chivas, too3k, zeta bar, fake hugh grant

Got a nice invitation from Chivas to check out Zeta Bar’s new in-house band, TOO3K. Asked Horng if he was interested, he said why not, so off we went to KL Hilton where he was most amused by the guards with metal detectors scanning and checking every car going into the parking lot. Though statistically-speaking, so far there hasn’t been a Chinese bomber, suicide or otherwise, right?

KY and Mell decided to go as well, though they didn’t stay long. Honestly the band was kind of sucky at first: probably first-time jitters? They definitely improved though, stopped being so stiff, opened up a bit more. By the third set, they were rockin’!

Of course Horng and I debated if they’d really improved or the massive intake of alcohol (for a Tuesday evening) affected our judgement. I think the band really did get better lah ;)

Zeta Bar, KL Hilton - Suanie with Mell, KY, Eric, Janice, MyHorng
With KY, Mell, Eric, Janice and Horng

I had a bloody good time. Danced a lot, made me feel younger, heh. Drank an assortment of alcohol, mostly Chivas with Coke. Threw a pea at Janice. Laughed myself silly at Horng’s encounters with the awesome bartender. Met a couple new people. Pretty good for a Tuesday!

Also approached Hugh Grant look-alike and went, “OHAI CAN I TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOU, YOU LOOK LIKE HUGH GRANT!”

Zeta Bar, KL Hilton - Suanie with fake Hugh Grant
With fake Hugh Grant!

Okay lah, honestly this photo doesn’t do him justification. If you were there, trust me: you would have marvelled at the likeness! His height, the way he stood, etc. Apparently someone actually went up to him and asked if he was Hugh Grant, heh.

no really, thanks for being so considerate

At KLCC this past weekend. Blanked out the number plate because we found a small spot to fit a Kelisa, so we weren’t that angry.

Parked car at KLCC

Can you imagine what someone without our kind patience and tolerance might have done? ;)

dear blog spammers…

If you are receiving money to comment on my blog posts, please stop.

As pleased as I am that you are reading through the entire posts and its comments then adding on your own thoughts and opinions to the piece, I’ve been around long enough to notice the little keywords you place here, there, everywhere.

Also as strange as it might sound, I as my blog owner know and understand the visiting and commenting pattern of my readers, old and new ones.

You have all been marked as ‘spam’.

blast from the past – guest book

Suanie Tripod Guestbook While doing some massive self-Googling (because I’m keen on erasing my web presence circa-’99 to ’03), I came across my old Tripod Guest Book. If you’ve been around for a bit, you’d know that the only way your website visitors could interact with you is via your contact details (which you may choose not to put on your website) or the ever popular (then) guest book. Of course I had one of those because it was an in-thing to have.

To answer the question of why I want to delete everything prior to 2003, well if you’d see the larger version of the image on the side, I called myself Suanie Mulanie. Suanie Mulanie? What the fuck was I thinking? Nothing left on Wayback Machine either, because I took care of that a long time ago.

Before I deleted the guest book, I went through all the entries and memories came flooding back. Took a screen shot of one of the pages, sent it to Ah Seng, he had a good laugh as well. Time, eh.

Anyway here it is, the remaining piece of my tragic HTML past for all to see. Click here to view the image in its original uploaded size.