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Japanese food buffet @ Umai-Ya, The Place at Damansara Perdana

Update on 20th April 2012: This restaurant is no longer operating at this area. There’s an outlet at Uptown and Bandar Puteri, I believe.

Umai-Ya - 01 Japanese Restaurant at The Place, Damansara Perdana [Note: I’ve been informed that Umai-Ya in Damansara Perdana is no longer in operation. The weekend lunch buffet is available at their Damansara Utama (Uptown) branch, full address at the bottom of this blog post.]

One of the problems you would encounter when a place is called ‘The Place’ is the following conversation,

“Do you know where is the place?”
“Yeah, do you know where is The Place?”
“-_-” ”

We were at Umai-ya‘s Uptown branch when Kerol told us about their weekend buffet at their Damansara Perdana branch. Basically a ‘gorge yourself for 3 hours for RM55.20 nett per person’ deal. Okay what.

Gathered the usual suspects, Kerol made the reservations and the 9 of us have to sit outside because of #emoCharlie. Our lives have never been quite the same since #emoCharlie… at least #emoRyan can sit inside! ๐Ÿ˜›

At least I didn’t feel the heat until the final hour. Kerol, Shiang and FA sweated it out until we moved our tables to the other side.

Umai-Ya - 02 Assorted Appetisers Umai-Ya - 04 Shishamo, Grilled Pregnant Fish
Assorted appetisers

They give you a sheet of paper with items available for the weekend buffet. It’s not a wide spread as you’d find at Tenji but it’s sufficient and cheaper by RM34. That’s a lot of money okay. We ticked off most of the menu items a few times, except for the rice and noodle dishes. And some stuff we have no idea what they were, the pictures were not in the dictionary (i.e. ala carte menu) and we couldn’t be arsed to ask the waitress.

The deep-fried soft-shell crabs was first to arrive. I think they precooked it so it was a bit soggy, clammy and not piping hot. Don’t like. The chuka idako and chuka kurage (seasoned baby octopus and seasoned jellyfish) were lovely, I especially liked the latter. The special mushroom soup was awesome! I had 3 servings of that ๐Ÿ˜› I didn’t take the shishamo (grilled pregnant fishy) so I have no idea what it tasted like. FA said it was okay only. Their chawanmushi was light and delicious so make sure you get that.

Umai-Ya - 11 Special tofu with oyster Umai-Ya - 12 Horng eating the oyster in the tofu
Special tofu with oyster and Horng’s unique way of eating it

Umai-Ya - 08 Assorted Sashimi Umai-Ya - 09 Nigiri Sushi
Assorted sashimi and nigiri sushi

The only complain about the sashimi was that the cuttlefish didn’t seem very fresh. Of course I wouldn’t know, since I don’t take raw fish or seafood alike. I don’t even want to comment on the way Horng consumed his tofu with oyster.

Umai-Ya - 10 Grilled beef slices and spring onions Umai-Ya - 13 Assorted temaki and sushi
Grilled beef with spring onions, and assorted temaki and sushi

Umai-Ya - 14 Unagi and cheese roll Umai-Ya - 15 Dragon roll
Unagi and cheese roll, and dragon roll

The grilled beef with spring onions was very nice! The combination of the flavours was tasty and yummy. They forgot our 2nd order though ๐Ÿ™ I also liked the temaki with seasoned baby octopus. Quite a lovely change from the usual handrolls. Don’t know much about the other sushi and rolls as I was already quite stuffed by then.

To finish off, we had green tea and wasabi ice-cream, the former being one of my favourite desserts. When we got there, I wanted 10, then dropped to 5, then 3. I had 2 ๐Ÿ˜›

Umai-Ya - 17 Fireangel and her Tiger beer Umai-Ya - 18 Kim with her birthday cupcakes
FA with her beer, Kim with her cupcakes

They also serve free-flow beer in cans (so the option for ‘jug’ in the menu was misleading). All a trick really — if you drink beer you wouldn’t have the stomach space for all the food!

Kerol and FA got Kim some birthday cupcakes. Now you know why I was clearing up the tables, eh ๐Ÿ˜‰

Umai-Ya - 19 Group mug
Corny group photo! KY, Mell, ST. #emoCharlie, Shiang, Kerol, FA, Horng, Kim and I

Re: Buffet. Quite worth it for the price, as a couple of the items we ordered would have cost more than the RM55.20. Some items were quite tasty. However some items’ quality was average, which I suppose if the norm for cheaper Japanese food buffets. No money to go dine at PJ Hilton. Anyone from PJ Hilton reading this? ๐Ÿ˜›

Re: Service. A tad slow, though I suppose you may get better service if you sit indoors. They forgot a couple of our ordered items which was actually okay because at the end of the meal, we were too stuffed to eat anything else.

If you want to go try out their buffet, go check out their website for more info. You’ll need to make reservations as they have limited tables.

* Larger versions of the photos for this outing, 19 in total at my Flickr set.

Umai-ya Damansara Utama
No. 49G, Jln. 21/37 ,Damansara Utama (Uptown)
Tel: 03-77264410
GPS: N3 08.179 E101 37.417

half-past-six engrand

My boss received his first degree from the U. of Sheffield, his Master’s degree from the U. of Essex and his doctorate from the U. of Surrey. Suffice to say, he spent many years in Mother England so his Engrand very the powderful one. But then he always corrupts my Engrand (and everyone else’s) for his own amusement. Until sometimes I beh tahan because it would get stuck in my head and then next time I cannot help myself and speak like a sorhai ahlian.

(Because being sorhai is not bad enough, must be ahlian summore.)

I know I always go around saying that my Engrand is horrible, my grammar is horrible etc. All that is preemptive self-defense only. Sekretly I like to think that my Engrand is like damn best one. Sometimes people are self-delusional so you just layan them lor. So layan me okay?

Plus it’s not like he cannot speak proper English, correct grammar and all. He even has a slight accent that he goes into whenever he reminisces about England and all of her offerings.

The other day we were in the car to go somewhere when he began his half-past-six Engrand. Then out of nowhere I went,

“Eh stop corrupting my English and grammar can or not??”
“Where got I corrupts yewww??”
“My language skills not that bad one then you go and start speaking like that then sometimes I am stuck speaking like that also!”

Bla bla bla talked about other things. Then I asked him,

“Did Kim reply you?”
“Huh where got?? What’s wrong with that question? Correct what!!”
“HAHAHAHAHA it should be, ‘Did Kim reply TO you?’ HAHAHAHAHA!”

So moral of the story is, don’t simply go accuse other people of alleged wrongdoings padahal your fundamentals are shaky to begin with. Sekian.