and its comments then adding on your own thoughts and opinions to the piece, I’ve been around long enough to notice the little keywords you place here, there, everywhere.

Also as strange as it might sound, I as my blog owner know and understand the visiting and commenting pattern of my readers, old and new ones.

You have all been marked as ‘spam’.

blast from the past – guest book

Suanie Tripod Guestbook While doing some massive self-Googling (because I’m keen on erasing my web presence circa-’99 to ’03), I came across my old Tripod Guest Book. If you’ve been around for a bit, you’d know that the only way your website visitors could interact with you is via your contact details (which you may choose not to put on your website) or the ever popular (then) guest book. Of course I had one of those because it was an in-thing to have.

To answer the question of why I want to delete everything prior to 2003, well if you’d see the larger version of the image on the side, I called myself Suanie Mulanie. Suanie Mulanie? What the fuck was I thinking? Nothing left on Wayback Machine either, because I took care of that a long time ago.

Before I deleted the guest book, I went through all the entries and memories came flooding back. Took a screen shot of one of the pages, sent it to Ah Seng, he had a good laugh as well. Time, eh.

Anyway here it is, the remaining piece of my tragic HTML past for all to see. Click here to view the image in its original uploaded size.