Archives for July 28, 2009

half-past-six engrand

My boss received his first degree from the U. of Sheffield, his Master’s degree from the U. of Essex and his doctorate from the U. of Surrey. Suffice to say, he spent many years in Mother England so his Engrand very the powderful one. But then he always corrupts my Engrand (and everyone else’s) for his own amusement. Until sometimes I beh tahan because it would get stuck in my head and then next time I cannot help myself and speak like a sorhai ahlian.

(Because being sorhai is not bad enough, must be ahlian summore.)

I know I always go around saying that my Engrand is horrible, my grammar is horrible etc. All that is preemptive self-defense only. Sekretly I like to think that my Engrand is like damn best one. Sometimes people are self-delusional so you just layan them lor. So layan me okay?

Plus it’s not like he cannot speak proper English, correct grammar and all. He even has a slight accent that he goes into whenever he reminisces about England and all of her offerings.

The other day we were in the car to go somewhere when he began his half-past-six Engrand. Then out of nowhere I went,

“Eh stop corrupting my English and grammar can or not??”
“Where got I corrupts yewww??”
“My language skills not that bad one then you go and start speaking like that then sometimes I am stuck speaking like that also!”

Bla bla bla talked about other things. Then I asked him,

“Did Kim reply you?”
“Huh where got?? What’s wrong with that question? Correct what!!”
“HAHAHAHAHA it should be, ‘Did Kim reply TO you?’ HAHAHAHAHA!”

So moral of the story is, don’t simply go accuse other people of alleged wrongdoings padahal your fundamentals are shaky to begin with. Sekian.